Sitting on Syria’s Oil, US Cuts Lifeline From Iran, Plunges Syria Into Fuel Crisis

An Arab oil-producing nation has been forced into a fuel crisis by US occupation of its oil fields, and shipping blockade

Syria produced 325,000-385,000 barrels of oil per day before the war. Now it produces 25,000. Partly because of war damage, and partly because the majority of its oil fields are to the east of the Euphrates and occupied by the US and its Syrian Kurdish proxies.  (The Kurds are happy to sell but the US won’t let them.)

It used to consume over 200,000 barrels of oil domestically, but that has gone down to 100,000 or less, with majority of that being shipments from Iran on a credit line that both nations understood was unlikely to ever be paid back in full.

Now the US has succeeded in cuting off that lifeline as well. It is blacklisting tankers which deliver the Iranian fuel and having Egypt block them from ever crossing the Suez.

This has caused a huge fuel crisis in government-controlled Syria with extreme rationing and cars lining up for miles in order to pump their allowed maximum of 20 liters every five days.

In Syria’s case the US really did “steal its oil”. It has forced an oil-producing nation into a fuel crisis. It has seperated Damascus from its oil fields (which BTW are in the ethnically Arab part of the country) and then cut its oil from abroad as well.

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  2. BitinDawg says

    My beloved Country, the United States of America is a contemptible vassal state of the Jews only state of Israel. U.S. is controlled by Zionist institutions like, the ADL, the SPLC, Canary Mission, the WZO and the Adl and most especially, AIPAC. Too bad Ahed Tamimi, you are just collateral damage. Too bad Palestine, move over for Gods chosen people.

  3. bartmaeus says

    And King Rat Uncle Sam wants to shut down Venezuelan oil production also. A vile creature is King Rat Uncle Sam.

  4. Ralph Conner says

    Russia or China should nationalize a tanker fleet. The Zio scum wouldn’t dare impede them.

  5. John C Carleton says

    USA is a criminal cabal.
    America is the Land and the people, which the evil war criminal corporation, USA is occupying illegally by military force.

    You expect criminals to act other than criminally?

  6. chris chuba says

    How can Egypt deny Iranian oil tankers access to the Suez Canal, yes, it is part of their territory but I thought that was still considered an international waterway like the Panama canal.

    Yet another reason why it’s likely that the U.S. is sabotaging Venezuelan electricity. This shows that the Neocons in the U.S. doesn’t give a flip about civilian infrastructure.

  7. jm74 says

    Syria made a mistake by not attacking the US and Kurds from the very beginning. Iran and Hezbollah with Russia could easily have taken care of the terrorists.

    1. Jesus says

      In 2015 Syria was in no position to wage war east of Eufrates, the Russians however, could have established a couple of bases and used the Arab tribes to deal with ISIS helped by Russian air support, denying US any opportunity to set shop in eastern Syria.

      1. jm74 says

        US and coalition are the terrorist organization and they should have taken priority over their proxies. Lavrov and Kerry negotiating between ‘friendly and not so friendly’ terrorists opened the door for the US to put boots on the ground. Mistake made by Lavrov, fortunately for Venezuela the Russians learned to get their first, set up a base.
        Agree with your comment about engaging the tribes.

        1. Jesus says

          Russian scope in 2015 was to establish its presence along the Mediteranean coastline to facilitate logistical requirement and the defeat the ISIS and other Zio proxies around Damascus and Aleppo. Russian intervention caught US by surprise and eastern Syria although controlled by ISIS ( relatively weak) was a vacuum that needed to be filled, especially as ISIS was being defeated in Iraq.
          Russia could have airlifted a couple of paratrooper battalions and deployed them in strategic areas in eastern Syria, shutting the door, before US determined they need to place some SOF in eastern Syria.
          I agree Lavrov’s and Kerry’s BS bought time for the US to recover from its shock due to the Russian intervention.

  8. griffinalabama says

    Israel evacuated these guys under darkness in July 2018 and The Guardian recommended them for a Nobel peace prize. Exposing the White Helmets : Collated Video Evidence of Terrorist Collusion – Over 50 Video Clips The UK gov are behind the terrorists.

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