Russia Won’t Interfere With Afghanistan If Afghanistan Stays Out of Neighboring Countries

Keep to your side of the border (no jihading) and we're good Russia tells the Taliban

Taliban visit Moscow to say their wins don’t threaten Russia

Machine translated from Russian.

1. Lavrov, following the results of the talks with the Taliban, said today that Russia will not interfere in what is happening in Afghanistan if there is no threat to neighboring countries from there.

In fact, this means that if the Taliban is busy with the issues of strengthening power inside Afghanistan and does not climb on its neighbors in some kind of jihad, then they will be accepted as an inevitable evil and will be tolerated, since the alternatives are even worse — no one wants to get into Afghanistan after the American disgrace.

The Taliban responded by saying that the Taliban are the ambassadors of the Afghan nation of mujahideen, who are not going to wage other people’s wars in the interests of others outside of Afghanistan and their main goal is to defend the Islamic order in Afghanistan. The Kremlin has once again reassured that talks with the Taliban are necessary.

2. The Taliban understands these nuances very well, therefore, in addition to assurances to Moscow, Taliban representatives said today that the movement has no plans to interfere in the internal affairs of China (meaning the issue with the Uighurs), and in negotiations with the Afghan government in Iran (on the border with whom the Taliban captured the city of Islam-Qala yesterday), they once again assured that they have no plans to completely usurp power in Afghanistan.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif also took part in the negotiations. Following Zarif’s talks with the Taliban, the parties issued a joint statement stating that the Taliban does not support attacks on civilians, schools, hospitals and mosques and intends to pursue their goal through negotiations. Iran fears that if events develop negatively, then Iran will be overwhelmed by a wave of refugees fleeing the Taliban.

3. The Taliban also called China a friend of Afghanistan and called on the Chinese to invest in a beautiful Afghanistan of the future. As the Taliban have already made clear, the Taliban wants to resolve their issues with international legitimization through building even relations with China and the Russian Federation.

Judging by the position of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia will prefer to first see how the Taliban’s words do not diverge from the deeds and only after that the issues related to recognition and legitimization, as well as the exclusion of the Taliban from the number of terrorist groups, will be resolved.

4. At the same time, against the background of these assurances, the Taliban, against the background of reports of the seizure of new areas, today announced that they already control 85% of the territory of Afghanistan. Fighting began today on the southern approaches to Kandahar.

The United States again called on Afghans to “fight for their own future on their own” and accelerated the withdrawal of troops in order to escape from Afghanistan in August, without waiting for 9/11.

Between April and July, 3,600 civilians were killed in Afghanistan, more than 1,000 soldiers and police officers, and about 3,000 more were injured, according to government sources.

It is not yet clear where the government’s retreat will end if events develop at the current pace. It may happen that there may be simply no one to negotiate with and the Taliban will only shrug their hands, declaring that we would like to negotiate, but you yourself saw.

The Taliban in Moscow:

The presser after:


The Taliban at Moscow press confere

Source: Colonel Cassad

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  1. Jerry Hood says

    Taliban must focus its jihad against the satanic anglo-zio-nazi axis of all evil on this planet! Snakes shed their skin but never change behavior!

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