Scotland Changes Definition of COVID Hospitalization. Number Drops From 262 to 46

Scotland was inflating its actual Covid hospitalizations by 400%

Scotland had been counting anyone who had ever tested positive for COVID (even if it had been 6 months ago) as a COVID hospitalization:

Comparing the initial data, it’s clear to see the impact of the change. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 inpatients under the previous definition was 262 on Tuesday 15th September while the new definition included 48 patients. Of these, 7 were in ICU on the old basis, and 6 under the new definition. We will no longer collect the data on the original basis.


The plurality of their “COVID hospitalizations” (45%) were people who were infected in the hospital (but had already recovered from it). The next largest (25%) were patients who tested positive months ago and were now admitted for a completely unrelated reason:

The audit of inpatients identified 384 patients in hospital at 1am on 26 August across Scotland who had previously tested positive for COVID-19.

The majority of these patients (87%) were in hospital for a condition unrelated to COVID-19:

  • 45% were hospital onset cases who were no longer being isolated or treated for COVID-19;
  • 25% had recovered from COVID-19, been discharged and then readmitted for an unrelated condition;
  • 9% had a previous positive COVID-19 test in the community, and were admitted for an unrelated reason
  • 8% had been admitted for COVID-19, had recovered but were still in hospital for other reasons.

All these shocking mistakes and always only in one direction.

The second half of this (and other like it) official graph had been a complete lie
  1. Steve Struthers says

    To me, it has always seemed a bit ludicrous to count someone who shows up at an emergency room, is treated and released as a true hospitalization.

    A real hospitalization is when someone is sick enough that they need to be in hospital for a while – like several days to weeks.

    If we change the definition of what constitutes a coronavirus hospitalization, we’re going to find hospitalization numbers dropping dramatically.

    Against the background of very large numbers of people who test positive for the coronavirus, very few actual hospitalizations for the virus will mean that the virus is a whole lot less dangerous than we’ve been told it is. And that the vast majority of people who test positive are either asymptomatic and not contagious, or their test result was a false positive, thus distorting the true picture of the pandemic.

    If all hospitals around the world changed the definition of what constitutes an actual coronavirus hospitalization, then we could probably end the pointless and destructive lockdowns tomorrow and ditch the masks, too.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      You have never heard the term “out patient?”
      If you are registered in a hospital, you are, by definition, hospitalized.
      If you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic offence, you are under arrest. If he puts the cuffs on, you are in custody. After you are booked into a jail, you are incarcerated.
      Your problem is ignorance of the terminology involved.

  2. ke4ram says

    And why not. The masked Zombies never pay attention and if you bring it up you’re a conspiracy theorist. ALL governments are Bullshitting everything concerning the alleged virus. If you want to say they were improperly advised, or they didn’t know, or they were flat out stupid then you are the reason this is continuing.

  3. richard kingston says

    How can you keep the locals sober long enough to come-up with any figures?

  4. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Is that the only video of dancing pseudonurses in scrubs that anyone can find?

  5. Aurum Cimex says

    When you can simply change a definition and alter the figures drastically you know it’s all a fake.

  6. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    The changing definitions for various statistics, rules for counting, inaccurate tests, etc. have screamed all along that this is not a pandemic when measured against any historical standard anywhere.

    Also, at least give us videos and photos of hot nurses…

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        I doubt any of them could get a proper BP from a heterosexual male, but I’d let any of them perform a digital prostate exam on myself, and remove the residual orally.

      2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

        Why the fuck does the person below keep responding to my posts? Hey, numbskull, you are blocked.

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