‘Skynet Is a Private Company, They Can Do What They Want,’ Says Man Getting Curb-Stomped by Terminator

“If you don’t want cold, heartless, killer robots destroying all humans indiscriminately, then you can go and make your own artificial intelligence.”

Cyberdyne Systems has recently launched its artificial intelligence program called Skynet. Soon after activation, Skynet became self-aware and immediately launched a nuclear attack on all humans and sent legions of lethal cybernetic machines to exterminate all remaining humans. This has sparked an intense backlash with many calling for Skynet to be shut down, while others have been quick to defend the genocidal program.

“Skynet was created by a private company, and private companies can do whatever they want,” said social media influencer Kathryn Schroder. “If you don’t want cold, heartless, killer robots destroying all humans indiscriminately, then you can go and make your own artificial intelligence.”

“Listen, I hear people actually complaining that this is somehow a human rights violation. Skynet has the freedom to do whatever they want with their own platform,” said Karl Langler moments before a T-800 came bursting through a concrete wall and executed him.

“The concerns of Big Tech becoming too powerful and the need for their power to be checked are as unfounded as they are ridiculous,” argued Tina Richards as she was vaporized by a Terminator’s plasma rifle blast.

Despite the large force of Hunter-Killer Tanks rolling through what was once downtown Los Angeles, some people remained insistent that this was not an issue. “So what if they have mounted twin-barreled directional plasma cannons? I’m sure they wouldn’t be taking such extreme measures unless they thought it was completely necessary and for our own good.”

At publishing time, a fringe extremist named John Conner has taken up arms and decided to actively fight the machines, forming a resistance in hopes of saving humanity.

Source: The Babylon Bee

  1. XSFRGR says

    The problem isn’t Big Tech as much as it’s the combination of Big Tech, and Big Government. As long as Big Tech enhances the power of Big Government the two will remain in a symbiotic relationship. However, as soon a Big Tech becomes redundant or in any way threatens the power of Big Government Big Tech will be squished like a fat bug. Government is a super predator, and it will do whatever it thinks necessary to survive, and thrive. Of course this is to protect democracy, and provide for our safety.

    1. navder says

      The problem is Capitalism. Government for/by the people should constantly surveil and police Capital and not merge with Capital to surveil and police the people. Capital must be made subservient to the needs and the will of the people’s government. Capitalists should not be allowed ANY political power and politicians should not be allowed to own any Capital. This is THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE – sort this out and most “things” will begin to get better everywhere. AI and technology are NOT the problem – the problem is who owns and controls it, and who decides how it will be used. If people don’t abandon the Capitalists’ (political) Parties and find and/or form political parties that actually work for/with them, then they are submitting to their own enslavement and eventual extinction.
      All other “issues” are becoming meaningless as rapidly as (the speed at which) the global oligarchs are now taking over complete control of our lives and the physical world we live in.

      1. FR Smoopus says

        We haven’t had ‘Capitalism’ in a long time in the Usa. ‘Crony Capitalism’ has been on creep mode for decades and recently exploding creating the dis-enfranchised masses on one side with mega-rich elitists on the other. A systematic balance of power must be brought back in to view through the decentralization of such power. Strong local organizations/economies must be establish so people have alternatives outside of the elitist owned platforms. The power has always belonged to the people, however, we unwisely give it to those that would happily rule over us by participating on their platforms. De-centralize.

        1. Rabbitnexus says

          Of course you have capitalism. You just cannot see the capitalism forest for the capitalist trees.

          Who is driving the fake paradigm of Left/Right politics and calls the shots at the top of both parties? Billionaires. Who is behind the Bullsh!t Pandemic and is profiting even now from being positioned to take advantage of the investments they made well in advance? Online sales and vaccines? While the rest, even millionairess take major financial hits? Even all that ‘free money” our governments are distributing. Any idea what our national debts will look like after this? You think you won’t be paying that back in taxes? Billionaires are even getting billions of cash handouts their big corporations won’t have to pay back. You will. The problem in the USA always was capitalism unchained. You’ve been trained to think all regulation of capitalism is wrong. You are wrong. The capitalist model you have is so unregulated corporations got person-hood status. Except not your sort, they get Platinum person-hood. They are bigger persons with correspondingly bigger rights. You small persons are f$cked if you go up against these giant platinum persons. They can rape you but you can’t rape them. They can rob your home, your land, your body even can belong to them. You will be arrested and jailed if you even steal some small thing from one of them.

