South Dakota Covid Cases Collapse After Everybody Dies

They are all dead now

There you go it has happened. Just as the Lockdown Faithful predicted everyone in South Dakota is now dead courtesy of their Covid-denying, anti-Science Governor (also now deceased). I mean how else to explain the fact their Covid curve has collapsed:

They didn’t have any lockdown measures to control the virus so if the uncontrolled virus is now collapsing it can only be because it ran out of warm bodies. Indeed a recent scouting party brought back evidence of the fact:

They sure wish now they had done like North Dakota and locked down! Yeah, seeing how the two policies resulted in wildly different Covid and mortality outcomes:

Too late South Dakota, YOU’RE ALL DED! (Filthy deniers, suits you right)

The recent reports of people flocking to South Dakota (a state of just 900,000 people is the 4th highest recipient of newcommers) and being welcomed by living people in a flourishing state are utterly false. The thousands of new arrivals are actually scavenging parties coming in to loot the corpses of the infidels.

  1. Voz 0db says

    Let this be a warning to ALL modern moron slaves not wearing muzzles and OBEYING the RULERS ORDERS…

  2. tom tit says

    Stupid nonsense

  3. Wild Bill Hickok says

    Bullshit. That ghost town isn’t even in South Dakota. This isn’t even a good excuse for satire. Probably written by another COVIDIOT libtard.

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