Russian Biosecurity State Waiting for Donbass Evacuees With Sputnik, Rapid Tests and Quarantines

Welcome, Donbass orphans!

By now you are probably aware that the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics called for an evacuation of women and children to Russia. Evacuees who make the trip to Rostov will receive 10,000 rubles ($130) from their generous Russian hosts.

But that’s not all they’ll receive:

More than 2 million rapid tests for testing Donbas refugees for COVID-19 will go to the Rostov region.

This was announced at the operational meeting by the Minister of Health of the region Yuri Kobzev.

According to him, if necessary, vaccination will be organized for refugees. Now there are more than 500 thousand doses of the vaccine in the warehouses of the region.

Half a million clot-shot doses that nobody wants, rotting in a warehouse. What to do with this mountain of unproven genetic goo?

“We have all these unwanted Sbershots just lying around—uh, maybe we can inject the evacuees?” Even the suggestion is totally gross.

This sounds like something Anna Popova, chief dominatrix of Russia’s “federal service for human wellbeing”, would do. And sure enough, Popova flew to Rostov last night to supervise the welcome party:

It is noted that the specialists of the department in the Rostov region work at checkpoints across the state border, organize work on the early detection and isolation of people with fever, signs of illness, and also control the timely provision of medical care to them.

Wait. Timely provision of medical care? That’s a rare treat these days if you live in Russia:

On February 4, the authorities of 55 Russian regions decided to introduce temporary restrictions on the provision of planned medical care to the population due to an outbreak of the omicron strain. In most subjects, scheduled appointments with doctors have been suspended, it is impossible to undergo a medical examination and receive a referral for procedures in a day hospital. In some cities, even pregnant women cannot get to the doctor and take all the necessary tests.


Rostov residents have been denied timely medical care since the end of January. It’s what public health craves!

Is this really 5D chess? All we see is absurdity.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. GMC says

    Everything is illuminescent – Edward – didn’t you see that Ukrainian/American movie ? lol I’m more focussed on the war shit more than the corona shit these days. But I’m beginning to see your correlation with the Russian Government and the Globalist Oligarchs that ” Help” run the Russian Federation. And it doesn’t seem to matter if we are talking about War or the Corona virus/ Ukie BioWeapons labs, there is a genuine malfucktion in the way the Ru. Gov. deals with peoples needs. Some are really good and some don’t have the peoples interest – first.
    I hope you get some honest feedback from the people evacuating Donbas, on the Sputnik jab. I find it strange that the populace has no choice in the Sputnik Vee vs the Sputnik lite, or none at all { work wise} and this has an age stipulation. Only people above 60 can recieve Sput. Lite – Period. There is no logical answe,r as I see the Lite as a type of flu shot – maybe,

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      I don’t claim to know what is happening, militarily. but whatever happens, it looks like Russia’s COVID Party is deeply embedded in the government and it’s not going anywhere. At least for now.

      1. John W Erickson says

        Just look at who was hanging out with Klaus Schwab at the WEF/Davos.
        Biden,Putin,Trump,Trudeau,Gates,Macron,Zuckerberg,Obama and many more.
        Its a big Masonic club and were not in it.
        Trumps in on it too,remember operation “warp speed”?.
        The world leaders that didn’t go along with the Plandemic are dead.
        This is a war of good vs evil.
        Our leaders are selected not elected.
        The Hegelian Dialectic is in full view.They make a problem, know what the reaction will be, and then present the pre planed solution.
        Easy Peasy,when will we learn?.

        1. Janko says

          they are all graduates of Klaus Swab University for Young leaders,thousands of them and yes Putin is in the club as well as Trump,Bill Gates,Macron,Jacinda(NL),Bezos,etc,etc Dedicated to horrible strain of Communism

    2. ken says

      “I’m more focused on the war shit more than the corona shit these days”

      They’re both the same. One is local war of nations, the other a global war on populations. One kills a few million, the other a few billion. One has bombs and guns, the other has a far more efficient needle. One is glamorous with all kinds of pretty lights and sounds, the other just quiet, deadly and covert. One is an attention getter,,, the other silent and boring. Both have the same outcome…. death.

      1. GMC says

        The Virus didn’t kill me – the War could . Sputnik lite didn’t either and i doubt it will later on. My accounts weren’t frozen and sanctioned because of the Virus , it was because of the US/Nato war on Russia – that supposedly hasn’t started – yet. Big difference, but maybe not. The Pentagon calls the shots in Ukraine and owns the Ukie armies.

        Things in Crimea were just fine and very laid back, not so good infrastructure but – plenty of freedom to do what one wanted to do – 10 years ago. Most people couldn’t find it on the map. . Today everyone wants Crimea – the Jews, Turks, Americans, Pentagon, Nato, Ukie Nazis, along with every evil thing/ motive thought etc. etc. etc.
        Russia never messed with Crimea , it provided the only real security, but we never saw any pressure from Sevastopol. It was a cool place. Everyone got along. Notice what came attached with the War mongering/MaiDan – the Jab. So You’re right about that – both of them are hard to fight together, but let’s not forget about all those bioweapons labs- they are the big elephant in the room too.
        Either way, the West brought all of this in – and the Russian people will have to purge all of their evil nasty mechanisms.

  2. Terje M says

    What if the ultimate purpose of the whole tense situation brouhaha is to get more Donbas residents injected? That is 3D chess at least…

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      not my top theory, but hey, it’s 2022 — anything is possible 🙂

    2. ken says

      Probably didn’t start out that way but along the way someone figured out how easy and ‘humanitarian’ it would be.

  3. Hungary Guy says

    Let’s not forget 2021 Geneva.
    Putin & Biden might have agreed on power projection/ partition of Europe. Free hand over Ukraine for Rus & free hand over NATO countries for US.
    More US Troops in EU useful for Covidian Control NWO.
    Martial Law & the Rest make sure no repeat/ copy of Canadian FreedomConvoy Scenarios.
    Russia also onboard with this Setting for the Clampdown on its own similar possibly arising internal Issues.
    Too much Energy shoved into Covid & NWO on both sides, just to simply let it go.

    1. John W Erickson says

      They are all in the sane club.
      This is WEF global..

  4. Listens says

    Hard to beat the Biden (advisors) – Putin part of the world game plan. New World order needs this battle to occur. The vaccine drug agenda must roll on. The children jab is most important though totally unnecessary. It’s all good distraction and an element in the game.Putin is playing his role very well.

    The people of Ukraine would best just do an honorable surrender – but that would be unthinkable and throw a wrench in the works. Can’t be allowed.

    There is always a major agenda in something this large. In the bigger picture it is an important moment. The best for Russia moment was immediately after the coup. But – the leaders including Putin were told NO. Do not straighten this out and reinstall the elected Leader. Obedience is important for Russia in the new world odor..

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