Scientists Want to Grow COVID mRNA ‘Vaccine-Lettuce’

“We have long-term goals of people growing it in their own gardens. Farmers could also eventually grow entire fields of it.”

Governments would never sneak mRNA Franken-lettuce into a mystery meal,, right?

Injectable vaccines could be a thing of the past, with University of California Riverside (UCR) researchers investigating turning edible plants like lettuce into mRNA vaccine factories and make edible vaccines, which could have significant implications in combating COVID-19.

Backed by a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, the project works by showing how DNA with mRNA vaccines can be delivered into plant cells in a way that lets them replicate. If this works, it could mean that plants could produce as much mRNA as a traditional vaccine injection.

“Ideally, a single plant would produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person,” UNCR’s Department of Botany and Plant Science’s Prof. Juan Pablo Giraldo said in a statement.

“We are testing this approach with spinach and lettuce and have long-term goals of people growing it in their own gardens,” added Giraldo, who is leading the research and working in collaboration with researchers from UC San Diego and Carnegie Mellon University. “Farmers could also eventually grow entire fields of it.”

Perfect with your Klaus Schwab-approved monthly allowance of dietary roaches

But how do mRNA vaccines replicate inside plants?

The key, it turns out, are chloroplasts. These small organelles exist exclusively in plant cells, and cannot be found in non-plant life forms, save for the amoeboid known as Paulinella chromatophora.

The amount of chloroplasts per cell varies heavily depending on the plant. Inside the cell, they behave dynamically and serve a wide variety of functions such as synthesizing fatty acids, amino acids and helping the plant’s immune response.

But its most famous and crucial function is to conduct photosynthesis, where chlorophyll captures energy from the light of the Sun and turning it into energy stored in ATP and NADPH molecules. This process allows it to free oxygen from water in the cells. It also then conducts what is known as the Calvin cycle, using ATP and NADPH to convert carbon dioxide into glucose.

These processes are vital to maintaining the life of a plant, as well as maintaining life on Earth. This is because through photosynthesis, plants essentially “breathe” carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen as a waste product, which is not only the opposite of most life forms, which breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide, but is also responsible for producing and maintaining Earth’s oxygen as a whole.

But the ability of chloroplasts to convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into glucose and other molecules has other implications, with Giraldo saying that they are an “untapped source for making desirable molecules.”

And he has evidence to back this up. His prior research has shown that chloroplasts can express genes not naturally part of the plant if foreign genetic material is properly sent into the plant cell. Of course, this could only be done if the material was encased in the proper protective material, and figuring out which material would be used can be especially tricky. However, it is exactly this that Giraldo’s laboratory specializes in.

But to get it in, one needs nanotechnology. That is why Giraldo has partnered with UC San Diego nanoengineering specialist Prof. Nicole Steinmetz to deliver the mRNA material into the chloroplasts.

“Our idea is to repurpose naturally occurring nanoparticles, namely plant viruses, for gene delivery to plants,” Steinmetz said. “Some engineering goes into this to make the nanoparticles go to the chloroplasts and also to render them non-infectious toward the plants.”

If successful, these findings could revolutionize how vaccines are administered into the human body. This is especially relevant, as vaccine hesitancy is strong in many places throughout the world [yeah I don’t think Frankenstein lettuce is going to help with that], something that in the COVID-19 pandemic, the most widely-used vaccines for which are mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna, can contribute to rising cases.

But this method could see vaccine hesitancy take a significant cut. This is because a significant amount of all vaccine hesitancy isn’t simply rooted in doubts over the vaccine’s effectiveness or misunderstandings about the virus and the vaccine’s properties, but due to a simple fear of needles. [LOL. Absurd.]

This was revealed in a study released in June 2021 by the University of Oxford, which suggested that treating fear of needles could reduce vaccine hesitancy by over 10%.

This may be a small number, but as noted by Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry’s Prof. Daniel Freeman, “When it comes to controlling COVID-19, every vaccination counts.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post

  1. ken says

    Humanity needs a vaccine against lunatics like this. This isn’t science,,, its witchcraft. These ‘mengele scientists’ need dragged out by their hair to the nearest rope.

    1. osa says

      9 mm vaccine.

      1. Gunny says

        @Osa – I agree, and afterwards I will EAT THEM.
        125,000+ calories just waiting to be cooked REALLY well done.
        One human body supplies enough food for a MONTH for 2 people!

        Just a thought..

        1. jha says

          i have a good recipe

          1. Mr Reynard says

            I have a better idea ?? Why bothering with all the salads ? Why not starting immediately Soylent Green ?? Plenty of raw material available due to Covidiocy vaccination ??
            Solve two main problem IMO ??

