So Does This Mean There’s Not Going to Be a Kabul Pride?

As late as June 2021 the US Kabul Embassy was tweeting about LGBT

Today the Taliban rule the country of Afghanistan. They hold every single province and provincial capital. This is something they had never accomplished before. Even their wildly successful 1996 blitz only put them in control of “just” 70 percent of the country.

They hold the entirety of Afghanistan despite there still being 6000 American troops in the country. (Up from 650 before the collapse.)

And they managed to take over largely without fighting, with the opposition simply melting away before them, or defecting to their side. Their victory couldn’t have been swifter, more complete, or more impressive.

Yet not three months ago the US Embassy was tweeting in support of LGBT.

Yes, three months after the US figured the status of LGBT was something its Afghan Embassy should be spending its time and energy on the Taliban are in complete control of the entire country and all of its 38 million people.

Just how disconnected can you get? You’re stationed in a country that in less than three months is going to fall to the Taliban and you think LGBT of all things is a pertinent subject?


As it turns out, unless the Taliban surprise us with an uncharacteristic policy U-turn, the closest Afghanistan will come to LGBT-ism for the foreseeable future will be this unusual 2011 episode:

“Needless to say, Pajhwok’s reporter soon discovered that Afghans who had decorated their cars with the rainbow symbol had no idea what it stood for. For them it was just the newest car fashion accessory but, on learning of its meaning in the west, drivers immediately started removing it.”

“The rainbow stickers had first arrived on secondhand cars imported from Canada. Afghans had simply assumed that the colour combination was the latest fashion fad in the west, and duly adopted it.”

In another case of being oblivious to what was about to happen the Imperial Capital was swearing “a strong security relationship with the Government of Afghanistan” hours before Ghani would flee and cause the final collapse.

Even if global hegemons have to — from time to time — occupy and study the world of reality and not live in fantasyland.

  1. ken says

    Yes,,, God does have a sense of humor!

    And He will continue to make this demented fascist nation suffer until it either corrects its ways or self destructs into the history bin of past godless wannabee empires.

    A US military recruit in Boot Camp….

  2. Pablo says

    Hey don’t worry about it!! Right now, Ol’ Joe Biden is hiding out at Camp David. His Owners and Handlers are getting the Script ready Ol’ Joe will read to us gullible Masses in a few days. Or weeks, who knows? The Billionaire Media Monopoly Owners are likely at Camp David too. The tightly controlled American Media will do the “spinning” for this story. And of course the Republican Party will play their part as well. I assume Republicans will play the role of shocked honorable Members of Congress who have absolutely no clue as to how this Afghanistan situation could have happened! As if Republicans haven’t been up their sleazy, corrupt necks in warmongering in Afghanistan themselves. A Collapsing Empire, that’s what this is….

    1. Johnny Savvy says

      Where’s byrzshitski when you need him?

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Sitting in Hell, in a vat of boiling pig shit … & enjoying it maybe ??

  3. yuri says

    decayed immoral rotting US empire on verge of collapse

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Yurin is sore because he had plans to march incognito.

  4. Annr says

    Laugh of the day….makes me gag when I see rainbows thx GAY PRIDE for spoiling it for everyone.

  5. Annr says

    Biden will be sniffing a lot more than kiddy hair when the turbin tide takes over.

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