Sputnik Trial Data Is a “Trade Secret” Russia’s Health Ministry Says

Don't worry. Russian gov't has secret evidence that it works

The most reassuring evidence is secret evidence


Please forward this article to anyone who thinks Sputnik V is “safe and effective”:

State Duma Deputy Alexey Kurinny sent an appeal to Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov about the illegality of hiding information about the results of research on Russian vaccines.

“The results of clinical trials of Russian vaccines ‘are confidential and contain information constituting a trade secret.’ This is exactly the answer I received from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in response to my request for the results of clinical trials of domestic vaccines,” Kurinny said on Facebook.

At the same time, information is necessary not only for specialists, but also for a wide range of people, the parliamentarian noted.

“I sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation about the illegality of hiding socially significant information,” Kurinny wrote.

According to the response of the Ministry of Health signed by Sergey Glagolev, “documents and data containing the results of clinical trials submitted to the Russian Ministry of Health are confidential and contain information constituting a trade secret owned by the drug developer and making available such documents to persons who are not drug developers is not provided for by applicable law.”

For those interested, nakanune.ru has a copy of the letter:

This is why RT publishes braincell-murdering slop about San Marino “studies” and gets excited when Sputnik V is mentioned in passing on Joe Rogan’s podcast: this is all they have. They’re really that pathetic and desperate.

For the record, Sputnik V’s hyper-rushed “Phase III” trials will not finish until the end of this year. In February 2021, the Lancet published a report containing 6 months’ worth of interim data. A year has passed. Surely there is some more very encouraging data to share with the world? There is, but it’s a confidential trade secret.


Russia’s health ministry is really on a roll. Less than a week ago, the Russian government announced it would be “inappropriate” to publish information on the number of deaths among people vaccinated against COVID-19:

“such information does not objectively reflect any relationship between deaths and vaccination and may cause a negative attitude towards vaccination.”

Meanwhile, Russian authorities continue to withhold data on post-vaccination complications because transparency is obviously pointless when you’re forcing millions of people to take an unproven genetic injection.

What is going on here? Why such brazen disdain for the Russian people?

Anyone still shilling Sputnik V is a disgusting slob.

Have a wonderful day.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. Steve Ginn says

    No different to the other purveyors of poisons in America, and Europe!

  2. ken says

    They come straight out and tell you you’re a lab beagle but refuse to let you know the results… If the results were positive I guarantee you they would be all over the news like a bad rash.

    Under the Nuremberg code it is unlawful to use people as test beagles without full disclosure and a signed release. The punishment for violating is death.

    In the US,,, the government has waived all patient rights,,, like they have that authority! They have also given hospitals full immunity.

    When you enter US hospitals beware. Many will kill you to get government payoffs. Tax payers paying for their own demise. It would not surprise me if these types of murders are happening everywhere in every country.

    Law enforcement [lol] does nothing,,, sometimes even helps the killers keeping the relatives separate from their loved one so the killers can do their handy work.

    Yes,,, be the first on your block to have your loved ones come home in an box. It’s so much easier than all the trouble bringing those running this shitshow and those complicit to justice.

  3. vlax says

    Kazi tvom prijatelju da je mrznja (Putina i Rusije a i globalno gledajuci) najgora moguca osobina za jedno novinara. Kako mu onda verovati ???? Neka se vrati u prvi razred novinarstva……..To vazi i za tebe (tvoje analize su bezvredne….. citiras samo jednu stranu. Bolje bi bilo da jednom za sva vremena kazes otvoreno da je sajt Anti-Empire anti-ruski. Tacka.
    P.S. Komentarisem na srpskom jer sam video tvoj nivo (drkanje) prilikom mog zadnjeg javljanja.I bolje da ovo ostane medju nama……rekao si da se boris za mir ….. a to je vec nesto…….

