Second-Oldest Living Person in the World Survives the Apocalypse Plague Virus: “I didn’t Even Realize I had It”

The 117-year old didn't realize she was supposed to be having a deadly plague

“She showed no fear of the disease. She wanted to know if meal or bedtime schedules would change”

The oldest woman in France celebrated her 117th birthday today (February 11) after recovering from Covid-19.

Nun Sister André, who was born Lucile Randon in 1904, is the second-oldest known living person in the world. She tested positive for the virus in mid-January, but has been given the all-clear after three weeks.

“I didn’t even realise I had it,” she told French newspaper Var-Matin from the care home where she lives in Toulon.

In January, 81 of the 88 residents tested positive and 10 died.

But Sister André told French media her diagnosis did not frighten her. “I wasn’t scared because I wasn’t scared to die… I’m happy to be with you, but I would wish to be somewhere else – join my big brother and my grandfather and my grandmother,” she told BFMTV.

“She didn’t ask about her health, but about her habits,” David Tavella, communications manager for the care home where she lives, told the paper.

“For example, she wanted to know if meal or bedtime schedules would change.

“She showed no fear of the disease. On the other hand, she was very concerned about the other residents.”

According to the Gerontology Research Group, she is the oldest person in Europe and second in the world behind Japan’s Kane Tanaka, who is 118.

Source: The Connexion

  1. ken says

    If they stopped testing that so called disease would drop off the cliff. The bogus PCR is not looking for any virus,,, only particles THEY say belongs to a virus THEY never laid eyes upon.

    They’re making billions of dollars selling those useless tests. They’re making billions selling the ‘vaccines’ they admit do not work.

    They’re making billions selling those idiotic masks that states right on the box they do not stop any virus. And now the medical maniacs are suggesting two masks,,, rebreathing even more trapped CO2 and exhaled trash the body was trying rid itself of.

    1. Vonu says

      PCR doesn’t test for anything. It is used to replicate whatever RNA string it is given to.
      The higher that the Ct goes, the more likely a false positive will be the result.

  2. Jerry Hood says

    Her Faith in God! Is stronger than all the viruses of Covid, spread by the zionist globalists- murderers!

    1. Vonu says

      That is pretty easy to do when all of fhe viruses of Covid are imaginary.
      The CDC can’t find any of them.

  3. Voz 0db says

    Well just wait until she is infected via JAB… May want to start planning the funeral!

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      Since she’s fully recovered, certainly would not need the JAB. She’s now healthy once again; so, let her live out the rest of her life peacefully.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    & she did recover, without a vaccine ? I mean without receiving the Lethal Injection actually ..

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