SOCOM Chief Says Imperial Navy Ready to Move Against Venezuela

Admiral Craig Faller: "we remain on the balls of our feet", ready to "do what needs to be done"

The US military has been planning for months, if not years, to do “what needs to be done” against Venezuela, which is almost certainly some sort of military aggression aimed at regime change. Socom Chief Admiral Craig Faller announced this week that the Navy is now “ready.”

Admiral Faller said he wouldn’t provide “details of what we’re planning and what we’re doing, but we remain ready to implement policy decisions,” adding that he is confident that the Navy can act whenever ordered.

It isn’t entirely clear if the admiral is suggesting that the Navy was gear up for an existing plan, or is just ready for whatever the administration decides to try. This comes not long after President Trump confirmed he was considering a full naval blockade of the entire Venezuelan coast.

Faller bragged that the US Navy “is the most powerful navy in the world,” and would be able to do what it was to be sent to do. While he isn’t cluing anyone in on what that might be, his comments suggest action is likely to be sooner, not later.


  1. Mary E says

    All of this big talk about the US navy being the biggest and boldest in the world ..being prepared to protect US interests… do what has to be done….all to steal the oil of a sovereign country!! Unbelievable how totally rogue the US truly is in the international setting..all the bluster about being ready for defending its ‘security’.. What a sham!
    Lets just hope that the Russians, along with the Venezuelan army and/or navy, is there to protect the country and its ‘assets’ from the invaders…
    The early Star Wars movies from the 1972 era exactly portrayed the US in the world..
    especially today..
    The US of course, being Darth Vader…those movies were a very precise forecast of things to 2020!

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    his comments suggest that this sock puppet is just following orders.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    “…his comments suggest action is likely to be sooner, not later.”

    I’m not sure that conclusion is warranted.

    I think the Admiral is mainly putting “out there” thoughts contravening recent ones we read in connection with Trump’s keenness over a Naval Blockade.

    Trump was told by the Navy, that it really couldn’t carry out such an operation, given Venezuela’s huge coastline and Navy’s limited number of ships.

    As far as any kind of overt American aggression, blockade or invasion, Russian and Chinese interests very much enter the picture too.

    1. DarkEyes says

      To compensate shortage of naval vessels in Persian Golf his administration is trying hard to outsource the “blockade, for that is the plan to vassal states like Europe.
      Then they have their hands free to put a blockade on Venezuela.
      then the Baltic Sea
      then the Black Sea
      then the Berend Strait.

      And then … no more blockades.
      It is suddenly all gone.

    1. Mary E says

      It is the one that should have been flying on US ships for the past 3 decades/

  4. Canosin says

    these morons are bragging fatfucks….. no one is taking them serious any longer….. if the empire wants to start ww3….. well lets gets started…. rest of the world is since long prepared and ready to finish this stupid empire gaming of the fatfucks…..

  5. Reggie Martin says

    He’s gonna get my kid’s killed

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