Sean Penn Dons Combat Gear for a Tour of Ukraine’s Frontline With Rebel Donbass

The Veteran of The Thin Red Line and Casualties of War

Penn is in Ukraine to film a documentary which requires him…to be chaperoned and tutored by the Ukrainian military…and to walk around in full combat gear.

Penn also visited the “Heavenly Hundreds” memorial to victims of the Kiev Sniper Massacre — a false flag attack carried out by Ukraine’s far right falsely attributed to Yanukovich and Ukrainian police.

The 61-year old Penn has extensive experience of dressing up as a soldier from his service in Casualties of War and The Thin Red Line:

  1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    I was blocked by a Ukranazi supporting moron on Twitter for suggesting that Penn could do with a brain transplant.

    I see “Anti” Empire’s covfefevirus obsession continues undiluted. One hopes you are happy that you’re making an absolute laughing stock of yourselves among rational individuals.

  2. ken says

    Sean Penn is one of the many, many hollywood morons that are the cause of hollywood disappearing into the sunset. Hollywood has a political agenda today,,, have given up their entertainment agenda. 99% of movies coming out of there isn’t worth the time watching.

    Penn is a poor actor as well. I don’t care for George Clooney’s politics,,, another ass destroying the country that gave him his career and wealth but at least he can act.

    Ukraine has lost half of its territory due to its fascist policies concerning its Russian segment of population. It still hasn’t learned. It is not capable of self rule.

    The best government is no government.

    1. Pablo says

      Hollywood is run by an ethnic group that has a deep, bitter hatred of White Western Countries and its White people. This Hollywood group promotes anything that might be destructive to White Western Nations. Such as the LGBTQ agenda. The Hollywood crowd and its Supporters elsewhere use code words such as “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” to destroy White Western Culture and its Institutions. In Education they promote the Hatemongering Racist dogma called Critical Race Theory.

  3. edwardi says

    Wow, incredibly stupid. He has just negated anything positive he has ever done, if there is anything positive ? Or has he just solidified perceptions of the absolute irrelevance of US movies and Hollywood B.S. , as nothing but pure CIA propaganda, propping up and controlled by the Deep State, Imperialist, criminals who are so Terrorizing the entire planet. Incredible. My opinion of Penn, which was non existent, has now plummeted from neutral to screw that pooch brain moron.

    1. Eddy says

      My opinion of the man, has always been thus,

    2. Maiasta says

      He was a big supporter of the NATO war against Libya. He’s a wife-beater too. So, nothing surprising about his Ukro-nazi fascination.

  4. Arius says

    Sean Penn has gone over to aid and abet Nazis.
    Incredible. What a damned fool, a moron.

    1. Curmudgeon says

      Sean Penn has gone over to aid and abet Nazis.

      Right. Nazis always support Jewish Presidents and Jewish actors.

  5. Raptar Driver says

    Send the ugly half Jew home in body bag!

  6. steve kastl says

    Apologies again to Russia for exporting Hollywood morons to the Ukraine. Please administer psychiatric meds as needed.

  7. brAWTZ says
    1. what a disservice to real military personnel
    1. Martillo says

      “real military personnel”

      You mean the sub working class unemployable uninformed uniformed snaggle-toothed meth addled ghouls and scum that sign up to Pentacon Kill Industries Inc and lay waste the lands that the congre$$ crittters, presstitutes and sundry pedovore anglzionazis designate for destruction and harvest as in the interminable judaic wars of plunder and expansion? Yeah…nah…we certainly wouldn’t want that now…wood we?

  8. Martillo says

    no Se un Pendejo…I’m still wondering why El Chapo has’nt offed this covaid$ piece of Hollyweird garbage for setting him up and getting him busted by the USSAN DEA drug cartel a couple of years ago. Is El Chapito losing his touch?

    Meanwhile where else would you expect to find a total moron other than in Ukropland playing Hollyweird grunt for his khazar owners back in Slumville, USSA.

  9. PtownP says

    (With apologies to movie reviewer Roger Ebert),. Penn gets two Norse Runes up for his starring role in the Ukrainian documentary “Saving Private Stephan Bandara and his band of UkroNazi Brothers” 

  10. Wilbur Smith says

    Gee, Sean Penn, a guy that I would surely like to give advice to my children.

  11. Deano says

    Somebody shoot that prick. Where’s Alec Baldwin when he could be really useful?

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