            1. Gunny says

              “Soylent Green is People!”
              I was 13 when Charlton Heston spoke those words in 1973..
              But it was the Omega Man scenario in 1971 that scared the crap out of me.
              Seems like we are living an Orwellian hybrid version of the 2 with a bit of THX1138 already going on in Australia…
              Take care,

            2. America says

              Oh, it is people. read my comment above. God bless us to wake up. They want you to “take the cure” for a reason. Look up Agenda 21/30 and Georgia Guidestones for starters.

            3. Gunny says

              I know all about that… all of it, and much more, for many years sir.
              My last duty was escorting Archaeologists around Iraq so they could find and steal every Sumerian artifact they could find.
              Like the attached pic.
              It is a cylinder seal named “The Giving of the Plow”.
              It is 7000 years old.
              That is why I know that Nibiru and the Annunaki are real and the government has no intention of warning us.

              Be well,

            4. America says

              It’s a bit off the subject but we already have “soylent green” in action, via the “impossible meat”, “beyond meat”, “it’s people meat”, and the Cannibal Restaurant in LA. Impossible Meats is in an industrial complex right across the street from Planned Parenthood. Why would a Planned Parenthood (with no windows) be in an industrial complex? The impossible meat people all insist “heme” is plant-derived, so that is why it looks, “bloody”. Right, like I’m going to believe the Devil………”plant based” is people. Did you know the movie, “soylent green” was said to be in 2022? Wakey, wakey. God bless us, this is evil.

        2. XSFRGR says

          Are you from Deep South Louisiana ???

          1. Gunny says

            Spokane, Libratistan (Washington State)

        3. Juan says

          These evil types are not healthy. Also, I don’t need to tell you cannibalism is evil.

          1. Gunny says

            Actually Juan,
            None of the 3 Judeo Christian religions say much about it.
            Evil is as evil does.. They are the evil ones and get whatever is coming for them.
            Have a good day,

            1. XSFRGR says

              The evil ones are clearly identified in John 8:44. They are inside our defensive perimeter, and we are engaged in decisive combat. If they win the darkness comes, and remains forever. I’m not pushing religion, but the Book of Mormon is a fantastic adventure read that soldiers, and Marines find exciting. It has outstanding battles, strategy, tactics, psyops, etc. Reading the Book of Mormon is like a primer for Command, and General Staff School.

              No, I will not send the missionaries to knock on your door.

            2. Raptar Driver says

              The book of Mormon was written by a known con artist.

            3. XSFRGR says

              Have you read it, RD? As for your opinion, “Give kind heed to all men, even the dull, and ignorant, for they to have their story.”

              Glad to see that you’re just as obnoxious as always. It seems that you, and I are the last of the old timers on this forum.

          2. XSFRGR says

            Juan, cannibalism is not evil it’s just unusual. Under the right circumstances I’ll eat anything that can’t eat me, and if you’ve been hungry bad enough, and long enough you may look at thinks differently.

          3. America says

            So is all their, “plant based” meats. “heme” is not plant based nor derived from plants. “heme” is their little joke. heme is from “hemoglobin” which is blood, as in human. wakey, wakey. (see my posts above please).

  2. Joe_Below says

    It’s not a fear of needles. People just don’t want this garbage in their bodies PERIOD!

    Let me guess, there won’t be any warnings on this GMO, depopulation garbage?

    1. America says

      Right. They want you/us dead. Just another way to get it in you. Just like chem trails, poisoned water, chemicals in our food, pharmaceuticals instead of natural healing and promoting real health. everyone needs to wake up.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Sure why not? These gouls have been poisoning our food for quite a while now.

  4. Kieran says

    all the more reason to have community gardens, plant your own food, and preserve heirloom seeds, most important

    1. Gunny says

      Have you ever tried to grow anything for “food”.
      I just had my whole garden wiped out by early snow.
      Last year it was grasshoppers.
      The year before it was too much rain, very cold nights and early snow.
      You all think it is easy to “grow food”.
      It isn’t and unless you have at least 1.5 acres per person, and really good weather and LUCK, you can’t grow enough for a salad.

      Get real Kieran… this is not 1860 with plenty of game and zero population.
      Frankly, I plan on just EATING the people I dispense with.
      125,000 calories in the human body just waiting to be COOKED WELL DONE.


      1. Houndog says

        Lead poisoning. What a way to go!

      2. XSFRGR says

        Notice my call sign or is it screen name? The vast, VAST majority of people don’t think you’re serious, but I’m not in that group. The thing to remember is to act before one becomes weakened from starvation. Besides once the body is rendered into its constituent parts it doesn’t really look human, and along with steaks, chops, and roast it will make a great stew. WASTE NOT, WANT NOT.

