Russian State TV in Media War Against No-Lockdown Belarus

Belarus kicks the Russian doomsday info warriors out

Editor’s note: Recall how in 2014-15 the Russian opposition and western media was trying to prove Russians were fighting and dying en masse in Donbass by supposedly uncovering “secret burials” all over Russia? Well the Russian state media has now adopted the same tactics to be deployed against brotherly Belarus. Why? While Russians have been forced into Sobyanin’s cybergulag (now expanded nationally) Belarus has met the virus with the scorn it deserves, has allowed its people to remain free, and will press on with the May 9th Victory Day parade. The contrast is not a good look for Kremlin, so the state media has to invent Belarusian mass deaths if it can.

A Russian journalist has been expelled from Belarus over a report that described the neighboring allied country’s [allegedly] dire coronavirus situation, according to the Russian state-run television channel where his report aired.

Wednesday’s report on Channel One alleged that Belarussians mistrust their country’s official Covid-19 infection numbers (19,255) and death count (112). In the video report, Channel One correspondent Alexei Kruchinin visits a cemetery in the Belarussian town of Stolbtsy and describes “an abundance of fresh graves.”

Belarus’ foreign ministry told Interfax that it had revoked accreditation from two Channel One employees Wednesday but did not specify the reason or name the employees.

Channel One confirmed on its website that both Kruchinin and cameraman Sergei Panasyuk have been deported and the broadcaster’s entire film crew stripped of accreditation.

“We believe these actions by the Belarussian authorities are absolutely unfounded,” Channel One’s press service said.

Belarussian state-run television said that the Channel One news crew was stripped of accreditation because its segment contained “fake news” and “propaganda.”

“That’s why the Belarussian foreign ministry by law revoked the Channel One film crew’s accreditation with a warning: They’re ready for tougher measures,” the Belarus-1 broadcaster wrote in a scathing piece on its website.

Russia’s Embassy in Minsk refused to comment on the decision, citing the need to receive an official explanation from the Belarussian authorities.

Belarus, with a population of 9.5 million, has one of Eastern Europe’s highest per capita infection rates [Which is another way of saying its infection rate is very, very low, albeit a high infection rate would simply mean the country is further along to functional immunity.]. Its President Alexander Lukashenko, who has not introduced a lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19, has criticized Russian media for what he said was unfair coverage of its response to the pandemic.

Russia has 165,929 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,537 deaths as of Wednesday.

Belarus and Russia, members of a symbolic union state, had been in talks to deepen their integration last year. Belarussians have been wary of a possible quiet annexation by Moscow, fueled by speculation that President Vladimir Putin was considered extending his 20-year rule by merging Belarus and Russia.

Source: The Moscow Times

  1. Padre says

    “The Moscow Times” says it all to me!

  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    petty—very little can be trusted regarding infection and c19 related fatalities in all nations, even where deception is not a motivation….fortunately stores, restaurants will reopen beginning Monday in Russia
    for example—per capita, Russia has tested more than nearly any nation…and if tests r not conducted then of course the virus does not exist…

  3. stevek9 says

    First major mistake by Putin as leader of Russia … the lockdown.

    1. hoyeru says

      no, Putin has made several major mistakes during his presidency and this is one of the latest one. if Putin continues to antagonize Belarus, they will tell him to eff off and join the West, thus russia will lose a lot once again.

      Putin’s mistakes, listed by number of importance:

      1.letting ukraine fall into Western hands.

      2. trying to please everyone: Israel, USA, Turkey, Syria and Iran at the same time.
      3. waddling about Syria and letting all of eastern Syria fall into USA’s hands.
      4. Continuing kissing of Jew’s ass.

      5. Pretending Trump is his “friend” he can talk with

      1. Manuel Sotil says

        I would have written the same. I would have listed your no. 4 as no. 1

    2. Occam's Razor says

      The only time Vladimir Putin was wrong… was when he thought he had made a mistake.
      Belarus pfft !

      Vlad.. isn’t holding the best poker hand…but the whole deck of cards.
      Ending in the conclusion that Putin now controls the all-mighty oil market, the unavoidable energy resource that lubricates economies and armies, while the banksters’ NATO can only watch, without any means to get it back. With the unbelievable results that Putin has been getting in the last five years, the New World Order suddenly looks like a house of cards about to crumble. The Empire of Banks has been terminally ill for five years, but it’s now on morphine, barely realizing what’s going on.

      Well played Vlad.

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