Let’s Get This Straight: Trump Was a Buffoon so This Guy Needed to Be Couped In for Real Diplomacy and Statesmanship??

When did Orange Man ever cause a grave diplomatic incident with Russia and China both in the same week??

Trump sure said a lot of negative things about China. In fact he made a political career out of saying negative things about China, and got himself elected into office on the back of it.

But as far as memory serves, once he actually invited the Chinese over — to his own Florida resort — he played the perfect host and treated them with the utmost respect. He even stated he understood that Xi’s job was try and do the best by China and that he respected that.

The Biden people on the other hand, invited the Chinese over to Alaska, leaked to the press that this wasn’t a President-level summit because Biden had no intention of being “Xi’s cheap date,” and opened up the meeting by talking to the Chinese for the cameras as if they were schoolchildren sent to the principal’s office, infuriating the Chinese and causing them to go on a 17-minute counter-lecture.

Their boss meanwhile was busy sitting at home, watching his pre-recorded interview with an ex-Clinton guy in which he intentionally caused a grave diplomatic incident with Russia because on the other hand, it was going to be good TV for democrat sympathizers.


This is the level of American statesmanship right now. This is the vaunted “normalcy” and “respectability” in the Imperial Capital that justified mail voting fraud if necessary to restore.

I’m sorry but this is a level of fecklessness and egoism that even Trump did not allow himself. One thing Trump did not do was invite foreign dignitaries over, only to have them ambushed with livestreamed tirades, and he did not insult superpower leaders he was going to have to meet with.*

However, in the Biden era virtue signaling (bizarre how not having manners and being self-righteous is virtuous if you are an institution of the Empire) is more important than the rudimentary level of statesmanship required not to totally needlessly piss off Russia and China in the same week.

The Chinese understand if there are some things you need to say for domestic consumption, but don’t bring that stuff to a summit where you are the host who invited them over

*He had a WWE wrestling thing with “rocket man” Kim where they were mutually gratuitously insulting each other for domestic audiences. I believe that was theatrics that North Koreans understand and invented. Ie, he wasn’t so much wantonly insulting them, as trying to speak their (public) language.

  1. GMC says

    I’m pretty sure Trump bombed Syria – at desert time – when Xi was at Mar a Lago. So, it’s an American Tradition – I think.

    1. Andra says

      It beggars belief that either of those idiots are “leaders” in any sense of the word.
      In any family construct, their bums would see the hot end of their mother’s wrath at their shenanigans.

  2. yuri says

    “amerikan parents teach their children bad manners; they consider this rebelliousness”. Geoffrey Gorer

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Rat- child puppets,Red Chinese and Red Republicans…

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Rat- child puppets,Red Chinese ???
      I’m not so certain ? You never know what Chinese are thinking, they always have a smile …Ohh BTW they do remember their Opium Wars humiliation & they know, who were the men behind it & that it’s not forgotten ??

  4. StephenDouglas says

    Trujmp was an excellent diplomat/ Everyone sees that now.

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