Saudi Arabia Suffers Enormous Military Defeat on Yemen Border

A brigade worth of mercenaries in Saudi service shattered and captured along with numerous weapons and armored vehicles

Bin Salman’s “cakewalk”

Personally I’m skeptical of the claimed extent of Houthi victory, 500 killed and wounded and 2000 captured Saudis seems fantastic, but there is enough here to confirm one hundred percent that there was indeed a big (one-sided) fight which the Houthi won handily.

Likely what they’re doing isn’t so much exaggerating the numbers as conflating foreign mercenaries and local Yemeni fighters salaried by the Saudis with the actual Saudi army, which has an exalted tradition of “leading from behind” and isn’t at all eager to get itself shot at by the Houthi and the army of the Sanaa government.

Apparently there is a thing where the Saudis have delegated the protection of their own border with Houthi-held Yemen to mercenary troops they recruit from Yemen (meaning these formations are even notionally not under the Hadi government), and in Arab-speaking countries.

Also I’m not sure where the battle took place, the Houthi say it was in Saudi Arabia’s southern Najran region, but they have presented battles that actually took place in the Yemeni Najran as having taken place in Saudi before. Mind you the fact they were able to achieve such a surprise probably means it was indeed in Saudi.

Footage from today’s video published by Houthis: pro-Saudi fighters fleeing leaving behind a long column of armored vehicles. from YemeniCrisis

“Yemeni Armed Forces show scenes of thousands of Saudi Coalition prisoners:”

  1. Natural_Texan says

    What’s been exposed also (if you seek news outside the US) is that few if any Saudis were killed or captured in this important battle.. The Saudi armed forces below about the rank of Major are virtually all Mercenaries.. and in the Yemen debacle those captured were likely all poor Pakistanis fighting for pay. This is exactly what Trump is now wanting to subject our armed forces too.. being mercenaries for the despotic Saudi Monarchs who can’t get their own population to fight for them. Tulsi Gabbard was/is entirely right about these moves by Trump. Illegal, immoral, treasonous.

  2. ArcAngel says

    Thank you for a more detailed report on this attack.
    Some good reports last night, but the additional details is much welcomed.
    It would seem the rumours on the Saudis, as a “fighting force”, has now been proven. Several times.
    The Saudis are nothing but a bunch of COWARDLY, psychopathic, blood-thirsty, child rapists, baby killers. Not really a surprise, look who trained them over these last 30-40 years. Another cowardly country.
    It is so nice when the TRUTH gets exposed on MSM, and then watch the ‘demons’ scurry about trying to lie and obfuscate.
    As for believing actual “battle numbers”… I don’t. There hasn’t been a decent BDA (for public release) done since …. well, ever. Not WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan, Syria…
    The news that the Saudis are using Yemeni mercenaries was just too f n funny.
    UAE… you’re next. I wonder if they are as egomaniacally stupid as their Saudi cousins.

  3. All_has_An _END_. says

    This Reminds me of the Great Movie called “Dune”. The
    Houthis and Iran can easily stop the production of spices and destroy the world economy.

  4. James Willy says

    All these captives should be lined up and mowed down then pushed into a trench. Why would the Yemens allow this scum to keep breathing? KILL THEM ALL.

  5. Natural_Texan says

    The Yemen war and tragedy has to stop.. Perhaps the only way is more punishing strikes on SA and decisive battles? Simple diplomacy and adherence to international Law would be preferred.

    About the claims of the Yemeni Government of 2000 POWs? this is certainly a mixed-blessing victory since there are already many thousands of starving people in Yemen and now they will have to feed and house 2000 enemies. 🙁

  6. John C Carleton says

    There is a solution to the problems of the Middle East, and by extension, Humanities world.

    ‘One on the Black Rock, One on Medina, One on Tel Aviv, and one on Jerusalem=Peace in the Middle East, and no Pedophile, Usury, International, Banker’s, World War 3″

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