Should the US Thank North Korea for Creating ‘Monetary Stimulus’?

When North Korea printed US dollars in the past that was deemed “counterfeiting” and stealing purchasing power from Americans and other dollar holders, and an attack on the US dollar.

Yet when the Fed prints new US dollars that is deemed to be “quantitative easing” and “monetary stimulus” and is said to have all-around positive effects for Americans, their livelihoods, and their prosperity. It’s no less than a Swiss-army knife of economics that fixes or alleviates every known economic ailment.

Knowing that, should the US thank North Korea for its previous bouts of “counterfeiting” and perhaps even encourage it to do more of it in the future?

For that matter, why not give a printing press to every US county, or even family? Imagine the levels of “stimulus”!

  1. ken says

    Won’t do any good but the Federal Reserve Notes are not US dollars. They belong to a private bank. The real US dollar is still actually quite valuable but will never be used again as it obtains its value by weight of silver.

    Note the destruction of the currency since the government removed its link to gold in 1971. Today it prints trillions of monopoly money yearly inflating its balance from 700 billion to 8 trillion in less than 20 years.

    In 1969 the average price of a new house was $23,000 The medium income was $9,300. So it took 2.5 years of income for one house.

    In 2008 the average price of a new house was $184,000 The medium income was $57,000. So it took 3.2 years of income for one house.

    In 2021 the average price of a new house was $400,000 The medium income was $61,000. So it takes 6.5 years of income for one house.

    So in 50 years housing went up $377,000. Income went up 51,700.

    Anyone see a trend? Can anyone imagine another 50 years of this kind of theft?

    1. Helga Weber says

      Canada is way worse.

      1. Juan says

        Any latin american country is WAY worse. When gringos complain they lost ONLY 95% of their money value over 100 years, we find it so cute! Still, we rejoice in the fact that we are not Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe…. YET

  2. Jerry Hood says

    The jew megabankster drained this former fat cow on the bones wrapped in skin…Just another jew victim….

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Now, the parasite will jump on the next fat cow= China!!! Leaving her in hundred years ” QFC” -bones wrapped in breadcrumbs…

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Yupp.. They will try, but will they succeed ?? Chinese people are NOT stupid goyim ? Try even to explain to them the CRT & see the response ?

        1. Eddy says

          People forget, China is a trading nation and is well versed in monetary management, I don’t believe they’ll go down the same road.

          1. Juan says

            They did already.

      2. XSFRGR says

        The Chinese know the Jew all to well, and there’s no way that they’re going to allow the parasites into the Chinese monetary system. The US tried that when Paulson was Secretary of the Treasure, and the Chinese sent the Kike home in a garbage sack. The only religion that Mao specifically outlawed was Judaism, and the Bamboo Wall was built around China because Mao refused to turn China’s economy over to the International Monetary Fund. The world is catching on, and the Jew is starving.

  3. XSFRGR says

    The U$ was extensively engaged in spreading counterfeit dong in North Vietnam during the war. It was flown in with drones, and dropped in rural areas complete with washing instructions. The drones then flew into the South China Sea, and were snagged by Sea Stallion helicopters. I managed to get my hand on a complete collection of the counterfeit dong, but eventually sold it to a collector.

  4. Juan says

    Good one, read for more on the pernicious, reverse-Robin Hood effect of money printing.

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