Russia Deploys Military Police to Highway That Erdogan Demands Syrian Army Gives Back to Al-Qaeda

The Russians are coming

By taking Saraqib Erdogan had severed the Damascus-Aleppo highway, by retaking it the Syrian army has re-established the link. And this time Russian MPs are right behind them

RIA Novosti:

Russian military police units were deployed in the city of Sarakeb in Syria to ensure security, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in the SAR said .

“Given the importance of ensuring the safety and unhindered movement of vehicles and civilians along the M4 – M5 highways, Russian military police units have been deployed in the city of Sarakeb from 5 pm on March 2,” the report said.4

Russian MPs at one time deployed to then Kurdish-held northwestern corner of Syria around the town of Afrin. They are no longer there, instead Afrin is under the boot of the Turkish military and the ex-rebel Syrian Islamists on their payroll.

That is to say that Russian MPs are not necessarily a fail-safe Turkey-stopping device.

Nonetheless, if Erdogan is demanding a Syrian withdrawal to 2019 positions, and the Syrians instead recapture a critical town from him, and hours later Russian MPs start deploying in the same town  — that does send a message.

It also presents a physical obstacle to renewed Turkish assault, unless Erdogan wants to risk killing Russians. It is perhaps the Russians mimicking his own moves, as Erdogan has deployed his troops as shields for the jihadi rebels, so the Russians are now shielding the Syrian army with their own.

And from the Russian perspective, this is all perfectly in line with the prior Russian-Turkish Sochi Agreement of 2018. That deal foresaw the opening of the Damascus-Aleppo M5 highway through Idlib guaranteed by Turkey. Since Erdogan failed to do so, the Russian MPs will now do it for him.

Indeed there are a few signs that the Russians are active in the background and do not intend to allow Erdogan to easily reverse the outcome of this latest Russian-Syrian offensive:

First videos/photos of the MPs in Saraqib:

  1. James Willy says

    Now we should get to see erdo kill more of poohtins men again and then we can watch the useless poohtin do NOTHING about it again. Good move vladmir. Should not be long until we get to see it happen. Hope the real men in Russia get rid of this poohtin useless POS he is. Replace him with a man who will fight back.

    1. Frank Dudley says

      You may have a point, but there is no doubt that Syria would have been dead and buried by now, if it wasn’t for the useless Putin.

    2. Mary E says

      Perhaps Putin is giving the Turks enough rope so they will hang themselves…
      at least that we can hope that is what’s happening! Hoping that the KGB smarty pants hasn’t ‘lost IT’ !

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