Saudi Airstrike Kills 130 in Another Yemen Atrocity

Hit a Houthi prison housing captured fighters of its own faction

In one of the deadliest single airstrikes of the entire war, Saudi Arabia carried out a Sunday night attack on a prison in central Dhamar, Yemen, virtually leveling the site. The Red Cross delegation in the country rushed to the scene to take care of the injured.

All told, 40 prisoners were recovered alive and are being treated for injuries, while bodies are still being hauled out of the rubble. The Red Cross says they believe everyone else at the site died in the attack. With 170 prisoners held there, that puts the death toll at 130.

That’s going to be particularly embarrassing for the Saudis, because the Shi’ite Houthi movement reported that the prison held a large number of pro-Saudi government fighters detained in recent battles. They added that the location and use of the site to house combatants was known to both Red Cross and Saudi officials.

The Saudi-led coalition largely didn’t address the huge number of prisoners they are known to have killed, instead claiming the site was used for storing drones. The Red Cross statement made no mention of any other use that prison, and seemed to confirm the devastating consequences of the attack.


  1. Séamus Ó Néill says

    It’s long past time that the satanic scourge of these psychopathic nations, this triumvirate of unrelenting demonic depravity, US, KSA and Israel, was erased from the face of the earth. Their amoral degeneracy, from their paedophilia, their child sacrifices, their human trafficking, their incessant war crimes, their ceaseless genocide etc, etc, has, long ago, relinquished any right to live amongst us as humans…

  2. John C Carleton says

    “Saudi Airstrike Kills 130 in Another Yemen Atrocity”

    Why not just tell the truth?

    The evil of the fake royals of Saudi, with the assistance and encouragement of the fake “hebrews” of the crime cabal of Israhell, murdered 130 more Yemen souls, ( closest thing left to real Hebrews), in yet another war crime

  3. Pablo Rivera says

    Savings on pensions?

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