Shaken Foreign Volunteers Flee Ukraine After Base Hit by Russian Cruise Missiles — Ex-Marine Reports

"Bro I had fucking thirteen cruise missiles drop on me this morning. We were at the mercy of Russian warplanes."

  • “Bro I had fucking thirteen cruise missiles drop on me this morning. We were at the mercy of Russian warplanes.”
  • “Those of us who left are simply risk-mitigating. No one wants to die in an unfair fight.”
  • “You quickly realize the preciousness and desire of life compared to the.” meaninglessness of being hit by a a fucking Russian missile.”
  • “I was laying on the ground this morning praying to a god I don’t believe in that the next one didn’t have my name on it.”
  • “Being absolutely defenseless and in the open with three aircraft just shitting all over you with such heavy ordinance was a whole new level of helplessness.”

The Ukrainian training center near Lviv where NATO instructors used to train Ukrainian troops is now where Ukrainians are training foreign volunteers (for up to 14 days) before they are sent into battle.

Yesterday the Russians struck the base with cruise missiles. About 35 people were killed. According to an American volunteer and ex-Marine who was there this caused another 60 foreigners to leave immediately.

The witness, who himself fled Ukraine after the strike, reports:

This is where all the foreign legion troops are, the 35 killed were all Ukrainian mostly due to a direct hit on their barracks next to mine. The base is destroyed, the weapons depot destroyed, possibly the end of the legion. About 60 people with their heads on straight including myself left after the attack.

They’re sending untrained guys to the front with little ammo and shit AKs and they’re getting killed. The guys who stayed got bombed again in the afternoon and casualties aren’t clear.

If you still want to to join them I’m not sure what the process will be since literally all the infrastructure supporting the training/assignments of volunteers is all destroyed.

The guys who are there now will all be going to Kyiv and many will die, the legion is totally outgunned and has a few crazy Ukrainian leaders. After the attack one officer wanted to march everyone to Kyiv and fight. Absolute insanity. Stay home.

He had this to say about the missile strike he experienced. The first in his life despite having served in 2 other wars:

Bro I had fucking thirteen cruise missiles drop on me this morning I am not fucking around. I saw them pulling bodies from the wreckage, I was blown on my ass, I can tell you that the air raid siren did not go off meaning the legion has little to no radar support and absolutely no AA capability. We were at the mercy of Russian warplanes.

Go ahead and join the legion, by all means, but be very aware of how bad Kyiv is going to get and be aware that Russians have warplanes and you will have next to nothing. Be very acceptant of the possibility of death. Those of us who left, including SF operators from multiple countries, are simply risk-mitigating. No one wants to die in an unfair fight, and after getting absolutely fucking pummeled by massive cruise missiles today – yeah I kind of want people to think twice before turning their life upside down to go and volunteer.

I’m fucking elated to be alive, we all are. I just wanted to give people a legitimate warning about the what to expect but some people just want to believe things are jacked up.

Morale was pretty good until today. No one thought the base would get bombed due to its proximity to Poland, but after not having any warning of inbound missiles (there’s alarm systems all around the base for that), no effort of anti-aircraft measures, and then no issuing of weapons when the base was potentially under threat for an attack a lot of people were really just left feeling like no one stands a fucking chance, especially when things get real bad in Kyiv.

I spent an hour and a half laying in the mud with my head down expecting a second attack.

Some sirens from another part of base went off at 3:30 am for a short period. But the attack occurred at just about 545 with no warning, and they were in fighter jets so it should have been picked up.

Yeah, it was mostly to kill volunteers or “mercenaries” in Russian media, and to blow up the ammo depot with donated weapons. It was a probe though for sure because they came back in the afternoon and basically finished the job. That’s part of why I left, the base was clearly compromised

We are all shaken honestly, those fucking missiles were not expected by anyone. And essentially, it’s just a really, really tough fight with little to no truthfulness from either side. It’s so hard to tell what will come of all this and there’s only really room for speculation. I caught a glimpse of the reality and still don’t feel like I understand anything.

This is not my video, nor do I know the volunteer who took it. But it’s the only video I know that exists of the attack, since it was at 545 am and most people ran outside barely wearing clothes. But it does show the absolute terror and force of warplane munitions. Luckily this guy was a good distance away, many people including myself were in close proximity to these blasts. I just want people to know what they’re facing.

I’ll admit I was a little naive myself even having seen some combat previously. I did not expect to be attacked by jets while sleeping in a barracks room on a training base 10 miles from Poland

Luckily they didn’t hit at 7 because we would have been at chow and the chow hall took a direct hit.

