Sarajevo Pseudo-State Blasts China, Russia

The grotesque EU protectorate ruled by an illegally-imposed foreign Reichskommissar

Editor’s note: China and Russia were present at celebrations held by Bosnian Serb Bosnia. The latter is in the process of withdrawing from shared Serb-Muslim institutions of the central state, over the internationals continuously rewriting the 1995 Dayton Accords peace settlement. (It should be shared Serb-Muslim-Croat institutions but the Muslims and foreigners have already successfully marginalized the Croats and reduced them to a status of a minority, also by rewriting the 1994 Muslim-Croat Washington Treaty settlement.)

Bosnia and Herzegovina sent protest notes Monday to the Russian, Chinese and Serbian embassies for sending embassy representatives to mark the anniversary of the founding of the autonomous Republika Srpska in defiance of a top court ruling.

Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic emphasized that the official participation in these celebrations amounted to a gross interference in the internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. [Funny how Turković doesn’t complain about “gross interference” in “internal affairs” represented by the “High Representative” wielding dictatorial 1997 “Bonn Powers” that Bosnian Serbs and Croats never signed up for.]

In the protest notes, the relevant decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina published in the official gazette was included, and it was stated that such actions could disrupt bilateral relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina. [LOL. What even is “Bosnia and Herzegovina”?]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs lodged a protest over the presence of representatives of the embassies at the commemoration ceremonies in the city of Banja Luka, which represent an act opposing the upper ruling of the Constitutional Court.

The ministry was therefore forced to strongly condemn this behavior, which can disrupt friendly relations, said the notes.

Bosnian Serbs held celebrations to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Republika Srpska entity.

A parade in Banja Luka – the administrative capital of the entity – kicked off the celebrations Sunday.

Among those attending were Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic together with Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic and ministers from her Cabinet as well as the Chinese and Russian ambassadors to Sarajevo and far-right French deputies.

Source: Anadolu, hat tip to Anti-Bellum

  1. Jerry Hood says

    The Serbs deserves in Bosnia their own state and statehood!

  2. Raptar Driver says

    All of B/H is Serbian!
    It is made of Serbian Orthodox, Serbian Catholics, and Serbian Muslims.
    They all speak the same language and have the same genetics.

    1. Michael Petrovich says

      You are correct and they all know that but here is the thing. The serbian ortodox church long ago, don´t remember what date but they stated that you can only be serb if you are ortodox som many serbs who were catholic and muslim turned to others for acceptence.
      And catholic serbs and muslims feel shame when they see ortodox serbs who kept their religion even under pressure and that shame turns into hate and that is why we had Jasenovac and other horrible crimes against ortodox serbs by their own brothers who are catholic and muslim.
      Shame on them for all eternity

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