Russian Anti-Mandate Doctor: “We Are Led by Amateurs at the Direction of Our Enemies”

"Why were the decisive factor in determining our strategy the communiques of the WHO, funded by our probable strategic adversary?"

Gref, Blair, Powell. Having a laugh.

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On Sunday your humble Moscow correspondent attended the Doctors For Truth conference in the Russian capital.

It was a very “whitepilling” experience. We met many living heroes. It is now infinitely clear to us that the Russians will not go quietly into the QR-coded night.

We haven’t yet transcribed any of the speeches. But thankfully our friends at—a website that you must read, every day—typed up some highlights, which we will now share with you.

Dr. Alexander Redko:

So far, not a single scientific journal has published the results of the third phase of clinical trials of Sputnik V—all refer only to preliminary data. […]

Why did it happen that the decisive factor in determining the strategy for combating COVID was for us the circulars of the World Health Organization, funded by our probable strategic adversary?

Only on the basis of moral principles can a strong Russia be built and maintained. But is our government busy with this? The reasons for rejecting morality lie in the lack of education and individual modesty of officials. Our main trouble is not coronavirus, but the fact that we are being led by amateurs at the direction of our enemies.

We propose to create an international movement of moral solidarity, we need to unite people all over the world from the very bottom. And the foundation of the future society should in fact be our medical principle ‘do not harm yourself and others.’

Another excerpt from Katyusha:

Dr. Vladislav Rybachenko described specific cases of death of people shortly after revaccination by Sputnik Light in his native Murmansk region, noting that there are many such cases and the course of the disease in the dead suggests “vaccine-associated COVID”. These cases in hospitals are not investigated or interpreted as consequences of vaccination.

“Vector vaccine” Sputnik Light “has the ability to develop an antibody-dependent increase in infection in humans. Vaccine developers must provide evidence of vaccine safety at the preclinical stage of research,” Rybalchenko summed up.

Read the full report from Katyusha. And then e-mail them and say spasibo.

By the way, some encouraging news: the State Duma has withdrawn a bill that would have required QR codes for air and train passengers. This is good. But it’s not enough.

If QR codes remain in any form, it means they can be expanded at any time. It’s a slow boil strategy. Just need to wait for a “superspreader event” (wow, so many positive PCR tests!) blamed on a group of students partying on a long-distance train and bam, the bill is back.

Anything less than the full abolition of QR codes means defeat. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. That’s just how it is.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

Editor’s note: “Funny” how we live in a world where doctors against non-voluntary medicine are now a minority.

  1. William White says

    Do you suppose it might have something to do with the $18 Billion the WHO gave you?

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is a report from early 2021 on the adverse events associated with Pfizer’s vaccine that has received almost no coverage from the mainstream media:

    One has to wonder how many governments around the world were aware of this information before coercing their citizens into accepting an experimental medical treatment?

  3. Thomas Turk says

    Dunno why t he chaos.. Rusha’s SputnikV has dead virus, not mRNA strands and graphine.

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      actually, it’s a “genetic vaccine” — and probably not a very safe one, either.

      1. steve kastl says

        Is it as deadly as Pfizer’s shot? I’m shocked because Russia is underpopulated and needs healthy citizens, not vaccine damaged like the West.

  4. GMC says

    Spacibo Edward, I just returned from a So. Russian tourist town and went to a large SportsMart store , where they wanted to see my Q R code at the entry. I don’t have one but my wife has one from the Sanatorium she works at, so I asked the young man – can you read this code and he said No of course not , so I turned and asked the others around him – and of course , nobody can read them. Then I asked all of them – then Why would I want something like this , that nobody can read except maybe the Government? So I went in , shopped and left a very very empty store. And yes – I explained to the young men and women that a Q R code has nothing to do with the Coronavirus. My wife was embarrassed but many people have no clue , what scam is being played , so someone has to speak out and thanks again for the Doctor connection.

    1. Eddy says

      L.O.L. You are dead right. A Q.R. code without the App to READ it, is useless. I see people all the time taking Photos of QR codes, they then think they’ve registered, when in fact all they’ve done is take a pic of the code. With an installed App, to communicate with the code, taking pics is pointless.

  5. cas says

    i cannot back this “Dr’s” info up or confirm he is a doctor or was a doctor.
    I thought to post it here
    Dr. Igor Shepherd

  6. steve kastl says

    The Duma will be doing NATOs work if they pass vaccine mandates and vaccine passes. Russia is better than this. The Duma should not act like the USA Congress, by passing unscientific laws that hurt Russian citizens.

    1. Eddy says

      Too late. The BRIBE has been accepted, now Russia must comply with the WHO/UN demands just like everyone else. What a sad day.

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