I am in Poland! With many other volunteers. I’m man enough to walk away from a situation when my gut tells me so. A lot of us are likely going to assist refugees at the border, because most of us really did come here to help.

Yes morale is pretty bad I mean the whole damn base was destroyed and now the legion is just kind of shoving guys with little training to the front.

Like a lot of dudes there have experience and really wanted to shape the battlefield and impact their advance, but ultimately they’re manning frontline positions that are going to get hammered with artillery and airstrikes, buried under rubble and your family never gets your body. That’s when alot of guys say yeah this isn’t our fight, not like this.

I realized that when I was laying on the ground this morning praying to a god I don’t believe in that the next one didn’t have my name on it. You quickly realize the preciousness and desire of life compared to the meaninglessness of being hit by a a fucking Russian missile

Yeah man I had been mortared before and thought that was pretty gnarly because it’s out of your control ya know, but being absolutely defenseless and in the open with three aircraft just shitting all over you with such heavy ordinance was a whole new level of helplessness.

This is my third war anyways, I think I learned I don’t have that young mentality of being so willing to sacrifice myself. I’ve definitely grown from the experience.

The general consensus was that they wouldn’t drop bombs so close to Poland – I guess we underestimated Putins aggressiveness and willingness to poke the bear. Also, who really expects a jet to attack them.  That’s part of being naive, of course I knew it was a possibility I was just really fucking hoping it wouldn’t happen to me.

I can say that some dudes were definitely gaslight. I went to be a medic wherever needed and decided to check out if I could contribute to the legion. Got my shit pushed in and decided it wasn’t worth it, not where I can contribute so I left. I feel bad for the fellas whose pride is keeping them there.

The Ukrainian officers would really downplay the possibility of a bombing and I guess I just wanted to believe them,

Haha yeah dude GWOT was definitely it’s own simpler animal than full-scale warfare, no way to get the experience of this shit in Iraq or Afghan!

Like yeaaaap I’ve got a family now maybe I shouldn’t be dodging bombs anymore. Lesson learned!

After the bombing we spent a couple hours hiding in the woods because of that. They’re stepping things up for sure!

And about the legion in general:

The volunteers talk man. Everyone knows what’s going on, what’s fucked, who’s dying. Dudes come back from the front for rest and such and tell everyone.

No, the legion does not share casualties for shit, they leave the dead at the front and do not make news of it.

Nobody I have met were really running headfirst into it, except maybe guys with no experience. The legion was actually amazingly well-put together in some ways, uniforms were great, armor provided, good food. This made a lot of experienced people expect a legitimate military operation out of the unit, but it’s not like that at all. The actual frontlines operational side is just sloppy and dangerous.

Left the legion. Some are staying to help refugees – some going home. But it is clear that going to Kyiv with the legion is nearly a fucking death sentence. A medic died the day after he got to the front, another guy tried shooting an AK at an APC and was killed immediately, a 10 man team was nearly wiped out – 8 killed and 2 crawled away. Your body will not be retrieved from the frontlines either.

That was what a lot of people were saying, that they were pushing the legion up to Kyiv as cannon fodder. And how can you argue that when guys are given no training, and AK with no butt stock, and one magazine? When guys were asking for more ammo a Ukrainian officer said “take it off dead russians”

A lot of the guys who left have combat experience because we know better. The ones who stayed are either completely fucking crazy or are stubborn and don’t want to feel like they wasted their time and money.

The cannon fodder term is what was coming out of a lot of volunteers mouths that’s why I mentioned it. There was a real shift in peoples expectations of being utilized as a unit with operational capabilities vs. the reality of basically being bodies in front of the advancing Russians.

The training was apparently 2 weeks, then 10 days and now I think they’re just sending everyone to the front since the base is demolished. However, when they were training it was dry fire drills, classroom work and obviously some training on whatever specialty they give you.

As long as you’re not a complete idiot (one guy showed up drunk and got the boot) yes you can come from 10 years in prison and join. They don’t take that too serious, and yes there is a contract but it’s meaningless and you can leave at anytime even though it says your contracted to stay for the duration of the conflict

They make you sign a contract that states you’ll serve until the end of the conflict, but if you want to leave an hour later they totally respect that.

The Redditor reporting this is legit. He has a long posting history before this, including about coming over before he did so.

So Auf Wiedersehen to Lviv,
Farewell to Kyiv;
I’ve seen enough of Ukraine boys
And I won’t be back for more!
And I won’t be back for more!