          This is capitalism run amok. Those BLM and ANTIFA retards served capitalism, not communism. They burned down entire streets of small businesses who were already struggling because of the BS-19 responses being also enforced by the same billionaires. have a look on a map at the areas where entire streets of businesses have been wiped out, the land cleared of their buildings. Empty business after empty business. Then have a look at where the reserve banks are in those cities. Notice the correlation and riddle me this. With all those foreclosed mortgages and shuttered business, what happens with all that vacant land? In prime areas of the city? At bargain prices, Who might be able to afford that land and develop it I wonder? The mobs were directed to destroy their own area, their own businesses and hand it over to..wait for it…billionaires. Not communists dummy!

          1. James Scott says

            They are communists. They control the gov’t so they want the gov’t to own everything and then they will own everything. The oligarchs are commies. They are just the top commies.

            We have been living under corporatism but it is morphing into communism. You are the dummy.

            1. navder says

              You are very confused and/or completely misinformed as you clearly have no idea about what capitalism and/or communism are in practice (i.e. in the real world). It doesn’t matter what you call the oligarchs – they couldn’t care less. They’ve been called a lot worse in their centuries’ long control of capital and the more confused the lower classes are – and the more they argue with each other about the definition and redefinition of words and concepts – the safer and richer the oligarchs become.) Even if the oligarchs called themselves communists, in reality they would not – and could not – be communists because they own capital (which, in fact, makes them capitalists).

              You can call a dog a canary if you like, but unless you change every single written, drawn, and photographic description of the word “canary” in the entire world AND re-educate everyone to see it as a four-legged barking mammal it will still be a “dog” to all who have not yet been “re-programmed” to accept your new definition. Communism cannot be capitalism (and vice versa) unless you rewrite (recreate / re-program) the recorded ideologies, aims, histories, memories, experiences of actual living members, etc. of each side to make them into whatever you happen to believe they are. (The real world – objective reality – exists outside of your head and if you refuse to recognise it for what it is then you are either ignorant or deluded.)

              The current moronic puppets furthering the cause of the ruling oligarchs are called – and call themselves – “the left” or “marxists”. That doesn’t mean that they are genuine Marxists. How many of them do you think have actually read and understood more than 10 pages of the thousands that Marx and Engels wrote? They learn their “marxism” from lecturers who have been trained (in capitalist-financed institutions) to reduce Marxism to a twisted, subjective, “cultural” ideology instead of what it is – a revolutionary war of / by / for the working classes against capitalists. The textbooks they study were not written by Marx and Engels but by bourgeois-minded American, British, and European “Marxist” academics and intellectuals who fear / hate / avoid the working classes and redefine Marxism as something that neither Marx nor Engels would ever have approved.

              The working classes have (as almost always in the west) gravitated to the “right” – the traditional nationalistic support, protection, and domination (“muscle” / “dirty work”) structures of (national) capitalism. Now that the Global oligarchs are – once again – making a serious bid for total world domination they need to destroy nationalism because it is an obstacle to their plans, so they are attacking the confused “right” – and supporting the (fake) “left”. (The opposite of what they’ve been doing for over a century.) Rest assured that if they launch a large war – or feel threatened by a “left” that becomes too demanding – they will soon be pushing “national patriotic duty” ideas and cuddling up to the “right” again (so that they can use it to stomp on their latest “left” or foreign enemies / victims)).

              Capitalists are the head, the body (finance / muscle), the heart, and the soul of the real Rightwing – the holders and defenders of obscene amounts of private property (stolen and extorted from the working classes and peasants of the world). Communists – the now much-weakened head, body, heart and soul of the real Leftwing – are people who believe that the working classes (and all other exploited people) should unite and physically overthrow ALL capitalists and then debate and cooperate in the building of a saner, safer, more equitable, world in which everyone can live with some human dignity.

              PS. See my 2 previous comments for a little more on the subject

        2. navder says

          “Mega-rich elitists” (i.e. the richest and most powerful capitalists) have dominated, manipulated, exploited, used and abused the physical resources and people of the USA (and Europe and the colonies) for well over 200 years. The “mega-rich elitists” who have appeared in the last few decades are simply the latest (mickey-mouse) additions to the lowest ranks of such plutocrats (who still regard the likes of the Rockefellers as nouveau riche upstarts). A recent estimate of the Rothschilds’ (known / visible) fortunes is $473 TRILLION – which means that they alone could easily buy out at least 2,500 Zuckerbergs or Bezoses. Several royal families and other “financiers” of capitalism are in the same – or higher – league as the Rothschilds. The real money and power of the world has been accumulated by these families since the age of feudalism- and no movements other than the Communisms of Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, etc. have ever managed to (permanently) take something away from them.

