Russians Train on Chinese Equipment in Joint Wargame — VIDEO

It is one thing to read about it, another to see it; Russians troops, Chinese hardware (Russian Defense Ministry video):

Combined arms:

Too bad about the muzzles though:


  1. RenegadeProphet says

    They are training to destroy the USA. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran America will be nuked and invaded by Russia, China and the whole SCO. This is the story in over half the Bible and you can know it is now because of the chemtrails sprayed every day globally to hide the approaching Planet X. Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time around it will end WW3 when it rips the earth apart again. This si the reason for the scamdemic and the toxic vaccine bioweapons. Execute the criminal bastard government or die in WW3 very soon!

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Stop smoking crack! There is NO ” planet X” and Atlantis sinking is still unlear theory..But USrael will be destroyed,no doubt…By Russia alone, the designed Dragon= USAtan Slayer!!!

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        “There is NO ” planet X” and Atlantis sinking is still unlear theory.”

        IMO pretty much all of contemporary modern and ancient “history” can be regarded as “unclear theory”. But you have to work with what you’ve got.

        Each successive generation seems to be fixated on the belief that they are at a pivotal point in history, and the fat lady is about to sing. How many times have dire predictions of Armageddon been shouted from the rooftops down through the centuries?

        As for Planet X, I wouldn’t personally dismiss it out of hand. But I’m also not holding my breath waiting for the breaking news that it’s here all of a sudden. Something that massive swinging our way would become bleedingly obvious to everyone years before it had a material effect on our daily lives. Until that time, we can probably all safely leave our sphinctres unpuckered.

    2. Raptar Driver says

      These armies including Americans will be meeting in Israel to fight the coming Christ and his angels.
      This is Armageddon.
      Rev. 17 (12-15)

    3. Ultrafart the Brave says

      I get the impression Americans have an exaggerated impression of their place in history. A bit like the 1000 Year Reich. It takes something of a forced interpretation to insert Team America ® into the Book of Revelations.

      That’s not to say the USA isn’t in a world of trouble right now, as are most of the Western world, and entirely of their own making. At least a few mystics from various places around the world in different centuries have foretold a coming war in which bombs of enormous power would be used all across the Northern Hemisphere.

      That might be a blessing in disguise, seeing how the WEF’s Corona Chan “pandemic” and upcoming Cyber Polygon genocide seem to be panning out.

    4. yuri says

      USA already suiciding—self destruction nearly complete

    5. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm.. IMHO no need at all.. USA will implode within.. Antifascums & Burn Loot Murder are working hard at that..

    6. Eddy says

      RUBBISH ! They are training to DEFEND themselves from ILLEGAL INVADERS, which seem intent on INVADING countries all around the globe.

  2. Jerry Hood says

    All USrael spy satellites are above that area of China, still usefull as big farth….

  3. Eddy says

    Very interesting to see these 8 wheeled armoured vehicles. Australia has currently ordered no less than 500 of similar vehicles costing billions of dollars. However, they’ve hit a snag. The turrets are made in Germany and being armoured are TOO HEAVY for the vehicle, on top of that, the gun mounted within the turret, can only fire GERMAN made ammunitions, (not a good idea in combat requiring importing of ammo) then they hit another snag, the tires for these vehicles are only manufactured in France, L.O.L. so if they get hit and blown up, the whole vehicle is out of service cause they can’t get replacement tires. How the hell anyone can plan such a stuff up is incredible. And these peanuts think they can take on the Chinese ???? L.O.L.

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