Russian COVID Situation Supposedly so Bad That Mandatory Vaccination Is “Justified” Yet Air Travel Is Being Restored

Explain this one

Supposedly the situation has never been worse yet flight bans are being LIFTED

Explain one thing to me. Supposedly having international flight bans helps to combat COVID. Supposedly the COVID situation in Russia is so bad that according to the Kremlin the extraordinary step of mandatory vaccination orders issued by Moscow and five other regions is “absolutely necessary and justified”.

Okay, so the situation is so bad that subjecting over 2.6 million Russians (about 10% of the population of the six regions) to mandatory vaccinations at the threat to their employment and livelihoods becomes justifiable.

Yet at the same time, the virus situation is also good enough now that air travel bans to and from the United States, Italy, Cyprus, Macedonia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Jordan, Ireland, China,  Lichtenstein and Turkey can now be lifted starting with June 22nd and 28th.

That’s on top of air travel to and from 43 other countries that is already permitted.

Something doesn’t quite fit here. As bad as banning flight travel is, surely mandating that people inject themselves with substances they don’t want in their body is worse. Don’t you think that mandatory vaccinations is a step that should come AFTER flight bans, not before?

Surely if the virus danger isn’t enough to ban international air travel, then it is also not grave enough to force people to take injections, no?

In fact, supposedly the situation is supposedly so bad that the unvaccinated (that’s 87% of the population) are BANNED FROM MOSCOW HOSPITALS “for their own protection,” but yeah let’s have normal flights to/from Turkey during this CRISIS OF DOOM…

Maybe the unvaccinated can hop to Turkey for their medical check-up…

  1. ZoA says

    Given that Putin was out of the country on some pointless stupid international summit past week was perfect time for 5th column wreckers to go hog wild with their agenda.

    One should take note witch cities and districts go most aggressive with this bull, they have western assets as governors and mayors.

    What will Putin the appeaser do abut it? probably nothing, he is to gutless and spinless for decisive action to deal with those types.

    1. Ultrafart the brave says

      I’d wager that President Vlad, with his extensive martial arts training, could subdue such as yourself with the vibrating palm technique without even raising a sweat.

      1. XSFRGR says

        I what way is your post relevant ???

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Well, Vladimir should do to all of them a Khordokovsky IMO ..& watch the aproval at the polls going sky high from Russian people for him ..

  2. Milo says

    Think Geneva sumit think timing
    degeneric Schwab have degen Biden same agenda give vacc and you got frozen 100mil for Ukr etc.
    They think election soon weak Putin bc vacc try this before war etc.
    On long run they fall we win 🤝

  3. Progressive Truth Seekers says

    Putin: I Am Against Mandatory Vaccination And It Will Not Be Introduced In Russia

    May 27, 2021

    Russia Insight

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that mandating coronavirus vaccinations would be “impractical and impossible”. People should realize themselves whether they need a vaccination or not.

    1. ken says

      Thank you,,, I remembered that, but couldn’t remember when.

      This is the first time I have seen Mr. Putin go against his word. We will have to wait to see if he shuts it down of goes with it.

      The meeting with Biden may have been a message (warning) for him (Putin) to get with the program from the WEF, Gates and other snakes.

      1. yuri says

        more antivaxxer conspiracy paranoia

    2. yuri says

      vaccine requirements for specific employees exist in 3 small cities and Moscow; decides by local authorities..vaccines not required for.the general population

  4. ken says

    Cognitive dissonance. (everywhere!)

    Example: Evanston, Illinois,,, Cancels all Independence Day celebrations BUT just had Juneteenth and Gay Pride celebrations! Say they don’t have enough time to prepare for Independence Day but did the Juneteenth and mentals parade in less than a week.

    So, we are presented with another instance where the fictional virus won’t bother the ‘approved’ celebrations or protests.

    And still the masked vaccinated morons cannot figure it out. It’s mind boggling! 3D-Stupidity.

    Every tyrannical wannabee and commie (is there a difference?) in the world is using the fictional virus to control people and set their agenda which is intended to destroy nations,,, Russia is not exempt! All paid for by Schwab, Gates, Soros and company.

    Go ahead,,, stay asleep folks. Hell awaits.

  5. yuri says

    majovic again lies–Moscow, and 3 small cities—kemerovo, Sakhalin, Tula advocate vaccines for employees that interact with the public
    another anglo that cannot comprehend logic, false equivalence, relevance
    vaccinated can travel to Russia and vaccinated Russians can travel to numerous other nations….and it Russians that most dislike Putin that are most prone to antivaxxer stupidity
    where many vaccines have been associated w death, blood clots, allergic reactions this has never been observed w sputnik, now qualified in 65 nations
    that some here deny reality—“fictional virus” suggests that they should remain in their anglo basement and watch TV

    1. Robert I Bruce says

      Give it a couple years. The deaths reported from the US vaccines are pretty significant. Also, nobody truly knows the actual death counts from the virus since the hospitals have already admitted how the put COVID down on any death certificate, regardless of the true cause. The virus is real, but the hysteria is totally unwarranted. This is why people are starting to wonder about the vaccines. People should question everything, as modern democratic governments have a nasty tendency to lie

      1. yuri says

        likely in 1-2 years we will know more—I would never use a western Covid vaccine

    2. fresnoman4man says

      Yuri, you seem to be so willing to be a true believer in a virus never proven to exist and a vaccination that no one knows what it is or what it actually does. If its a conventional vaccination then its a useless scam designed to enrich the schemers and scammers of the Russian pseudoscience bureaucracy, The Russian people are to be admired (with notable exceptions such as you) over the mass of gullible sheeple in most of the world.
      If Putin would wise up he could propel Russia to great economic advantage over the ideologically demented agenda of the wealthy elitist WEF,WHO,CDC, to cull the masses of the “useless” (poor, sick, elderly, etc.) and abolish real meat and organic food and meddle with the climate.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        That’s just it.Putin is part of this demented agenda.
        Always has been.
        He just covered himself better than most.

        1. yuri says

          rat driver not demented–merely racist and stupid

          1. Raptar Driver says

            Thank you for that concise argument?

      2. yuri says

        typical fascist amerikan idiot
        “amerika require a stupified population” Christopher Lasch
        “stupidity is a virtue in amerika”. Charlies Pierce
        “nothing can thrive in amerika unless inflated by hyperbole and gilded with a fine coat of fraud. amerikans cannot think except by means or slogans: they identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul fussell
        your garbage farcical
        “amerikans are the living refutation of the cartesian cogito ergo sum. arians are yet they do not think. the amerikan mind peurile and primitive lacks characteristic form and is therefore open to any standardization”. Julius Evola

  6. XSFRGR says

    Could it be that Russia is working on vaccinating against the war virus that the Empire will release next. Remember the U$ medical team harvesting DNA along the Russia/China border several years ago.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      That is a good theory however vaccines don’t work.
      None of them.

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