Russia’s Unprecedented Compulsory Vaccination Push Divides Society

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has decreed the world’s widest-reaching vaccination of people against their will

On the morning of June 16, employees at Moscow coffee-shop chain Skuratov were told they’d have to get vaccines against the coronavirus if they wanted to keep their jobs.

“We got a message from our management that we’ll need to schedule our appointment,” said Masha Zubrilina, a twenty-three-year-old barista. “The majority of my coworkers will do it.”

Later that day, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the world’s widest-reaching compulsory Covid-19 vaccination policy, decreeing that state and service sector workers would be required to have jabs to counteract what he called a “dramatic” public health situation.

Moscow’s push for mandatory vaccination underlined a failing vaccination program, which has seen only around 13% of residents receiving jabs despite their free availability in the Russian capital since December.

“It’s not ideal and I wish the choice was ours,” said Zubrilina, who said she would make a vaccination appointment for the following week.

“But the situation is bad. Many of my friends have got sick.”

Sobyanin’s call for mandatory vaccinations — requiring businesses to ensure 60% of their employees are dosed — reflects a worsening pandemic situation in the Russian capital and will affect two million people.

Even as Europe and North America have seen cases and mortality in steady decline amid wide-ranging inoculation, in Russia daily case increases have returned to last year’s peak, with Moscow authorities warning that the capital is running out of hospital beds.

Despite over 60% of Russians opposing obligatory vaccinations, according to a poll released Thursday, authorities in other regions have announced similar moves, and President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has backed the policy.

Political risks

With such high levels of vaccine hesitancy, the move toward mandatory inoculation also represents a political risk for the Kremlin.

With high-stakes elections to Russia’s State Duma lower house of parliament coming in September — and the ruling United Russia party looking weak in the polls — compulsory jabs threaten to alienate voters sceptical of vaccination and unaccustomed to the state meddling in their personal lives.

“Compulsory vaccination is amoral, illegal,” said Yevgeny Stupin, a Communist lawmaker in the Moscow City Council, who has campaigned against pandemic restrictions, alongside much of his party.

“Vaccination is a personal choice. These vaccines haven’t been fully tested, we don’t know what their side effects are.”

On the ground in Moscow, however, service employees are already thinking up ways to sidestep the new requirements.

“I am going to ask my bosses to make me one of the 40% that doesn’t need to get vaccinated,” said 29-year-old electronics shop worker Dmitry. “I don’t trust this vaccine.”

“These compulsory measures are absurd, unconstitutional. But what can I do? I’d like to keep my job.”

Source: The Moscow Times

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “Even as Europe and North America have seen cases and mortality in steady decline amid wide-ranging inoculation…”

    Perhaps the author should check his sources on this.

    The hard data clearly shows that, at least for the Western Corona Chan “vaccines”, the rollout of the “vaccination” campaign invariably correlates with an explosion in Corona Chan cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

    [ ]

    Moreover, in the USA, the American CDC has changed the Corona Chan testing criteria for “vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated” subjects, for example by mandating a much lower PCR test cycle count and only counting patients with symptoms as “cases”, to drastically reduce the reported number of Corona Chan “cases” amongst the “vaccinated” cohort (thereby falsely imputing a massive reduction of Corona Chan “cases” to the “vaccines”).

    Even given the apparent safety of the Russian vaccines compared to their Western competitors, Russians are right to be leery of mandated vaccinations.

  2. MrLiberty says

    Heaven forbid they start handing out vitamin D and Ivermectin. I guess even the Russians are owned and controlled by bigPharma.

    1. jim says

      Was the Russian vaccine developed by big companies or state run labs? Not sure.

      1. yuri says

        state run gamelya institute

    2. yuri says

      only an idiot believes fit d prevents a virus

  3. citizens2arms says

    If everyone who refuses to get jabbed had the guts to go ahead and leave their jobs, there would be a hell of a mess on everyone’s hands. I pray they all have the strength to go ahead and walk.

  4. jim says

    “Compulsory vaccination is amoral, illegal,” said Yevgeny Stupin, a Communist lawmaker in the Moscow City Council, who has campaigned against pandemic restrictions, alongside much of his party.”

    Well, there’s something I thought I would never read. The Communists having more brains than the rest of the political options.

    1. Eddy says

      Under the U. N. Charter, forcing inoculations onto anyone is illegal

      1. Andra Saltzberg says

        Maybe so…but the UN abandoned you & me long ago
        in every corrupted action.

  5. Jerry Hood says

    Why here so much cry for Russia? Sputnik V are safe vaccines boosting immune system, on classical base,no sideeffects,no deaths! But the zionazi owned Astra-Zeneca,Pfizer,and Moderna, are loaded with spike protein, metals,aborted fetuses, and hou name it! Only jews should be mandatory vaccinated by this ” crude killer vaccines”!!! And in zionazi USrael, jew owned Johnson& Johnson….
    Sputnik V is totally different story!!! Judaised West got what they deserve!!!!

    1. jose n says

      u wrong, sputnik5 brings spike protein into body just different way, there are many deaths after sputnik5 too.

  6. yuri says

    Sputnik free effective no side effects, otherwise Moscow times is CIA funded
    some idiots prefer the bubonic plague to harmless vaccine

    1. speciem libertatis says

      owner : Dutch foundation “Stichting 2 Oktober” ??? what is that

  7. speciem libertatis says

    thi article was published by Moscow times
    a quick research :
    Owner(s)TMT LLC (ООО Тиэмти), supported by Dutch foundation “Stichting 2 Oktober”

    Dutch foundation ????
    Always do your research and never swallow a pill without it

    this article is pure Anti Russian

  8. goyim 1 says

    Looks like this is how they will remove Putin. Puitin is a fool after all.

  9. Mr Reynard says

    So the Judaeo-bolsheviks are back in Russia & the Moujiks, better obey or a bullet to the neck & sent to Magadan !

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