Russian MoD Is Addicted to Insulting the Intelligence of Anyone Dumb Enough to Pay It Any Mind

Mea culpa

Zelensky estimated that Ukraine so far lost 2,500 to 3,000 soldiers dead and around 10,000 wounded.

So the Russian MoD  spoke up the next day to “correct” Zelensky saying that actually, Ukraine has so far suffered 23,367 irrecoverable losses (dead, missing, and captured).

What a joke. Even Zelensky is only in a position to give a rough estimate of Ukrainian casualties yet somehow the Russian MoD “knows” the number of Ukrainian dead *to a single digit.*

What a farce.

Russian MoD pressers are embarrassing. Stalinist-stlye lying-through-the-teeth geared only for the dumbest of the dumb.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a MoD update on Russia’s own dead since March 25 — twenty-three days ago.

Instead of pulling Ukrainian numbers out of thin air, how about MoD updates the Russian public on its own war dead which it is actually in a position to know?

Or how about an update on the toll of the Moskva sinking?

Between Zelensky’s lower bound of 2500 Ukrainian dead, the Russians lower bound of 1351 Russian dead from 23 days ago, and 2000 civilian dead according to the UN the total war dead is now over 6000. 

That is a conservative, lower-bound estimate.

The Donbass War cost 14,000 dead including 3,400 civilians.

Doubtlessly before this war is over the human cost will be even greater.

In 2021 44 civilians were killed in Donbass, 36 on the rebel side, and 8 on government-controlled territory.

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  1. maiasta says

    It seems like the EU’s “self-inflicted wound” of Russian sanctions will require French consent. Will a Marine Le Pen presidency block such an action? If she can, it seems certain that she will:

    “EU is relying on Macron’s re-election to impose an embargo on Russian gas”

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