Seattle Poised to Fire 40 Percent of Its Remaining Police Force Over Injection Mandate

Deadline is October 18

Seattle’s already depleted police department is bracing for another setback.

The city is poised to fire as many as 403 officers, about 40 percent of the 1,000-person force, for failing to take the COVID-19 jab by an Oct. 18 deadline, according to local reports.

“The environment has been pretty toxic and negative,” an unnamed officer told Fox 13 News. “Not just from this whole mandate, but prior to that as well. I’m not sure this would be a good place for me to work long-term for my mental health. It has been very stressful.”

A total of 292 officers had yet to provide proof of COVID vaccination as of Oct. 6, the station reports. In addition, 111 officers are awaiting the results of exemption requests, said Seattle PD spokesperson Sgt. Randy Huserik.

The Seattle Police Department has already lost more than 300 officers since Black Lives Matters riots and the “defund the police” movement roiled the city in 2020, putting officers in the crosshairs of political and public ire.

In response to the pending manpower crisis, interim police chief Adrian Diaz advised his department to transition into “Phase 3 Mobilization,” effective Oct. 13, which among other contingencies requires all sworn personnel to be on standby duty to respond to 911 calls, Fox 13 News reports.

“We value each of you, and do not want to lose you as employees,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said in an email defending the vaccine mandate sent to city employees this week. “But the people that count on you the most are the ones that need you to get vaccinated.”

Source: NY Post

The Seattle Times:

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says she’s still hopeful those officers will come around. And if they don’t: “That’s their individual choice.”

“Every individual has the ability to determine that they know what is required for them to maintain the job they have,” Durkan says.

“If there is a valid religious or medical exemption, then we have an obligation to determine whether we can accommodate them with other jobs that will not put them in that position where they could expose others,” she says. “And if we can’t, then they will not be able to continue in their employment.”

  1. ken says

    “Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says she’s still hopeful those officers will come around. And if they don’t: “That’s their individual choice.”

    Yes,,, the new definition of choice. It’s too bad so many cucks now exist. They would have not got away with this with the WWII bunch or early boomers.

    Lunatics like good ol Jenny should be hung for destroying so many lives. Maybe a little backbone will develop once the lemmings understand these people want them dead or begging on a street corner for food and clothing for their family.

    You know what’s funny…. The coppers supporting these satanists thought they were home free,,, that they were needed,,, that they they were indispensable and the loonies throw them under the bus like they have the nurses and military who thought the same.

    All groups obeyed their masters doing whatever horrific deed they were asked to do no matter what it was,,, and they still are. The old saying “what goes around comes around” is applicable here.

    But sadly lunatics like Jenny always find people that are willing to do unspeakable things simply because they like to. I imagine most of the ‘police’ will give in as they have no other skills except clubbing and beating their fellow man. Only now they’ll do it with much more vigor knowing master just considers them useful idiots.

    So in conclusion I find it difficult to feel sorrowfulness for some that had/has no problem enforcing inhumane rules from tyrants for a few fake dollars.

    You reap what you sow.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Those morons who voted that in Seattle will get what they deserve & those who didn’t voted for that POS in Seattle, maybe they can go as refugee to a safer city, like Kabul maybe ?? Don’t laugh ?? No BLM in Kabul …

  2. guest says

    This could be a good thing; no one will be left to enforce those covid rules

    1. meyoo says

      No, it’s very bad. What’s happening with Police depts, and Health Care workers, is that they are trying to get rid of all the “good people” (they will) and then the hire begins to bring in those who really don’t give a shit about anything other than a paycheck, or worse, those that get off on authority.
      It’s bad now, but what’s coming is far worse.

      1. guest says

        You have a point there.
        The dream-world of camp capos, neighbourhood snitches and mad policemen(see Australia) has arrived

  3. tyt says

    You are free to do as we tell you, “Thats their individual Choice”

  4. Steve Ginn says

    Jenny Jerking is a waste of oxygen! And obviously the “job” she is yapping about isn’t worth the sacrifice of your health!!

  5. Nick from Newtown says

    All this defund the police crap is (((their))) attempt to bring in their own international force when they make their move. Theres no defunding, its replacing.

    They know the local police wont support the communist takeover so they have to bring in their own. Local police wont shoot locals, they need merceneries from other countries who dont care About Americans. Mandatory v. A. xing provides perfect cover.

    Anything about getting rid of local police is a democrat/communist agenda.

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