San Francisco Marathon Runners Required to Run in Highly Moral Face Diapers

Tell me you're San Francisco without telling me you're San Francisco

Runners in this weekend’s San Francisco Marathon will need to carry some additional weight, or else they risk having lighter pockets afterward.

Participants in four races must wear masks on some portions of the course, race officials announced in updates to the race’s health protocols over the last two weeks. Stretches of Sunday’s marathon, half marathon and 10K races, as well as all of Saturday’s 5K, are in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area run by the National Park Service, and the agency announced last month masks are required indoors and in “crowded outdoor spaces” on park property amid the COVID-19 delta variant‘s nationwide spread.

Runners who don’t wear masks could be fined by the National Park Service or face disqualification, race officials said. The National Park Service has said visitors who violate the mask requirement on its properties “may be subject to citations as appropriate.”

Julian Espinoza, Public Affairs Specialist with Golden Gate National Recreation Area, told KCBS Radio in an email that the event organizers are responsible for mask enforcement.

Kyle Meyers, Production Director for the San Francisco Marathon, told KCBS Radio’s Eric Brooks runners won’t immediately be pulled from the course, but they could be disqualified if officials get word they weren’t wearing a mask.

“(Those portions) are significantly more congested than the roadways around San Francisco, so we’re just doing our part to help mitigate any transmission,” Meyers said of the race sections on National Park Service property. “We’ll have all of our course volunteers in masks. We actually have signage for mask zones where those end.”

Meyers said he expects the San Francisco Marathon is “probably” the largest foot race in California since the state started lifting COVID-19 restrictions, and “100%” the largest with masking requirements at any point on the course.

The San Francisco Marathon had not posted about the updated mask requirement on its Twitter or Facebook pages as of press time. Meyers said race officials have continually notified runners with emails about “any changes” to race information, as well as updating the race website.

Race organizers announced on the website last month runners would be required to wear masks at the starting line, strongly encouraging them to wear masks at the finish line and in areas where people congregate before and after the race. Runners are required to be vaccinated if they are picking up their race packet inside of the Sports Basement’s Presidio location, while non-vaccinated runners have to pick up their packet outdoors on Saturday and must provide a proof of a negative COVID-19 test from within 72 hours of their race.

The San Francisco Marathon’s race week health protocols first required masks for parts of the marathon, half-marathon and 10K races, all of which start and finish along the Embarcadero, in a Sept. 8 update. Meyers said race organizers waited to provide an update until then in order to see that the National Parks Service requirement would remain in place on race day.

“There’s just been so many changes,” Meyers said of evolving COVID-19 safety protocols this summer. “We try and keep up with them, but we also don’t want to make multiple changes and confuse people.”

Espinoza, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area spokesperson, told KCBS Radio in an email that the agency “greatly appreciate (organizers’) flexibility in changing the parameters of the event to meet local, state and federal public health guidance.”

The marathon goes through Fort Mason, the Presidio and along the Golden Gate Bridge, all of which are part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The half marathon goes through Fort Mason and the Golden Gate Bridge in the upper Presidio, whereas the 10K only includes Fort Mason. Organizers updated the website on Tuesday to include Saturday’s 5K, the entirety of which takes place in the Presidio.

Marathon runners must wear masks for just shy of 6.7 miles, all of which occur in the first half of the race. Those runners can take off their masks at Mile 13.15, shortly after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge a second time and just shy of a half-mile into the steeper of the course’s two climbs.

Masks will be required on the blue-highlighted portions of the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday

Half marathon and 10K runners need to wear masks for 1.5 and 1.3 miles, respectively, outside of the start and finish lines. Each set will have to contend with small, rolling hills during their masked portions, but masks won’t be required during the largest inclines of either race.

Masks will be required on the blue-highlighted portions of the half marathon on Sunday
Masks will be required on the blue-highlighted portions of the 10K on Sunday

Meyers said officials have received “pretty good buy-in from our participants” since announcing the changes.

“For the most part, people here are receptive,” Meyers said. “It’s kind of an expectation. From a conservative standpoint, San Francisco has been leading the charge on doing all things they can to keep everyone safe and protected, and we need to do our part.”

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  1. godfry says

    you’re joking right?

    1. Ilya G Poimandres says

      And there I was thinking this couldn’t get any weirder and maybe somebody will wake up and turn the bus around.

      Here’s to hoping for tomorrow! (I’ll take that bus, or the joke either way)

      1. oxy says

        we are under population control, aka reduction. Please take your gene injections and 5 yearly boosters

  2. ken says

    Boy the IQ and common sense levels have really tanked in this world.

    But this is Kalifornia which just re-elected their beloved commie governor. They deserve all they get….

    1. Mr Reynard says

      ken.. Old saying & always valid ?

  3. Voz 0db says


  4. Cap960 says

    And the sheep will obey…

  5. Daz says

    If a couple of runners die on the course it might wake a few morons up but I doubt it. Liberals would reason the runners must have overdosed on oxygen because they weren’t triple-masked.

  6. Mark says

    Brought to you by the Public Health/Political Alliance that seeks to ruin everything that once brought you enjoyment and pleasure, until you are a sodden lump of misery that will accept anything which is done to it.

    All part of the Nirvana that will be Klaus Schwab’s “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” land of the future. The problem I have with that, see, is that SOMEBODY will own it – supposedly, you will rent everything that you want so there will be no need to own property. But somebody will own it, because you need to rent it from someone, and presumably you pay them. So I guess you get a universal basic income – since your job will be taken by a robot – and then you rent everything using your UBI, from someone who still owns stuff. Who will that be – Jeff Bezos?

  7. get a fine says

    Time to get disqualified, and watch the pitchforks follow

  8. bubbaorwell says

    …and they have a single participant?????????

  9. meper says

    are you sure this isn’t a babylon bee article?

  10. meper says

    proof positive that wearing masks reduces oxygen flow to the brain == stupidity

  11. Gordon K. Shumway says

    There will be personal bests.

  12. Houndog says

    Facemasks in SanFran…
    AKA buttplugs.

  13. LiberalsAreScumbags says

    London Breed wasn’t wearing a mask…

  14. Gunny says

    Honestly, women now have become so foul and ugly with the tats and piercings, the masks are a blessing.

    i sure miss 1967.

    1. Joe R says

      you got it gunny, but i miss the late 1950s and early 60s before the ‘flowers’ got started.
      yeah, there’s nothing worse than a beautiful girl who turns around and half her arm is ate up with this gross tattoo or she has this small strange tat at the base of her neck.
      the world has filled up with morons.

  15. Occams says

    ‘A nation with a collective, room-temp IQ’

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