  1. William White says

    Why was this unexpected? Putin warned you.

    1. Amy says

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      🙂 AND GOOD LUCK.:)


      1. Baidan226 says


  2. Rightiswrong says

    And the Black and Tans,
    Like lightening ran,
    from the missiles of the RFA

  3. Hungary Guy says

    U never go full retard.
    After 2 years of PLANdemic- with empty hospitals’ staff dancing Jerusalema- these idiots still believed what they see on Fakestream Media.
    Apart from that: “hero veterans” of Iraq/ Afghanistan etc. have never encountered a real army: with airforce, heavy weaponry, precision long- range missiles. Now, they have been killed probably by Kalibr cruise missiles, fired from 1.500 km….

    1. Pablo says

      I have been saying the same thing myself. The US War Machine has never encountered an Enemy who CAN and WILL contest the airspace over an AO. And who has the Manpower, training and firepower to effectively fight. And if I was the US War Machine I would consider my record of failure fighting an Enemy that has no air force, no modern firepower and no cohesion as a fighting force.

    2. Jerôme says

      The zionazi USrael ” veterans” are sissies and soy-boys in pink uniforms…They can’t fight the Russians! They will shit their undies after 1st Kalibr hits them!!!

  4. TJ RUBICON says

    “An unfair fight” ?????
    risk-mitigating. No one wants to die in an unfair fight”
    Too many hour in front of the TV?

    1. Martillo says

      Too accustomed to bombing and killing children and unarmed citizens in their interminable judaic wars of expansion and genocide. Death to all mercenary filth.

      Go Mr Bear, the real world loves it despite the presstitute howling and political hoes whining.

  5. Michael Arnold says

    Reaping what you have shown, not so fun on the other foot. Hypocrite whiner!

  6. ken says

    Keep reading these accounts by reports from ‘witnesses’ supposedly being trained by Ukraine. Personally I believe very little of what these ‘witnesses’ coming out of Ukraine say. Yesterday I watched a video of camera crews all over Kiev faking news. The person taking the video never found ‘the war’.

    Tired of being played like a fiddle by the mockingbird media on either side but especially from the West.

    This whole war stinks to high heaven. Appears to be another WEF scam to frighten people,,, like covid is. And while we are watching these ‘big battles’ they are still working on covid passports. China supposedly is locked down again.

    Get your wading boots on,,, the bullshit never stops.

    1. Martillo says

      dream on, Klaus

  7. anon says

    As some yankee apparatchik imbecile once stated (to paraphrase), “every once in a while we pick up some little country and throw it at the wall, just to show the world who is boss”..

    and the opening statements of this ‘marine’ reflect this hubris and the toxicity of the yankee world view..

    because without doubt this excuse for a soldier has spent his military career doing just what is happening to him.. literally millions of helpless third world civilians or their under equipped armies, countless ‘sand-niggers’, ‘ragheads’ and ‘gooks’… their wedding parties and children slaughtered, their villages cities and livelihoods destroyed … they had no air cover, they didn’t even have weapons most of ’em…

    and then to have rancid yankee yentas and political females crowing that ‘they are dead’, or ‘it was worth it’ or the digusting teleprompter misfits they call leader… regaling the fat imbeciles that voted for them with tales of freedom and demockracy…

    so suck it up troopers…it’s your turn in the meat-grinder… and your country is following you into it…

    1. Pat says

      “fat imbeciles” “demockracy” – love it 🙂

  8. Romeo LeBlanc says

    Young men dying for what? so that a bunch of old white men, which control the USA, israel and NATO can control the globe. at the expense of young naive lives

    1. Hungary Guy says

      They can still blame it on CovAids…

    2. DannyWhite says

      Can’t win a war if you don’t fight a war
      The Russian Peace Keepers are doing an awesome job in Ukrain.
      The russian people should be proud of their professionalism
      But the USA NATO trained and funded terrorists are making them pay with their lives for their caution and desire to avoid civilian causalities.
      Bless the Russians, draining the swamp that the USA created in Ukrain

    3. Rebel Forever says

      I’m an ‘old white man’ but I typically mind my own business.

  9. Jim Garrison says

    NATO base blown to bits? The only bad thing to this story is that Mitt Romney and Miss Lindsey Graham weren’t there.

  10. Martillo says

    Death to all mercenary filth

  11. Rebel Forever says

    Now they have a little idea of what Iraqis and Afghans endured from the Yankee military for many years.

  12. jerry says

    Stupid fucks, don’t bother coming back, we have enough dumbasses as it is.

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