Russians Are Not Okay With Getting QR-tagged

An absolute unit in Saratov’s parliament

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There have been significant developments in Russia’s National QR Code War. For those who are joining us for the first time, the relevant background to this existential conflict can be found here.

We wish we had a SouthFront-esque map to help people visualize the vast craziness currently underway all over Russia. (Alas, as some of you may have noticed from our extremely professional graphics, Edward Slavsquat only has access to an unlicensed copy of MS Paint. But if you want to make us a cool QR Battle Map, we would be very grateful and sing your praises for all eternity.)

To briefly summarize what has been happening: Russia’s completely cucked regional parliaments—infested with United Russia apparatchiks—have skipped the foreplay (“thoughtful discussion and debate”) and are now feverishly rubber-stamping the national QR code legislation.

It’s a bold play from The Uni-Party. An internet poll with 1.4 million respondents suggests that around 92% of Russians believe QR codes are “a violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the rights of citizens.” Meanwhile, a survey conducted by RBC found that less than 20% of the country supported the introduction of digital “health” tags. State media claims almost 30% of Russians are in favor of the Ausweis. But when you correct for Kremlin Baloney, this means support for the vax pass is probably hovering around 5%.

Probably just “Russian bots”

What we’re trying to say here is United Russia and its Axis of Boot-Lickers are basically voting against the wishes of the entire country.

By doing so, a large number of completely apolitical Russians are now extremely angry. Even groups on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum are uniting against United Russia. It’s so beautiful to see—United Russia finally living up to its name!

Angry Communists

Credit where credit is due: at the legislative level, Russia’s Communist Party (KPRF) is leading the charge against these insane and depraved digital cattle tags.

Even your humble Moscow correspondent—whose political views can best be described as “Johann Sebastian Bach and Czech Beer”—is starting to feel a bit Red.

Saratov deputy Nikolai Bondarenko came to his region’s parliament dressed as a QR-coded concentration camp prisoner, and then began to unleash Communist rage upon his completely useless “colleagues.” We like Bondarenko:

Before the meeting, Bondarenko approached the chairman of the regional Duma Alexander Romanov [a United Russia member—boo!] and asked what to do with the signatures of people against the law on QR codes, but Romanov asked him to sit down.

This is segregation. Everyone is equal. And you divide the people in this way. Some have all the rights, since they have codes, others are deprived and cannot enter public places, because they are not vaccinated and they do not have codes,” Bondarenko said at a December 2 meeting of the Duma.

A crowd gathered at the building of the Regional Duma. The authorities blocked the passage with fences.

Please take a moment to appreciate this Absolute Communist Unit:

This is a very special photograph.

The Communists get it. They understand.

There are local reports from across Russia detailing similar legislative battles. For example, KPRF deputies showed valiant resistance in Volgograd’s parliament. Unfortunately they got steamrolled by United Russia’s confederacy of dunces, but still—A for Effort.

Angry Christians

The Christians are livid. In an open letter addressed to Putin, the influential traditionalist group Forty Times Forty demanded the current government resign:

[I]mplementation of QR-codes is preposterous and absurd. The actions of the government are not about preventing the spread of infection—they have an illegal goal—to force vaccinations on the people in a country where vaccinations are, by law, voluntary.


We, the undersigned, who are Russian traditionalists, are speaking out in defense of the future of our fatherland, our families, and our children. We demand an end to these anti-constitutional and anti-civil rights policies of the current government of Russia, and demand that it be dismissed, together with the Prime Minister.

Recently a conference of Orthodox laypeople was held in St. Petersburg, where it was decided that the “epidemic of fear, lies and betrayal” in Russia must be resisted at all costs. They even threatened a schism if Church higher-ups continue to be completely lame (and in truth, they have been really, horribly lame).

Angry Everybody

Really we could just keep typing and typing. Russians are not okay with getting QR-tagged! This is very obvious to anyone paying attention.

Last week, anti-cattle tag activists attempted to storm the legislative assembly in Chelyabinsk. The crowd was restrained by security guards—and then the police arrivedWe are deciding the future of Russia, no plebes allowed!

At least 15 of Russia’s 85 federal subjects have already approved this totally obscene, aggressively anti-human legislation—but this figure is about a week old, so it’s possible this number is quite a bit larger now. As things currently stand, the Uni-Party plans to vote through this Pure Degeneracy next month, and then it will go into force at the start of February. [But the regions already have their regional QR codes. This is merely to make it uniform.]

Will United Russia continue to mindlessly pursue political seppuku? Stay tuned!

Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. Steve Ginn says

    The THINKING citizens must resist this insanity with all their strength.