  4. GMC says

    Here in Crimea the authorities have turned the centrifuge knob up – we went from 50 a day around the holidays to 5-600 a day and the goofballs even told the populace that this was going to happen after the holidays – lol lol

    Nobody in Command wants to address all those BioWeapons labs that the US and Ukie militaries are working on so – this shit could go on until the 100th variant of ” Covid” comes through. Which shows that they are in on the ” Thinning the Herd” or eliminating Crimea , so the Israelis can have it back.


    1. TZVI says


      Yes I have seen that old article…but look where it links to as a refrence:

      “Elhaik’s statistical analysis would not pass muster with most contemporary scholars, Feldman said: “He appears to be applying the statistics in a way that gives him different results from what everybody else has obtained from essentially similar data.”


      “Elhaik, who doesn’t believe that Moses, Aaron or the 12 Tribes of Israel ever existed, shrugs off such criticism.
      “That’s a circular argument,” he said of the notion that Jews’ and Armenians’ genetic similarities stem from common ancestors in the Middle East and not from Khazaria, the area where the Armenians live. If you believe that, he says, then other non-Jewish populations, such as Georgian, that are genetically similar to Armenians should be considered genetically related to Jews, too, “and so on and so forth.”

      Seriously??? People who try and debunk the Bible, but don’t aknowledge that the Armenians ( and Georgians) have decent from the ARAMEANS where Abraham came from???!!! So when you compare Most Ashkenazic Jews to Georgian /Armenain people, and they are similar, you then say they are Khazars???

      Georgians and Armenians are NOT Khazars. And explaining away the growth of Ashkenazim from the middle ages to the 19th century as Khazars defies the History of Khazaria wich effectively became MUSLIM in

      Cant you see how silly that is?

      (It actually the desperate crazy thinking of some SECULAR Zionist Israelis who wish to have an excuse to attack the Bible { Torah}…and then further excuse to Violate the Sabbath, Be the Homosexual capitol of the middle East, etc., etc.)

      I call Bollocks on his (Elhaik’s) claim researchers refuse to share data, the data is all over the internet.

      Here is a different study with VERY different conclusions:

      “Fourth, considering the Ashkenazi Jewish population in relation to other
      populations, Ashkenazi Jews show the greatest genetic similarity to Sephardi Jews, and, to a lesser extent, to North African Jews (Atzmon and others, 2010; Behar and others, 2010; Campbell and others, 2012; Kopelman and others, 2009).”


      Khazaria declined in the 10th century, and became Islamic…there is no serious record of LARGE numbers of Jewish Khazars into Europe or Spain when Jews began to multiply due to high birth rates in Europe. In fact the middle ages, when Khazaria became ISLAMIC there were very few Jews for hundreds of years in Germany or eastern Europe for a few Hundred Years, so the TIMELINE is way off:

      “In 965, as the Qağanate was struggling against the victorious campaign of the Rus’ prince Sviatoslav, the Islamic historian Ibn al-Athîr mentions that Khazaria, attacked by the Oğuz, sought help from Khwarezm, but their appeal was rejected because they were regarded as “infidels” (al-kuffâr:pagans). Save for the king, the Khazarians are said to have converted to Islam in order to secure an alliance, and the Turks were, with Khwarezm’s military assistance, repelled. It was this that, according to Ibn al-Athîr, led the Jewish king of Khazar to convert to Islam.[124]

      1. TZVI says

        Here is a further quote from the study with the link above, that boils it down and shows the article posted on the “times of Israel Blog” uses very shoddy reasoning…hopefully this will boil it down a bit ( NOTE despite Elhaik’s claims in the “Forward” atrticle above [linked in the times of Israel Blog] , he was able to use other researchers data sets!!!) :

