Russian Cruise Missiles Hit the Main NATO Training Range in Ukraine

The range near Lviv hosted the bulk of NATO instructors and exercises

Eight missiles hit the “International Peacekeeping and Security Centre” in Starychi, Ukraine near Lviv. This was a Ukrainian military training range with a permanent deployment of NATO instructors before the war. The range also hosted frequent joint NATO-Ukrainian exercises. The largest number of foreign instructors was sent by Canada.

  1. DannyWhite says

    Fekken Awesome
    Thats where they train the terrorists?

    1. Kieran says


  2. DannyWhite says

    Wouldnt you love to be working with the Russians, picking the targets inside the Ukrain.
    Best job in the world

  3. Jerôme says

    Pinpoint accurate strike! Congratulation!!!

  4. Hostage (Raptar) Driver says

    Bye bye war criminals!I
    Please send some more, the Russians need more target practice?

  5. jim says

    How many canadians got killed? I hope every single one of them is now DEAD. Thank YOU Russians. Now kill more of these nato scum.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      How many canadians got killed? That will be reported as training accidents ?

  6. Martillo says

    Chocolate “cake” time for Natostan. Mr Bear ain’t to be messed with anymore.

  7. nnn says

    Had to send a 50 more

  8. Eric the Red says

    NATO training sites. Which means that, regardless of whether Ukraine was de jure formally admitted into NATO, loopholes involving “training” and “equipping” were used to de facto included it anyway.

    The US and NATO are utter slimeballs. None of their promises or pledges or treaties can be trusted.

  9. Kbm says


  10. Kbm says

    Trudeau, or Furer, ya volt! Heil Trudeau!
    Victoria Nuland his minister of propaganda Canada 🇨🇦

  11. Kbm says

    Freeland, Nuland, one in the same Harry’s.

  12. Jim Garrison says

    Too bad poof Lindsey Graham, and magic underwear Pierre Romney weren’t under one of those bombs.

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