‘Russian Spy Whale’ Incident Highlights ‘Militarisation of the Arctic’ or the Instinctive Russia Alarmism of the MSM?

It's a plot! ...to make the world die laughing

Australia’s TVNZ believes the whale with a harness with “Equipment of St Petersburg” written on it in English highlights something called “militarization of the Arctic”:

However, seeing the whale is super friendly and craves human contact, and as is as such utterly useless for military roles, it would be more correct to say the incident highlights something else. That given uncertainty English-speaking regime press will err on the side of telling stories of Russian James Bond villain schemes.

Hey I get, it’s a tough business, we’re all competing for eyeballs. However, a “Probable Russian Navy covert camera whale” doesn’t even make for a better story than a “Norway Charmed by Mysterious Super-Friendly Beluga Whale” story.

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