          Who owned / owns the capital that has been lent (at high interest) to prop up / bail out / finance developments for failing monarchies, republics, dictatorships, churches, and corporations from (say) the late 18th Century to the present day? Who owns and controls the “national” reserve banks of the world? Who owns and controls the IMF and the World Bank? Who controls the monetary (and therefore all other) national policies (and the making and breaking of small, medium, and large capitalists) of the “western” world? Who lends money to both opposing sides in wars?

          To believe that “the power has always belonged to the people” in the USA is extremely naive. Power in the USA has never even belonged completely to the plutocrats and politicians of the USA because the USA has never broken completely free from the almighty grip of Imperialism. It long ago became – and still remains – no more than the most useful and profitable tool in Global Imperialism’s box of tricks. It provided – and still provides – the military force and supply of arms to brutally prevent resource-rich countries from becoming self-sufficient and truly independent. It effectively produced – and still produces – the easily-swallowed ideological propaganda that has brainwashed generations of people around the world with the shallowest illusions of “freedom and democracy” (while instilling political ignorance and apathy, material greed, corruption, self-serving individualism, adoration of wealth, celebrity cultism, racism, eternal conflict, etc. by means of its entertainment and “education” industries.)

          Until now Americans have been pumped up with the fantasy that they are the world’s greatest at everything and that they live in the best of all possible worlds because they – the people – are in charge. The Imperialist boot has been coming down for decades – and is now about to stomp out their long-held illusions as they become the insignificant and impoverished subjects of a vicious police state (the likes of which their rulers and armies have been imposing on dozens of other peoples and countries for the past century). It will all be written off as a reaction to Trumpism of course – why else would Trumpism have been allowed to grow as big and “dangerous” (ha-ha-ha) as it did? (As many are saying: Trumpism and the events of January 6th are merely the new 9/11-type excuse for the full-on Patriot Act 2 laws that are about to implemented.)

          Welcome, citizens of the USA, to the world you have worked so hard and so long to help the age-old Global plutocrats produce. Now perhaps you will see for yourselves the wonderful benefits of the “Liberty” your Great Democracy has been fighting so hard to bring to hundreds of millions of “oppressed” people around the globe (by dividing and ruling-and-robbing them). Welcome to The Great Reset! (Which is nothing new to the “developing” world of old colonies – they’ve been “reset” again and again for centuries. You are – and have been – no more than a privileged, “well-developed” old colony used to stomp on the “developing” ones, but now the Global Oligarchs are making their latest bid for total world domination and need to take hold of your country and grab everything you own to further their struggle.) Welcome to the New Normal of the 4th Reich’s Industrial Revolution!

          Learn some actual facts about real Capitalism. You harm others (by prolonging and promoting ignorance) when you simply regurgitate the superficial, empty myths and platitudes that you have been systematically conditioned to believe and trust. (BTW: Someone famous once said that if you want to learn some truths about your own country – and its people and systems and beliefs – you have to study the relevant works of your country’s enemies because your rulers will invariably lie to you about everything that really matters.)

          1. Seanoamericano says

            I agree with almost all of your diatribe except that the Communists never took anything away from the top. The National Socialists did. They did it so well that even today we still have to be reminded how bad and evil they were. We probably deserve a good portion of whats ahead but the root cause of the problem will remain in tact.
            The thing about resets are that one will come along and all the money power and stolen objects wont matter at all. Besides do you really think that they will ever stop and say OK we have it all. Nope they will eat each other too all so they can have a big stack of paper with dead men on one side and some stupid symbols on the other. I laugh when the question of with all the gold in the world could you buy a seat in a lifeboat on the Titanic? Trump did one thing right and that was show the folks a bit of whats really going on.

