So Much for ‘Restoring Deterrence’: Rockets Slam US Base After ‘Retaliatory’ Strikes, 2 US Wounded

US supposedly in Iraq to combat ISIS on behalf of Iraqi state, now in a war of exhaustion with part of the Iraqi state

Iraqi Hezbollah PMUs with their US-supplied transportation, 2016

After a rocket artillery attack killed 2 US soldiers in an Iraq base Wednesday the US (with the full support of Britain which sustained 1 KIA) carried out half a dozen “defensive” aerial attacks on Iraqi PMU (Popular Mobilization Units) guards across Iraq Thursday, killing an unknown number, including regular army soldiers, civilan and police.

Suppose this was done to “restore deterrence” as Pompeo claimed had been accomplished with the US-Iraq/Iran War of December 29 to January 8th.

As CENTCOM commander, general McKenzie elaborated:

We believe that this is going to have an effect on deterring — on deterring future strikes of this nature. We’ve seen in the past what happens when you don’t respond.  Now people know that we’re not going to — we’re not going to tolerate these direct attacks on American or coalition service members, and we’re willing and able to respond.

All the good that it did them; hours ago “Coalition” spokesman in Baghdad had to confirm another attack with the same 107mm rockets on the same base wounded 3 foreign troops, presumably Americans.

Hilariously the Pentagon speaks of bombing “non-compliant militias” as if the US was the authority Iraqi PMUs must comply with.

The Pentagon release tries to confuse the issue further by inventing the term “SMG” or “Shia Militia Groups” they are supposedly at war with, to confuse the issue these are regularized formations of the Iraqi armed forces.

In fact, these are the very militias the US (along with Iran) was helping against ISIS 2014-2017 (after the US created the conditions for ISIS to succeed by fanning the flames of jihad in Syria).

So, the US entered Iraq in 2014 under the pretext of fighting ISIS to stabilize the Iraqi state but is now involved in a war with parts of the Iraqi state (such as it is).

The US also takes it as its right to kill a certain number of Iraqi civilians in prosecuting this war, McKenzie:

The second point is, when we look at sites, often, they’re co-mingled with civilian activities and there’s a very high probability of civilian damage if we strike those sites.  The United States is not going to do that. If we strike a site, we’re going to find a site that provides collateral damage consistent with the Law of Armed Conflict and our values.

Imagine a foreign military power in your country that was asked to leave, didn’t want to, and took it as its right — not only to stay, not only to combat your state, but — to kill a certain number of your civilians. 

Currently, Iraq is without even a caretaker Prime Minister. The previous caretaker who told the US to pack its bags only to be met with a US refusal to even talk withdrawal has since resigned even as the new PM-appointee withdrew candidacy.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    they successfully deterred al Qaeda from the 9/11 attacks…something celebrated across the ME, and definitely in Chile

  2. Richard Harris says

    A new Baath Party leader needs to emerge here, and stabilize the situation.

  3. IM DeRose says

    Tickle the dragon’s tail then feel its hot breath…all the political geniuses commenting fail to understand the obvious that, going back to the Soleimani assignation, US forces are trying to goad the gullible Iraqi military “leaders” into an excuse for full scale retaliation – not just of Iraq but of the true targets: Syria and Iran, the two countries that pose a serious threat to is-REAL-hell.
    Laying in wait among the desert sands and tolerating flee bites suits The Empire to a tee, they have no intention of leaving the ME until mission accomplished. For those who think the jUS is some bumbling toothless tiger…well…we’ll see, now won’t we?

    1. Ulricht says

      The US is indeed a bumbling toothless tiger, as is Israel and yes, we will see, we will see them both shamed and crushed.

  4. stevek9 says

    Turns out the Shia militia had left the attack sites, and regular Iraqi troops killed. Funny, if these were not real human beings.

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    “Hilariously the Pentagon speaks of bombing “non-compliant militias” as if the US was the authority Iraqi PMUs must comply with”

    Well said. “Non-compliant militias” sounds like a machine translation of something.

    Everything the Pentagon says about everything these days would be hilarious if it all wasn’t so darkly threatening.

  6. Jihadi Colin says

    Amerikastan is desperate to continue occupying Iraq and will now once again arm ISIS to have an excuse to keep occupying Iraq. Unfortunately for the war criminals infesting the Moronagon, sorry, Pentagon, the Iraqis fought them to a standstill already in 2003-7 when they were much stronger. A weakened Amerikastani war criminal presence surrounded by hostile Iraqis who are far better armed and experienced than in 2003 will likely achieve less than optimal results.

    1. BitinDawg says

      America has been assigned the holey mission, by God and Netanyahu himself of defending Israel from all the Muslims in the Middle East that hate Jews. And that’s just about every danged one of em. What a wonderful gift it is to be allowed to be of service to God’s chosen people. Especially in Gaza they hate Jews. Amen.

  7. Mary E says

    The US military has found a home – Iraq – and it plans to keep itself attached to that country while it causes turmoil and war scenarios. The US is able to do this only because no other country has comparable military might….just disgusting….

    1. Séamus Ó Néill says

      America, like Israel, will not exist in anything near their present form in 5 years time….both bankrupt and washed up, amoral cesspits of evil !

      1. my God! i couldn’t ever phrase it any better! they are an ‘amoral cesspit of evil’..

    2. Ulricht says

      The US is like a tumour parasitic on the body of Iraq. The tumour has a name, Israeli Sarcoma.

  8. Melville Pouwels says

    resigned, OR be shot x yank snipers !

    1. Ulricht says

      Precisely, he was threatened and stated so in his parliament.

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