South Dakota Unemployment Rate Now Lower Than Pre-COVID Level

While the US unemployment rate has doubled

The unemployment rate in South Dakota has dropped to a level lower than before the coronavirus pandemic began.

“NEWS: South Dakota’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.0% in December,” Gov. Kristi Noem announced on Twitter Friday. “That’s lower than it was BEFORE the pandemic.”

Statistics from the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation confirm that the state had an unemployment rate of 3.5% in December 2019, compared to 3.0% in December 2020.

Noem has consistently touted the economic success of her state amid the coronavirus pandemic and has often pointed out that she was one of the few governors to resist strict coronavirus lockdowns.

Critics have slammed Noem for the high infection rate in her state and for her position on wearing face masks, but Noem has vocally rejected those critiques.

“Many in the media criticized this approach, labeling me ill-informed, a ‘denier,’ and reckless,” Noem told reporters last month. “Some have even asserted that South Dakota is ‘as bad as it gets anywhere in the world’ when it comes to COVID-19, a demonstrably false statement.”

The unemployment rate in the United States overall sits at 6.7% in December 2020, which is up from the 3.6% rate it registered in December 2019.

On Friday, President Biden provided an update on the economic forecast in the country and said that the economic crisis is “only deepening” and “it’s not getting better.”

Biden’s prompted some on social media to cite the economic success of South Dakota and suggest that strict lockdown measures across the country should be eased.

“South Dakota’s unemployment rate just reached a point lower than before the pandemic began,” the Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Fifield tweeted. “The economy is recovering wherever government isn’t a boot on the neck of working people.”

The coronavirus death count in the U.S. currently stands at just over 426,000, out of a nationwide total of over 25 million cases.

Source: The Washington Examiner

  1. yuri says

    how dare this deplorable nazi governor improve social conditions….

  2. ken says

    Their is a difference between a denier and someone with common sense.

    Assuming the virus to be real, one does not lock up healthy people. The woman used the Civil Air Patrol to fly in the mislabeled vaccinations. Denier,,, no,,, just cautious and probably wants to be re-elected.

    And what’s wrong with a “denier”,,, usually they’re correct. JFK,,, WTC,,, and this ridiculous plague that you have to get tested to even know you have it. A mislabeled vaccine they admit does not prevent any disease and does not prevent transmission of any disease.

    The PCR invented by Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis said the test could not determine infection and should not be used for diagnosis. And sure enough, they’re slowly releasing information that the test may be flawed…. You — don’t — say!!!

    426,000 deaths? Yeah, right. Oh,,, I’m sure they died,,, just not from the plague. If you ‘test’ positive and die from your parachute not opening, falling from 10,000 MSL, then you are a plague victim. If you died and then ‘tested’ positive on the slab, you are a victim of the plague. The average age of plague death is 80, 3-5 years beyond the average life span,,, the overall death rate has not changed. And today,,, anyone dying of the flu is marked plague.

    25,000,000 infections? Old school infection meant you were showing symptoms of the disease. With the new plague all that’s required is that you ‘test’ for the plague. Worse, the ‘test’ does not look for any specific virus. Even the CDC and WHO admit that 80% or greater are false positives. Now we are down to 5,000,000 or less and remember, the inventor said the test could not diagnose any disease. There is a difference of having a disease or a virus about you. I’m sure there are many pathogens in and about your body.

    What’s astonishing is that doctors and pharmaceuticals are the most trusted in a recent poll. Yes,,, they love the folks that throw granny on a ventilator and blow out her lungs. They love the pharmacies that dish out vaccines that don’t work and sickens them worse than the plague. We’re all masochists now.

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