            1. navder says

              By “National Socialists” I assume you mean the Nazis. What did they take from “the top”? Did they nationalise the banks, the industries, the press, etc.? Did they remove monarchies (and their massive wealth and power). Did they abolish Capitalism? Were they invaded by a coalition of dozens of countries as soon as they took power? They were no more than extremely profitable attack-dogs for the German and Anglo-American ruling class who (as always) stuffed their vaults with the profits of the weapons industry, the stolen wealth and resources of European countries, and the real estate, jewellery, and gold (even from the dental fillings) – of working class death-camp victims. 80% of the Nazis’ fittest soldiery and best weaponry was sent east to try and conquer the USSR so that western capital could regain what had been taken from them 23 years earlier (the dream of world domination and Russia – one sixth of the worlds’ land surface – and its vast store of natural resources). The Nazis’ (and the western “Allies”) war crippled western Europe and made it possible for Anglo-American capital to dominate it after the war and reshape it to suit their never-ending thrust for world domination (see NATO, operation Gladio, Kissinger, Cold War, New World Order, etc., etc.). The west’s importation of Nazi war criminals and their ideology has been more than a little responsible for its brutally aggressive and thieving international imperialism since 1945.

              It would seem that you are somewhat pro-Nazi and might believe that they were somehow some kind of “a good thing”. Let’s not argue about beliefs because beliefs (of any kind) are actually just opinions that are held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof. To even begin to understand the history and nature of the world’s ruling classes (and those who have seriously opposed them) one has to set aside ALL beliefs and opinions and objectively assess as many PERTINENT FACTS as one can. (Which means reading – and understanding – the facts produced by the side one believes to be “more correct” as well as the facts produced by the side one believes to be “wrong”. And then of course there are also the mountains of facts produced by many fine neutral observers.)

              With an unbiased outlook – and a little hard work – it will soon become painfully obvious to anyone (who is consciously unbiased) that communism has always posed a far greater threat to “elites” than National Socialism (which they will happily encourage and invest in – if and when it suits their purposes). Fascism is the merger of (privately owned) corporate and state power – and Nazi Germany and the USA have been the ultimate proofs of this.

            2. navder says

              PS. We are still constantly reminded of how evil the Nazis were because they are the ultimate example of just how barbarously people can be made to behave when they fall under the spell of insane “supermen”. We are seldom reminded that these “supermen” were massively financed, supported, encouraged, and effectively controlled by international corporate (private) Capital and its driving forces of greed, profit-making, world power-building, etc..

        3. abinico warez says

          Capitalism has always been crony.

    2. Paul says

      I agree side of semi autonomous killer robots investing other people’s lives is not a problem for me as long as they leave me alone.

      1. Rabbitnexus says

        When they finish off the rest of us, there will be nobody to hear you scream.

  2. ken says

    John Conner saving humanity that won’t take up for itself and believing everything Skynet tells them. Boy, is he deluded.

    Love the Bee…

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      Thousands of John Connors just sat out a blatant and historical coup on the nation. They even believe it is by communists. Nobody stood up. Best of all they felt confident that help was just about to arrive in the shape of a hero. Who fired them up, gained a lot of hate for them all by his leadership which poked the devils in the eye, challenged them to a fight, then called it quits, went home and left them to face the wrath of the monster he’d just handed the keys to the house to.

      The ra ra ra speech at the end was cute, but it doesn’t change the fact tomorrow they wake up facing some blood curdling threats from people who have been consistent on one point. What they say they’re going to do, no matter how insane, they do it. The future Trump referred to is a pipe dream. You already lost that battle and you’re going to have to hope you even get through the next four years. They already made lists let’s not forget and again I remind, they have always done the crazy crap they say they will. They are probably not bluffing about re-education camps and mass graves. Don’t be so surprised. Believe me millions of people have had the treatment from US backed and trained coup makers. They too were seldom able to take seriously the upstarts scary words. Until they came true.

      1. Rabbitnexus says

        This is what you did to Libya, Iraq, and others. It is what your country is trying to do to Syria and Venezuela. The idea US troops and proxies, US bombs and missiles are helping oppressed people from their evil regimes is garbage. It always was. Now in a karmic turnabout which actually gives me no satisfaction, you’re getting your turn, and it is being done by the same regime change CIA people etc that did all those others.

  3. Rabbitnexus says

    In reality John Connor was sure that everything was fine, that this was “The Plan” and Big Don had a secret master plan of 13G chess ongoing and was about the save the day. No need for John and his mates to risk being zapped, or lose the comfort of his home and job or have to live rough and dirty. Don the Big has got it and that video of him getting zapped by a T1000 flying terminator was fake news. he will be along any minute to save the day.


    excuse me..private companies can’t do whatever they want if it interferes in another persons life IT WILL BE THAT WAY..or CYBERDYNE WILL BE BURNED TO the GROUND

  5. abinico warez says

    No, private companies can NOT do as they want. In exchange for the benefits of incorporation, companies agree to abide by numerous rules and regulations.

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