Serbia Deploys Peacekeeping Forces to US

"The U.S. is a major player in the Western Hemisphere and its continued stability is vital to Serbian interests in that region."

BELGRADE–Serbian president Vojislav Kostunica deployed more than 30,000 peacekeeping troops to the U.S. Monday, pledging full support to the troubled North American nation as it struggles to establish democracy.

“We must do all we can to support free elections in America and allow democracy to gain a foothold there,” Kostunica said. “The U.S. is a major player in the Western Hemisphere and its continued stability is vital to Serbian interests in that region.”

Kostunica urged Al Gore, the U.S. opposition-party leader who is refusing to recognize the nation’s Nov. 7 election results, to “let the democratic process take its course.”

“Mr. Gore needs to acknowledge the will of the people and concede that he has lost this election,” Kostunica said. “Until America’s political figures learn to respect the institutions that have been put in place, the nation will never be a true democracy.”

Serbian forces have been stationed throughout the U.S., with an emphasis on certain trouble zones. Among them are Oregon, Florida, and eastern Tennessee, where Gore set up headquarters in Bush territory. An additional 10,000 troops are expected to arrive in the capital city of Washington, D.C. by Friday.

Though Kostunica has pledged to work with U.S. leaders, he did not rule out the possibility of economic sanctions if the crisis is not resolved soon.

“For democracy to take root and flourish, it must be planted in the rich soil of liberty. And the cornerstone of liberty is elections free of tampering or corruption,” Kostunica said. “Should America prove itself incapable of learning this lesson on its own, the international community may be forced to take stronger measures.”

Source: The Onion

  1. thomas malthaus says

    Russia will be sent an invite to a Washington-located G-7 meeting in September. I suspect it’s about a new global currency, among other interests.

    I hope Mr. Putin refuses the invitation. The optics and policies don’t lend to positive outcomes.

  2. itchyvet says

    SATIRE at it’s best.

  3. SKA99 says

    Article from “The Onion”🙄
    Kostunica was in power in 2000-2003 –
    last President of former Yuslavia at that time and then after Serbia.

    1. itchyvet says

      SATIRE people, don’t you even know what the word means ??? DUH, no wonder the MSM get’s way with the crap they push. the public will believe anything they read, as this post has verified. Geez, that’s scary.

      1. SKA99 says

        I was actually pointing to the fact that it was not fact based and shld be taken in jest.
        No need to get your panties in a twist🙄

        1. itchyvet says

          Seriously ‘Karen’ sounds like the only one getting their panties in a twist is yourself. B.T.W. I don’t wear panties either. L.O.L. Have a nice day.

  4. Otto310 says

    No democratic bombing?

  5. Hihehiha says

    The flag on the soldiers’ uniforms is not the Serbian flag. It is the ex-Yugoslav flag, to be precise. However, we would not mind occupying Texas or Minnesota, as USA is still illegally occupying around 20% of our own territory called KOSOVO, even after more than 20 years. Eye for eye….

  6. Yurij Petrov says

    That article is 20 years old.

    1. voza0db says

      Just goes to show that NOTHING CHANGES without the will of the SRF & Billionaires!

  7. voza0db says

    It’s clear that this is a waste of Time and Resources… Better to start right now the Bombing for Freedom Campaign.

    1. Pablo Rivera says

      They did, but they called back the Predator drone. Google it.

    2. CEjU pronounce see_eye_ae says

      True. With or without UN Resolution inviting Russia & China to do it.

  8. Canosin says

    great… does this sound in the american ears?? how would they feel about if a foreign power from afar comes to the shithole called the Divided States of Zionist America ensuring free speech and free unbiased election……???

    1. Ilya says

      Well with the Talmudists, they seem welcoming!

  9. UkraineTiger says

    Crack me up

  10. mwk says

    Note the onion logo

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