        1. Gunny says

          I am not kidding.
          61 years old and nothing to lose.
          The Gardasil vax already killed my only daughter.
          Rest of family is vaxed so I want nothing to do with them.
          Stuck in the liberal shithole called Washington State.

          Be well,


          1. XSFRGR says

            I’m sorry about your daughter, and believe me I understand. My daughter is a screaming liberal in Spkn, and the first thing she did was get the jab. My son held out as long as he could, but he’s an engineer for DOD so they forced him to take it. I’m a retired engineer, and they can shove it. People have no idea what this vaccine is, and I expect the worse. I was doing statistical work for a major corp. before I retired, and I know that Covid is an obvious con, but the question is why. I’m 75, 3 tours in ‘Nam; 1 with 75th RGR, and 2 with SF. Retired from the Guard in ’95, and moved to CDA in 97. Of course that was before CDA became CA del Norte.

            I have mixed feeling about what’s coming. I’m old, it’s going to be hard, I don’t expect to survive, but Man, what a rush. You, and I are going to live a period of history that no one has ever seen before. In your post below you mention that they are not Human. I’m not a bible thumper, but John 8:44 sums it up; they are the children of Satan, and they are most certainly not human. If you listen to them you’ll notice that they have distinct speech patterns to go with that sickening little smile. This will be decisive combat; there will be a winner, and a loser, but the loser may be all life on this planet.

            US Marines: Finest fighting force God has ever given a nation!


            1. Gunny says

              Bless you brother. I missed Nam and only joined in 78 because my oldest brother never returned from his 2nd tour. I told my mom I would find out what happened, joined the corps and went to Korea DMZ. Add in the “Nibiru/Planet X” passing (the real reason all the volcanoes going off, and weird jet stream anomalies) and yeah.. next 5 years is gonna be wicked.
              Take care,

            2. America says

              I hope you don’t mind my chiming in here. I too believe in Nibiru, Planet X. I have seen it many, many, many times because I look for it. Most of the times now when I see it – it is after a rain before they chem trail everything over so I usually see it then. But it is circling. It will cleanse the Earth. I am happy for it’s coming. Look for “Padre Pio 3 days of darkness”, he is a great saint and he told us how to prepare ahead. God bless you all who read this.

            3. Gunny says

              Agreed. Well said.

            4. Gunny says

              BTW, my oldest brother’s remains, and those of his recon squad were found in 1985 by civilian miners in the hills of Laos amongst 100 500lb bomb craters. They had gone dark in 1972.
              Obviously a B-52 load( b-52 got locked on and dropped load, then rose about 1500 feet as 30,000+ lbs exited the plane, evasive maneuver)
              They probably never even heard them till the last second or so.
              At least we all got tags and web gear so no more wondering.
              Friends used to say he ditched, picked a Viet bride and disappeared.
              He would never have done that to our mom, and now we know.
              Carry On,
              E-7 Ret.
              178 combat missions – Korea DMZ, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea, Lebanon, Syria, Libya
              Brought every kid home alive and in one piece.
              Helps me sleep well at night.

            5. XSFRGR says

              In 1987 I was desperate for a BN S-3 so the boys at Guard HQ said they had one for me, but he was branched ADA. I reminded them that we were Combat Support MPs, and were the Div CDR’s hatchet force not Air Defense Arty. They told me that he had “Addition Skills” so I hired him. Hell, his infantry tactics were as good as mine, and he was still edgy so I leaned on him for more info than was in his 201. Seems he was running security for a Company listening post in Laos as late as early ’85. I had no idea we were still operating in that AO in ’85. Just to show that no good deed goes unpunished this guy got his law degree, and ended up as a DA in a rural TX county only to get whacked by a nutso justice of the peace.

              When I left ‘Nam in ’73 I went to NKP Thailand to Joint Casualty Resolution Center. It became obvious that our job was to make certain that we didn’t find anyone. We had an episode where we had a team on the ground observing 14 US POW’s in real time with another 2 probable in cages. We cranked up 46th Company (Special Forces), and a BN of Thai Rangers to go fetch them home. We had the rotors turning, and were about to saddle up when a State Dept car pulled up to the operational cdr. and informed him that if we tried to lift off we would be shot down by the Thai air force Seems that the Thais had been told that the unit was about to mutiny, and defect. I started hating the U$ about that time, and I never got over it.

