Senile Older Citizen Held a Presser and the Regime Press Has Rarely Seen a Better One!

Masterful! Exquisite performance by President Senile!

The establishment media is nothing more than the press wing of the Democratic Party:

I mean, seriously? That’s the headline you’re going with??

Let’s review Biden’s performance at said conference:

Now look at the headline again:

Oh, someone in the media is definitely embarrassing themselves.

The opinion writer here is Jennifer Rubin, who writes regular sycophantic trash like this daily.

Still, neither WaPo nor 95% of other mainstream outlets would have ever published a headline like this about Trump.

Here’s a few gems from the article:

“After weeks of whining, the White House press corps got its first official Biden presidential news conference on Thursday.”

Yeah, because the guy was the first president in a century – since before TV was a thing and most people didn’t own cars – to go MONTHS without giving a presser.

You can already feel her distain for actual journalists here. How DARE they question our Lord and Savior Joseph Biden???!

“Try as they might to seem ‘tough,’ the media did not succeed in knocking Biden off message. Biden spoke in great detail and length to show not only his mastery of the issues but also to suck tension and conflict out of the room.”

The media was “tough”? His “mastery of the issues”?

Lady, anyone with eyeballs and a brain could see Joe stumbling up there. He had a cheat-sheet with photos of the “approved” journalists he would call on, for goodness’ sake!

When Joe Biden tripped on the stairs of Air Force One the other day, I’ll bet Jennifer Rubin floated this headline:

“Biden excels at walking up stairs. Gravity embarrasses itself.”

What. A. Joke.

She tore into the media for focusing on the border, calling it a waste of time and an attack on Joe for even suggesting migrants are coming here because of him.

Except 15,000 migrants kids are currently in federal custody and 100,000 have come over the border in the last few months. Here’s Sen. Ted Cruz at the Rio Grande last night, where he points out human traffickers on the Mexican side:

But Jennifer Rubin says there are more pressing issues like anti-Asian violence (but only if committed by whites, presumably) and climate change.

Here’s how she concluded:

“[The media] pleaded for a news conference and then showed themselves to be unserious. They never laid a glove on Biden; they did, however, make the case for why these events are an utter waste of the president’s time.”

Spoken like a true Party devotee, Jennifer. I’ve gotta say, I rarely see such devotion to power, even in totalitarian nations like China and Iran. It’s rather impressive indeed!

I’ll leave you with some hilarious responses to this garbage:

Source: Not the Bee

  1. Jerry Hood says

    In basement Hidden Biden got finaly got out? Je is very also poor illegal squatter in the vaginal Oval Office, he just do not know due his senility, where he is at a times!!!

  2. Jerry Hood says

    That’s how he ended when attacking China’s Huawei ! Without wires in his sleeves and software,chips with his daily,24/7 programming! I am giving him few months to go in this cover ups…And he passed senility on his son Hunter, depositing his lap-tops all over, forgetting when and where, with pedophilia evidence….In what basement is hiding Hunter at???

  3. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Please, Stalin was many things but not un-erudite. He had his flaws, but in this modern propaganda world he would be dimensions above Biden, even if Biden was freed from his dementia.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      And as well Ilya, without Stalin, Russia wouldn’t be like it is today .. More likely it would be totally balkanised by Trotsky ? If Russia is great today, you can thank Stalin for that .
      See & read some of Trotsky speeches about Russian being white niggers !

      1. Juan says

        Stalin only saved what was left of Russia because his ass was on the line. The little georgian hated russians as much as any soviet tyrant.

  4. Mark says

    Ha, ha!! Sarah Palin called – she wants her speech back.

  5. yuri says

    even amerikan diplomats observed that Stalin was far more astute and aware, less bombastic than FDR or churchill
    after Geoffrey gorer examined the curriculum in Soviet schools and the media in USSR he described the censorship in US media and school curriculum as “ludicrous”

  6. yuri says

    US presstitutes=robots pretending hologram pretending to be president isn’t Star Trek character created by emperor gates

  7. ken says

    The US,,, the West in general,,, are in a state of mental psychosis over an alleged plague less dangerous than the common flu. Like the early tribes of yesteryear, the witch doctors control the tribes.

    The Wold Economic Forum needs Russia and China to complete their narrative of a 4th industrial revolution and of course Climate Change which both are as fake as the virus. It’s a power play to capture all the worlds marbles.

    It seems the Ukraine is going to play the part of WWII Poland and the US will play the part of England. Poland refused to negotiate with Germany over land taken in WWI because England stupidly guaranteed Poland’s security. At the time England,,, like the US today,,, was a second rate power. Germany and the USSR invaded,,, England couldn’t do squat and WWII began.

    Arrogant Ukraine is likely to start actions against the Donbass soon thinking the US will provide security. Russia will likely intervene if necessary and I seriously doubt the US can do much about it conventionally. If the Russians intervene, they will probably march into Kyiv and dictate terms.

    The demented aged fools in Washington,,, along with the arrogance of the Pentagon,,, it is likely they’ll consider using tactical nukes. They’ve been trying to convince themselves it’s a winner for the last few years. If they do then it’s all over but the crying. Wearing masks will no longer be an issue in the incinerated cities of the West.

    So, I suggest you weaponized hypochondriacs get off your sickness hype and let those senile geriatrics in Washington know you’d rather not risk a nuclear exchange. You’ll have a lot more problems than worrying about grandma getting covid.

    1. Down with the Hypocondriacs' sickness hype!!! says

      « you weaponized hypochondriacs get off your sickness hype »


  8. Mr Reynard says

    Biden & Stalin ?? That is like comparing a mouse & a tiger ??
    & I don’t think that I have to specify, whom I mean as a tiger ?

    1. Juan says

      A worm and a badger

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