Seizure of Syria-Bound Tanker Is All About Jeremy Hunt’s Bid to Become PM — Former UK Ambassador to Syria

For five years Syria-bound tankers have sailed past Gibraltar without issue. This time one was seized -- illegally -- to make Hunt look "macho"

Part of his bid to become PM

Technically the measure will find UK Foreign Office lawyers to defend it, but other lawyers will deem the action illegal. While sending oil to Syria may be illegal under US law it is not illegal under EU law. The far-fetched justification seems to be that the Banyas oil refinery in Syria provides financial benefit to the Syrian government, is therefore subject to EU sanctions, and thus any contact with it whatever is sanctionable. An Iranian lawyer would point out that if the EU had intended its restrictions to prevent oil shipments to Syria it could easily have adopted a relevant regulation. It didn’t. 

For five years until now since Banyas was sanctioned tankers have been making their way past Gibraltar heading for Banyas and the UK has not seen fit to intervene. Why now? 

This is obviously Hunt trying to look macho; the UK currying favour with Trump to get a better trade deal.

In typical BritCon fashion “macho” means more of a stooge to the US

This will increase tension with Iran, of course, at precisely the wrong moment, when even the US by its own admission is looking for a ‘workaround’ for Iranian oil shipments to China. How do we think Iran is more likely to react – by meekly kowtowing, or doubling down in some way ?

Ordinary Syrians are suffering greatly because of the impact of US oil sanctions. Hospitals don’t have fuel to power their generators. Car drivers have to queue for up to 12 hours to get petrol. We should be proud of ourselves…..Hunt on the Today BBC radio programme this morning refused to say if he considered fox hunting cruel. Bravo, macho man! Putting the boot into a prostrate Syria as well.

Spain may not be best pleased at this reminder of UK colonial arrogance. A spanner Macho Man has thrown into the Brexit works?

Source: Vanessa Beeley

  1. Vish says

    Jeremy Hunt looks like Michael Palin from the Monty Python comedy troupe.

    Indeed, Hunt would be a better fit to be a court jester than British PM–although these days, it’s hard to distinguish between these two occupations.

  2. Mary E says

    Pathetic that the UK (that little nobody island) has to commit evil against another country going about its business! Just to impress the US

  3. John C Carleton says

    If Britain has turned to piracy, this makes the Fake queen is the head pirate.

    Seems to me, the sentence for piracy, is hanging!

    1. DarkEyes says

      IMO, if it is true.
      Never trust an ambitious corrupt british politician (tried in 2012 to suppress The Telephone Hearings the scandal with a well known british newspaper at that time, but failed) while:
      a. they are anxious to lick the boots of Obersturmbahnfuehrer Ratschild to become favourite;
      b. they still have this “Empire cloud” hanging in their head and have this continuous urge to run the planet.

      Iran has done injustice. The AIPAC US, UK keep up their pestilent attitude towards the people of Iran, like stealing a ship on high seas in full daylight.
      Quite arrogant, indeed.

  4. CHUCKMAN says

    This seems a strong suggestion as to a likely motive.

    It has some ring of truth in it.

    May seriously dislikes Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt’s opponent for leadership.

    Although, of course, Theresa May is always there, regardless of any British political contests, supporting and standing guard for good old America and its aims.

    As with her absurd Skripal Affair or maligning Russia or doing covert dirty work in Syria or helping the blood-drenched Saudis in Yemen.

    She’s one of America’s most dependable willing helpers.

  5. John C Carleton says

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