              An interesting aside to this incident was that the Pentagon ordered 46th Company (Provisional) out of Thailand……..right fucking now. The King of Thailand informed the Pentagon that 46th Co was there as his honored guests, and that he would let the Pentagon know when they could leave. 46th stood down, and partied for a year, and then left with the King’s gratitude.

              I don’t know who for/where your brother was working when he was KIA. If he had been in military region 1 I might have heard, because I was there in 69-70, and 71-72, but ‘Nam was a big country. I have a feeling that he was working with the Cambodians because we lost a number of people in that AO in ’72. I was operating with FANK so I had a decent knowledge of the things that went down. He may have been working in Laos in the Lam Son 719 area where I was hit in 70. We were running the Bode/Lao border a lot in those days.

              I can’t say that I bought all of my troops home, but I tried, and I never dishonored my self in the attempt. Through their loss I learned more about myself than I needed to know.

              To every man upon this earth
              Death commeth soon of late,
              And what better way to meet your fate
              Than facing fearful odds
              For the honor of your fathers,
              And the temples of your God.


              E6 to O2 active duty. O2 to 05 NG 1965 to 1995 with break in service from ’77 to ’80 wherein I spent 2 years as a Sgt in the Rhodesian Light Infantry. Then there was Reagan’s stuff. It was all WONDERFUL !!

            6. Gunny says

              John was Marine Recon when he went MIA.
              But I was only 11, so I do not know the details and my parents passed in 1986, shortly after he was identified and returned.

            7. America says

              don’t give up. never side with evil. we always knew this time was coming. hold tight to the Lord. this is a spiritual experience and they want your Soul. many are demons in form, or entertain these spirits. But God is stronger than any evil. Surround yourself, protect yourself with the thought of God. Something I learned early on, even demons know there is God so if you hold to the thought of God, they must either meet you on that level (they won’t) or they must leave. Change your resonance, your vibration. Don’t entertain evil at all, keep God in your thoughts, it is your protection. Demons will flee and cannot harm you. Secret of the Universe is God. I know, I learned this and it works. God be with us.

          2. America says

            I now understand your weirdness or at least I am cutting you slack due to what I am assuming is your grief speaking. I am sorry you had that happen – for your daughter, for your loss. Don’t become demonic like they are. God bless your daughter, the only thing I think about my loved ones who are not here with me now is that they do not have to endure what is coming, they are safe now. God bless you. Please know there are good people here who will survive this and we will rebuild. We will not be vaxxed but trust that God will save our Country. God has his timing.

        2. Gunny says

          It is just realistic. Once the grocery stores close, 95% of our neighbors will not have 3 cans of soup in the pantry.
          Anyone with more than 3 cans of soup, or a can of SPAM will be a target.
          No room and no extra strength to bury anyone and dead bodies get nasty real quick.. like -12 hours..
          Might as well process them like a deer or pig and get on with it.
          I really hope it does not come to that, but not real positive after only 8 months of The squad, the rona scam, “socialism lite” and Joe Biden.

          1. XSFRGR says

            Oh lord do they stink, but I’m the only guy in the neighborhood who owns a backhoe/loader. Besides, I’m a Mormon from Louisiana, and we’ll eat pretty much anything.

  5. Gunny says

    We need to band together and eliminate every fucking one of these monsters.
    These are DEMONS. Not HUMANS and we need to eliminate them all.

  6. jha says

    “Ideally, a single plant would produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person,””

    right then. what happens when you eat three salads, are you also eating the equivalent of three vaccines? and what happens if you feed it to your pet bunnies.

    1. America says

      just start sprouting at home, get raw sunflower seeds, store them correctly. get non gmo seeds NOW and store them for long term storage. learn how to sprout beans from the store. there are youtube videos on this. don’t buy their frankenstein dna modifying bioweapons. God bless.

  7. vegasluna says

    problem is thats all you can get into the plant is mRNA. you cant load it up with GO-Fe3O4 nanoparticles, which is important piece for the blood clotting to work. and in pfizers case, u can’t deliver the parasites either. this would be a much less deadlier option, which obviously wont work well for the intentions of the CCP WHO CDC FDA Biden Fauci Austin Woodcock. luckily, this winter will be #sheeplevax-induced ADE CoViD-19 variants. that should help Fauci kill off a few extra 100k people (aside from the blood clots and misfolded prions deaths). these lettuce plants can’t compete with the #sheeplevaxxes for the amount of darkness and death they may cause. not even close.

  8. Juan says

    Madness. Medicines are dose-sensitive. How do you control the dose for everyone? It’s like with fluoridated tap water. They are simply crazy or stupid, or evil. Or all of the above.

  9. Trad says

    Franken thinking by a psychopath. The materials in the vaccine are far worse than the covid.

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