Russian Woman Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask Put on Trial, Faces up to 5 Years in Prison — VIDEO

She is accused of having "bitten" the helmeted paramility policeman who she says gave her a concussion



Editor’s note: Naturally RT which has covered similar stories from Australia will also pick up this one. Any minute now.

Machine translated from Russian.

The girl, accused of having bitten an employee of the Russian Guard, was put on trial in the Sormovsky District Court.

She herself claims that on the contrary – it was she who became the victim of an employee of the National Guard. It all happened in the shopping center – Elena Ermolaeva’s mask had become unusable, there was nowhere to take a new one, but she still took the thing for fitting and went to the fitting room – hoping that after this fitting, her mother, who was in the mask, would be able to pay at the checkout.

But it was not there – at the call of the store employee, the soldiers of the Russian Guard arrived in bulletproof vests, in helmets and carried out a forceful detention of the girl: they knocked the girl to the floor, handcuffed her, the girl was diagnosed with a concussion.

She wrote a statement to the police, in response, the Rosgvardia officer wrote a counter statement that he was bitten during his arrest.

She was refused to initiate a case, according to his statement, a check was carried out and the girl was being tried.

Source: Kstati Novosti Nizhnego Novgoroda

Elena’s mom

This happened in one of the city’s shopping centers. The girl went shopping with her mother. In one of the stores, she proceeded to the fitting room without a mask, as the protective equipment had become unusable. There was nowhere to take a new one. The girl hoped that her mother, who was wearing a mask, would pay for the purchase at the checkout.

However, when the store employee called, the Russian guards arrived in the hall and detained the girl. According to the accused, during the arrest they put her head on the floor. As a result, she was diagnosed with a head injury, as well as many abrasions and bruises on her body. The girl wrote a statement to the Russian Guard, but he was not accepted.

An employee of the National Guard, in turn, accuses the girl of having bitten him during the arrest. At the moment, the case is being considered in court. For an attack on a law enforcement officer during detention, the girl faces up to 5 years. The accused completely denies her guilt.

Source: ProGorod

Mercenary for the virus cult
  1. guest says

    Anti-Russian propaganda, committed by Boris Yeltsin supporters.

    The motorcycle-helmeted brave young man —straight out of the Lenin-Youth— (alerted by a heroic store employee) confronted this, no-doubt Tsarist, retrogade who was manacing the empty store by her virus-ridden presence. In return this child of landowners bit the Red Guard hero in his helmet.

    It is a good thing that the old camps in Siberia are still there.

    1. James says

      Is that you, Yuri?

      1. yuri says

        is that you Jenny?

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Happened in Moscow ?? Where Hebe Sobaka is the Mayor ??

    3. Malatok says

      In house raving Bolshevik meaningless meltdown detected.

    4. Kim Trails says

      Jeez, people, I’m pretty sure he’s being satirical.

      1. guest says

        Yes; some imperial customers on this forum are a bit constipated. I received 5 negative clicks and four positives ones.

        1. Raptar Driver says

          I figured it could be sarcasm however even if it was, it wasn’t funny.

    5. ken says

      My sarcasm detector is pegging….

  2. ken says

    Oh the poor Russian thug. Someone might have tried to fend off the brutal treatment. Boy is that Australian covid treatment policies spreading.

    Could it be we are looking at a new improved and updated version of the USSR where this was standard treatment? The USSR Covid version.

    Seems everywhere in the world cops are beating women and children,,, especially the vulnerable elderly they are so concerned about.

    Wonder what kind of a thrill they get? Kicking the shit out of someone, dragging them to the paddy wagon then go cry that someone tried to keep them from hitting them. Waa,,, waa cries the big bad cop. She bit me! The witch! Doesn’t she respect the law. We’ll show her!

    1. Chibi David says

      what has happened to your site, did u receive an offer you could not or did not want to refuse?

  3. tyt says

    It will be tossed out in the courts, the thug must be arrested and thrown in jail for assault and attempting to harm her health by forcing her to wear a mask

  4. Malatok says

    Seems like Ras Putin is keeping his end of the bargain with Satan Klaws Slob, the NWO nutjob cardboard cutout NAZI from Hollyweird central casting.

  5. drb says

    Not clear what is happening here in Russia. Yesterday Putin went on prime time TV and stated three times that jabs should not be forced on people. Everyone noticed. So my first reading of an internal struggle (I have other readings too) is possibly correct. This does not solve the confined elderly problem but it does solve the young workers fearful for their job problem.

    Also, a friend got an exemption in such a way that, honestly, 70% of the population can get. It was for an allergy, and it did not cost her any money. I already know that if I eat cheese, chocolate, and olives for a week I will get me an exemption too.

  6. nnn says

    Goddamn idiots

  7. Jerry Hood says

    EU Gulag demon-ratsy in Slovakia: City of Prievidza: a handicapped man without face mask got brutally attacked, beaten up and dragged to nazi= police station for to wear a face mask is not a law there, just medical rule! And these nazi pigs= Slovak police, claims ” to help and save” people in danger! A nazi swines who does not know the laws they suppose to defend and obey! A nazi swines who do not know constitutional laws!!!
    Just a brutal pigs, attacking disabled civilians for not wearing masks, these swines themselves does not wear, as videos showed in this brutal case! Shame on the liberal nazi government of Slovakia, a Sörös mafia!!!!!

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Welcome to the zionazi EU Gulag of Slovak republic!

  8. yuri says

    pro-empire puke-ovich now advocates for assaulting police with impunity—durak fascista

  9. Marcus says

    Shock. Russophobia in alternative media. Get better news: Australia is Fascist country and their government(s). Guys, Russia saved you from WW3.

  10. GMC says

    Well, I knew a good thing could t Last. Crimea Just started the Nazi pass port BS at all Kafe’s and restaurants. These pussies won t go after those bioweapons Labs in Ukraine, Georgia and Kasahkstan but Will shut down their Society and won t even use ivermectin. The Bolsheviks are back in Russia. Next up! – teverybody must learn yiddish.

  11. Jerry Hood says

    In proWestern, demon-ratsy like Slovakia, the cops beat a hellade out of ypu for not wearing the diapers over face! Even if you are disabled person!!! The nazi troops in Slovakia done it in city of Prievidza( cca 60,000 popul.)

    1. Eric the Red says

      I’m beginning to suspect that the globohomo oligarchs can funnel enough money through various NGO’s to buy off many individual cops in every country. Each cop is probably given a bribe per each citizen’s head they crack open. 

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