        “One recent study (Elhaik, 2013), making use of part of our data set (Behar and others,
        2010), focused specifically on the Khazar hypothesis, arguing that it has strong genetic support.
        This claim was built on a series of analyses similar to those performed in our original study that
        initially reported the data. However, the reanalysis relied on the provocative assumption that the
        Armenians and Georgians of the South Caucasus region could serve as appropriate proxies for
        Khazar descendants (Elhaik, 2013). This assumption is problematic for a number of reasons.
        First, because of the great variety of populations in the Caucasus region and the fact that no
        specific population in the region is known to represent Khazar descendants, evidence for
        ancestry among Caucasus populations need not reflect Khazar ancestry. Second, even if it were
        allowed that Caucasus affinities could represent Khazar ancestry, the use of the Armenians and
        Georgians as Khazar proxies is particularly poor, as they represent the southern part of the
        Caucasus region, while the Khazar Khaganate was centered in the North Caucasus and further to
        the north. Furthermore, among populations of the Caucasus, Armenians and Georgians are
        geographically the closest to the Middle East, and are therefore expected a priori to show the
        greatest genetic similarity to Middle Eastern populations. Indeed, a rather high similarity of
        South Caucasus populations to Middle Eastern groups was observed at the level of the whole
        genome in a recent study (Yunusbayev and others, 2012). Thus, any genetic similarity between
        Ashkenazi Jews and Armenians and Georgians might merely reflect a common shared Middle
        Eastern ancestry component, actually providing further support to a Middle Eastern origin of
        Ashkenazi Jews, rather than a hint for a Khazar origin.”


        (Click on “download” to get the pdf if so inclined)

      2. TZVI says

        Let me correct ( finish) this paragraph:

        Georgians and Armenians are NOT Khazars. And explaining away the growth of Ashkenazim from the late middle ages to the 19th century as Khazars defies the History of Khazaria which effectively became MUSLIM in 986. Before then the evidence suggest the majority of the population in Khazaria was Pagan. ( Only the ruling elite became Jewish, and stayed that way for quite some time after the population took up Islam).

        1. XSFRGR says

          Thank you for this most informative series of posts.

          1. TZVI says

            Your Welcome.

            If you read the paper I linked, or even just skim it, you should also note that the Closest Jewish group to Ashkenazim, is (surprise) the Jews of the Sephardic diaspora ( Iberian Jews). Had the Ashkenazim been mostly of Khazar decent, that would not be the case. (This is noted in the paper as well).

            None of this excuses the bad actions of Apostate /Secular “Jews”.

            A “funny” side trend in the 1930’s Zionist movement was to view oneself as Canaanites!


            It’s no wonder the Khazar theory of Origin was started by Apostate Jews…very sad indeed. It’s just another way to attempt to discredit the Bible ( Torah).

            1. GMC says

              But that was a long time ago and I’ve/you’ve read some articles about the Khazaria and Pecheneg regions that were inhabited by some pretty nasty groups. And one one the rulers in Constantinople wrote a book to his son about the people that lived North. It is all very interesting – and No the Georgian area was not in that influence at all.

              J Hopkins did a DNA study of the Eastern European Jews = No semitic bloodlines found. But the problem is that when the US and it’s allies want a country – we have to admit that Israel is and the globalists are the ones pushing the buttons – whether its Ancient beliefs/ Myths/ Delusions or Greed. They are the ones in charge.

    1. TZVI says

      Thank you for the link…the only thing I can say is it does no appear to be sheets of graphene HYDROxide like Pfizer / Moderna that can cut up your arteries, veins and heart, but it may still control your brain (?)

      It is possible, besides population reduction, that the fight is over who will control the survivors of the injections…an (turbo) boosters.


      Imagine if only Putin could control Sputnik-V injected BWAHAHAHA ( evil laugh)

      Imagine If NATO could Control the Pfizer / Moderna and J&J Crowd…

      Imagine if the U.K. Controlled the Astra-Zenica Injected…

      Would they line them up to fight each other or the Un-injected first?

  5. XSFRGR says

    To me the question is not whether or how the vaccine works, but rather what is the Russian government vaccinating against; a U$/Israeli engineered war virus perhaps???

    1. TZVI says

      Anything is possible since the dawn of CRISPR technology.

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