Russia’s Fleet of Landing Ships Is Crossing the Straits Into the Black Sea

Two-thirds of landing ships Russia has will shortly all be in Crimea

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Any who still think there isn’t a huge and unprecedented Russian military buildup in the south-western direction need to stop embarrassing themselves.

The Russian military confirms its flotilla of landing ships assembled in Tartus, Syria composed of 6 ships of the Baltic and Northern Fleets is transitioning into the Black Sea. Interfax:

Six large landing ships (BDK) of the Baltic and Northern Fleets are moving from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea, where they will take part in the exercises, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

On February 7, the press service of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation reported that a detachment of warships consisting of the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, the frigate Admiral Kasatonov and the large anti-submarine ship [destroyer] Vice-Admiral Kulakov entered the Mediterranean Sea, passing through the Strait of Gibraltar.

It was reported that in early February, having passed the Suez Canal, a detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation led by the flagship – the missile cruiser Varyag – entered the Mediterranean Sea. This detachment includes a large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Tributs” and a large sea tanker “Boris Butoma”. They went on a long march from Vladivostok in December 2021.

This means of the currently active 21 large landing ships Russia has 13 will be in the Black Sea. The landing ships traveled fully loaded, bringing equipment belonging to naval infantry brigades of the Baltic and Northern fleets. (Personnel will likely be moved by land or air.)

This isn’t the most important part of the Russian buildup. Far from it. But it is the part that is the most difficult to deny. There is at the very least a demonstrative buildup. A show of military potential if you will.

  1. Steve Ginn says


  2. Ilya G Poimandres says

    I wonder, with the planning for an Article 5 trigger, how primary is Istanbul and the straight, to Russia!

    1. TZVI says

      Turkey would close it as soon as open ( large scale) conflict erupts, citing NATO obligation and the Montreux treaty.

      Diplomacy buys time… 🙂 Might even split off France and Germany from conflict, which is more important to France and Germany than Russia if Article 5 was ever triggered.

      1. Ted says

        I don’t see Turkey being able to close the straits. Russia will, I think, secure that area and soon, to choke off entrance of NATO ships.

  3. Margaret says

    Are they not protecting their Naval base in the Crimea in case America is sucessful in creating the war they so desperatly want

    1. sojourner says

      So stereotyping all inhabitants of the Americas is productive how? Do you not know that america,uk,france,germany,china,russia all take their orders from the private central banks?
      Follow the money

      1. Baltor says

        All games played for the fools.
        The actual deaths are necessary to enhance the illusion, and give room for cabal’s other games.

        Jews admit they run the world:

        The Constantinople letter:

        1. janko says

          they do 100%

    2. Don says


  4. Razumov says

    This is really starting to look like go.

  5. Martillo says

    No war in Ukropland, get over it already. The Bear has very very sharp claws and his best friend the Dragon can spit fire as good as what the anglozionazi empire can muster. The world has turned 180 degrees and all the important players see it. Now comes the long overdue and much deserved collapse of the IOU fiat filth Saudi Mercan toilet paper dollah and its gimp bastard €urodollah and all their covaid$ BS and death squirts can’t hide that fact from those that saw this coming when the repo crash kicked in September 2019. The jig is up and the $cam is all but over.

    How long before €uropeons finally cotton on and send the Pentacon snaggle-toothed occupation force demons packing all the way back to Slumville, USSA for their coming civil war reloaded? Natostan’s days are numbered and Germanistan’s new empty suit USSAN appointed governor and his retarded greenies will not hold the coalition of the unwilling beyond the coming summer.

    Just about now the next false flag is being unfurled and it will have to be mighty spectacular and “terrible” to achieve anything for the venom spitting reptilians in the shadows.

    Onward ever faster to the end of the anglozionazi empire of $hit!

    1. KissMy6 says

      Your fantasy, is just not reality, keep dreaming.

  6. John says

    Can’t understand why Russia hasn’t begun stockpiling weapons in Cuba & Venezuela et al
    What’s good for the goose has to be good for the gander

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