  2. GMC says

    In Crimea the people didn’t get any referendum on Q R Kodems, but the Peoples Congress in Simferopol decided that the people should have them . Their excuse was – with sooo many people infected and dying , we need to assure the public that ” public transportation ” will be safe, so a Q R code should be installed on the transportation system. I said to myself – WTF does getting on a bus, have to do with a Q R code. Obviously the Congress of People in Simferopol were never told about the 15 BioWeapons Labs in Ukraine and Georgia, which may have a 100% reason why Crimeans are dying — and I don’t think it’s Covid related.
    But you see , Crimea is laced with old Soviet folks who are a very well trained group when it comes to Obeying the Laws – even the phoney ones .

    And while I’m here Edward – why did the Moscow crowd, decide to let the USA and other countries fly commercial airlines over Russian airspace but Simferopol still has no International flights , like we used to have. Wouldn’t you think that Russia would balk on the Fly Overs by the USA in trade for opening the airspace in Crimea? If I want to fly to Istanbul { a 50 minute flight from SIM.} I have to fly 3 1/2 hours to Moscow, wait for a plane going to Istanbul, then fly another 3 1/2 hours back thru Crimea and on to Istanbul – 50 minutes away. Spasibo

  3. nnn says

    Putin is an Idiot, will be hated by the whole country

  4. XSFRGR says

    I can’t understand this unless Putin is attempting to protect against a U$ bio-weapon, and that is a very real possibility.

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      Okay, but… how do QR codes protect against a bioweapon?

      1. XSFRGR says

        QR codes don’t protect against anything, but they do encourage people to be vaccinated. The U$, and Israel has been been working on genetically specific bio-weapons for some time. When this fact is combined with Russia arresting two U$ medical teams collecting DNA along the Russia/China border the hazard becomes evident. Since your tag says ‘editor’ you should be aware of the U$ medical teams that were arrested, and perhaps you should report on this event which occurred within the past 10 years.

        I AM INTENSELY ANTII-VAX. I am also slowly dying of Agent Orange exposure. Millions of Vietnamese are suffering birth defects, and a slow death from Agent Orange. They told us that Agent Orange only killed vegetation, but it has killed untold numbers of people over the last 50 years.

        I don’t know if the American Covid vax will have the same effect as Agent Orange. I don’t know what the U$ is up to, but I do know that the U$ is beyond evil to the point of Satanic. I don’t agree with everything Putin does, but over time his track record is excellent. I don’t know what the Russian vaccine protects against, but it may be protecting against a U$ bio-weapon.

        That can’t happen you say. Remember the SARs ONE virus which surfaced in Indonesia. The Minister of Health of Indonesia refused to provide sample of the Virus to the U$. She said that as soon as the U$ got the virus they would weaponize it. The U$ got samples of the virus, weaponized it, and got caught doing so. The U$ excuse was, “We have to weaponize the virus in order to understand how to protect the American people from it.” Covid is SARs TWO.

        Long ago I was watching an interview with Putin. Toward the end of the feature the interviewer asked Putin what he loved the most? Without hesitation Putin responded, “RUSSIA !” My wife, who has the political acumen of a salamander said, “HE MEANS IT !!”

  5. Eric the Red says

    We should mercilessly ridicule the vaxxed cultists. At the entrance to any place requiring the QR code, we should get down on our knees and pray out loud the following:

    Oh Great and Magnificent Science,
    Today as every day, we submit to you our holy QR code. We do this in remembrance of the Blessed Effective Vaxx, our Rite of Initiation into your warm embrace, regardless of outcome Thy will be done. We beseech You, keep us safe from all trials and tribulations from the unclean anti-vaxx hordes. Protect us from all variant demons begat by the terrible Covid devil, and incarnated under their dread names Delta, Omicron, and those yet to come. Empower your exalted chosen ones, Saint Fauci and Saint Gates, that they may direct us your lowly servants through the darkness, into the light of collective consciousness. We do all this in faithful worship of your Mighty Settled Name, forever and ever, Amen.

    Then pretend to submit the code, and when it doesn’t work, loudly proclaim, “O my god, I’ve been cast into the outer darkness!” or words to that effect. Use any props that come to mind, make a big show of it, say it loudly, hold up others in line, and as they wonder about your sanity, maybe they’ll start to wonder about theirs too.

  6. 78Rus says

    Unfortunately Putin, who people think is truly people’s leader, is turned to Globalist’s puppet. He constantly said populist speeches but he’s government did absolutely opposite. So Russia now fully obeyed to Globalist rule. That is sad ((

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