Russian Columns Are Tolerating Molotov Cocktail Attacks and Giving Way to Ukie Civilians at Intersections

Try doing that to US cops...

You’re not going to see this on CNN:


You are going to see this on CNN, but without the context that the reaction of the NYPD or the US military in Iraq to something like this would have been entirely different:


EuroKiev desperate to place civilians between itself and the Russian military, a government willing to fight the last civilian (if only the civilians will comply):


Some are keeping it stylish:

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    To keep some perspective, compare the principled restraint and humanitarian respect of the Russian forces in Ukraine to the savagery and complete contempt for human life shown by American and European forces employed in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

    The Syrian city of Raqqa comes to mind. As well as those armies of American paid “moderate terrorists” otherwise so affectionately known as “head choppers”. And over a million dead Iraqis who never threatened anyone. And a worldwide network of secret torture prisons and death camps that we’re not supposed to know about. And so on.

    1. Commenter says

      those syrians and the foreign fighters behaved the way they did not because US funded them but because of their arab religion. Syrian government is just as corrupt and it was a criminal country before. No support for US actions but IDK why web shills are bringing in syria into this all the time. Lame comparison and syrians get more than enough attention.

  2. GMC says

    The Ukies have been brainwashed by the West with the help of their absent Presidents for 7 years now. Some of them are not going to de program until they get lead poisoning – and this is a fact. Look at the sheep in the USA- Oh – those poor Ukrainians – but who cares about 2 to 3 million dead Mid Easterners – they sure didn’t/don’t.
    If these guys die in a car wreck, the Russians will get blamed for that too, just like the Israeli guy that got totally waxed by the Ukie “army” 50 miles away from any troop movements, while he was headed to Moldova { as in leaving the country}- Supposedly I’ll say since we are talkin possible – jewnews- so his family back in Tel Aviv blames Moscow – lol Always a victim, but too stupid to leave Before the Liberation starts.
    And you can bet No country will ever apologise to Russia , when the truth comes out.

    1. Commenter says

      these extreme comparisons look silly. Ukraine people had their own beliefs and feelings from decades which has nothing to do with US. US certainly added fuel to fire and armed their nazis but they had their own nazis. many have no idea about what was going down in Donbass and their media is as corrupt as any other. Many aren’t hostile to Russia they just don’t worship Putin which is not a crime. They see their government for their traitor ways for urging them to sacrifice their lives.
      Mid Easterners have nothing to do with this, lame comparison.
      Totally different situation. ME kill and torture their own and their leaders are just as complicit as zelensky.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        Many aren’t hostile to Russia they just don’t worship Putin which is not a crime.

        That’s a fair statement – Putin is just a man. It’s the court that makes the king, after all. It’s probably unreasonable to burden him with the troubles of the entire world. He hasn’t invited that sort of idolatry, in fact on the world stage he’s always been a rather humble figure.

        On the other hand, it’s probably a matter of perspective. Putin looks awfully attractive compared to the openly incompetent satanic psycopaths that have got control of just about every other country on the planet.

        Mid Easterners have nothing to do with this, lame comparison.

        It’s true that the current Russian intervention in Ukraine is not directly linked to the Middle Eastern mayhem – but that’s not the point.

        The past several decades of “nation building” in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria have provided useful metrics for the standards of behaviour from our American “partners”, and also from Russia, when projecting power into foreign jurisdictions.

        As do the actions of Ukraine within its own borders since the 2014 Cookies-Gate.

        From the outside looking in, all those examples help to frame expectations going forward. Not much to work with, perhaps, but you do what you can.

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          Case in point…

          [ ]

          … whatever the Russian army might end up doing in Ukraine’s cities, from past experience with Raqqa and Fallujah, thank whatever deity you can that they’re not our American “partners”.

  3. Hungary Guy says

    That Soviet Flag looks CGI to me.
    This twitter- war is like Covid HOAX.
    100% Disinfo in the CIA Media
    Those who say War against Humanity just began- NO, it began, openly back in 2020 with the Covid HOAX Plandemic. It failed; so Clausewitz came in:
    War is a continuation of politics by other means.

    1. Eddy says

      There’s a reason, all Western countries have banned or locked out any Russian or Media, from publishing real and contradictory news, that the Western media are doing in spades. Let’s face it, why is the Western media doing this, after all, are we not entitled to see BOTH SIDES of the story, and make up our own minds as to the FACTS ??? Clearly, we are being denied this, yet at the same time, it’s claimed we are free and democratic ??? L.O.L. Something smells hugely here.

  4. ken says

    30-40,000 Russian troops in Ukraine… you’d think you would see a few of them somewhere. And why would the use of crises actors be necessary in a war? Entire columns of vehicles parked on the side of the road, no people anywhere including inside the trucks, no flags. Is everyone a tourist visiting Disney World Ukraine?

    This has got to be the most humane war ever!

  5. XSFRGR says

    No surprise here. After all RUSSIA is the world’s last GREAT CHRISTIAN NATION !!!

    1. Commenter says

      Christianity has nothing to do with this conflict

      1. XSFRGR says

        Christianity has everything to do with this conflict; just ask the Jew who is pushing it.

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