Southern Italy Declares Lockdown, Curfew. People Pour Out in Protest, Clash With Police, Instead

The Campania region, which includes Naples, announced it would go into lockdown on Friday as the number of COVID-19 cases [test positives] soared.



Demonstrators threw flares and other missiles at police who responded with tear gas.



There were unconfirmed reports protestors stormed local government offices.



Jakub Wondreys posted a video of the disorder on Twitter with the caption: “Big anti-regional government COVID-19 restrictions protests are happening right now in Naples, Italy.

“The situation seems to be out of control, thousands of people in the streets fighting with police, also stormed the regional government offices.”

Footage posted on social media showed thousands of demonstrators, many wearing masks to protect against coronavirus, marching through the city.

Many were chanting “freedom, freedom, freedom” during their procession.

RadioSavana, which has been covering the protests, tweeted: “All of Naples in revolt!

“The population is mass protesting against the lockdown.

“At 11.00 pm the curfew order is triggered, the images are live: civil disobedience in progress.”

They later added: “Protests also underway in Salerno, Nocera and other cities of Campania.”

The number of COVID-19 cases [test positives] in Italy has risen seven-fold since the beginning of October.

Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Campania region, has ordered a night-time curfew and the closing of schools.

On Facebook he posted: “Current data on the contagion make any kind of partial [or non-partial] measure ineffective. It is necessary to close everything, except for those businesses that produce and transport essential goods.

“We need to make one last effort to get things under control. We need to shut everything down for a month, for 40 days.”

Source: The Daily Express

  1. Undecider says

    One last effort? And if people still test positive afterwards, the government forgets all about it? No, they continue.

    Remove these chumps with some extra encouragement, if necessary. Police, stay home.

  2. Иван says

    LOL Gotta love Italians)))

  3. Raptar Driver says

    like Stalin said “Quantity has a quality all it’s own”.
    Do not fear the forces of evil because they are well armed and well funded. They are tiny minority, overwhelm them!

  4. Jimbo says

    It might mean something if the tests weren’t bogus. Here the inventor explains

  5. Ave Milagrosa says

    THIS is how it’s done. Unless this happens everywhere, we will never defeat this global medical dictatorship.

    1. James Davis says

      How what is done. All I see are people throwing a tantrum in the streets; and accomplishing NOTHING! This is what happens when the people allow themselves to be disarmed. They are powerless to attain anything from their government.

  6. 14th Troll says

    The people need to let Governments know who in is control.

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      True but government is just a tool. That tool is now wielded by a tiny group of oligarchs and corporations. People need to let the planet’s mega-rich know who is in control.

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