Since 2017 Russians Have Been Killing Themselves at Lower Levels Than Americans

Russia's suicide rate has been falling since 2001, America's has been rising since 2000

In 2017, the US overtook Russia in the number of suicides. Russia continues to recover, from the consequences of the Communist rule in Russia.

In 2017, about 45,000 Americans and 20,000 Russians killed themselves. I think that in 2018 this gap increased to 14.5 per 100,000 in the United States against 13 in Russia.

History of American suicides. They peaked in 1942, but the values ​​of the Great Depression are still far away.

Personally, I think that the growth of suicides in the USA is caused by the growth of homosexuals (their suicide rate is several times higher than that of other people) and big pharma. [The crisis of non-college middle aged whites could be another part of the equation.] The number of deaths from drugs is also extemely high in the United States at 70,000 against 7,000 in Russia.

Also, Russia’s suicide rate has moved under that of France which sit at about 14.7. According to 2018 data, it will soon move under that of Germany which is approximately 13.4 per 100,000.

Source: Genby LiveJournal

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