Russian MoD Reports Lost 28 Sailors Dead and Missing in Moskva Sinking

You know exactly how reliable these MoD statements are

Editor’s note: MoD could only parade 240 in good health.

Machine translated from Russian.

As a result of the fire, 27 crew members of the cruiser “Moskva” were missing, one soldier was killed. This was reported on Friday in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“As a result of the fire on April 13, the moskva missile cruiser was seriously damaged due to detonation of ammunition. Attempts by the crew to extinguish the fire did not lead to a result. During the struggle for the survivability of the ship, one soldier was killed, another 27 crew members went missing,” the department said.AACC8wFoy-gMSvxqSvYhvNg-zR89FBckaCL0YP6Id3_652y8VLLX9LTMQc6XY80uGHxLQVJYQ2gLEUTEB5XIUpKVVnRIFgrvQPMc3Fwz7Z5l9YEgZlxGQGYkjbvTs64J1UK6scISzB3_ENgRAmOGsCqXdsLLOc-vWW9H9LLBvz_gVgOI2VmDb1l2AAAACqhg3s8ujnD1Av0P6dvrZzGVjz_t57WJ8WElXDrwI6F6Dy5JxY5e-xdRfXirEHXvhh2tn6DYlDy1qHW20Kiu8l6ZUEATfWWUZl7fyKsAZ1H1C5SR-JQxacG23XKj0LwHeW1TRT5uy2KANXbiubLyDuumKSaSw1QdrOGmiDpsLlE

“The remaining 396 crew members were evacuated from the cruiser to the ships of the Black Sea Fleet located in the area and delivered to Sevastopol,” the department said.

[The full crew complement is 510 so either they were sailing undermanned (which is certainly possible and could help explain why they weren’t able to contain fires) or they’re fudging numbers.]

  1. zammy says

    Big ships are obsolete, now just a big target. No more big cannons and now vertical take-off jets. Iran’s navy already converted to small ships.

  2. ken says

    Guess we’ll have to wait for the much more reliable US DOD or State to tell us the real skinny….

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