Russia to Defy ‘Maximum Pressure’, Link Its Power Grid to Iran’s

Via Azerbaijan which is also participating

Iran’s electricity grid will be connected with Russia and Azerbaijan in a few months, once grid compatibility studies are completed, Iran’s Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said on Friday.

Iran’s power grid could be linked and synchronized to connect with other grids either via Azerbaijan or via Armenia and Georgia, Ardakanian said, as reported by Iranian Fars news agency.

“Iran welcomes either of the two routes which gets ready first,” Fars quoted minister Ardakanian as saying.

Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia have agreed to set up a company which has already started working on the project to link Iran’s grid to Russia via Azerbaijan, he added.

The idea of connecting Iran’s power grid with Russia via Azerbaijan was first aired in March 2019, when Ardakanian met with the then Azerbaijani minister of economy and industry, Shahin Mustafayev, in Tehran.

“We are considering plans for connecting the country’s power grid to Russia through the Republic of Azerbaijan, which will help synchronize Iran’s power system with that of Russia,” the Iranian minister said back then.

Iran and Russia are looking to boost their energy cooperation, including via joint projects, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported earlier this week after Iranian Ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali, held a meeting to discuss the future energy cooperation with Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Tikhonov.

A day later, Tikhonov was detained at a pre-trial detention center in Russia pending a trial over his alleged involvement in embezzlement of US$8 million (603 million Russian rubles), news agency TASS reported on Wednesday.

Tikhonov, who is one of eight deputy ministers of Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, has held the deputy minister post since the summer of 2019. Tikhonov and other people were detained for two months until November 8 and are charged with fraud.

Lawyers for Tikhonov say that the charge was an attempt to “discredit the ministry’s top officials,” TASS reported.


  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    Iran is populated by more Azeris than in the entire nation of azerbijian; this makes sense for all 3 nations—compare this to the backward nation of USA—w 3 pitiful aging grids that cannot provide electricity to all their citizens….one of the few nations on earth that wastes most of it electricity w 110/120…civilized nations use 220/240…US private electrical companies frequently steal money from customers—guaranteed a profit in monopoly fake capitalism USA
    indeed–in the northern half of Maine where 85% want to secede and join Canada, they obtain electricity from Canada at less expensive rate

  2. Joe Stealen says

    two tared countries fuse their grids….what could go wrongz/

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      can’t write your own language—the CIA budget must be over-stretched

    2. Canosin says

      seems your internal power grid and its wiring needs a cpl. re-alignment….or scrap

  3. Tom Turek says

    How dare they.. any sanctions here, Manure-Chin/Pompeii?


    Here is another great example of the Evil Empyre isolating countries.

  5. richard kingston says

    USA? the worlds great enemy. Unite China, Russia, Iran, etc etc. So much for BRICS!!! if they had the balls they would add more nations and set-up a NATO type of group to oppose the Great Satan and its lackeys.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      there are trading blocs besides brics that exclude USA—Mercosur, Asean,etc
      I suspect a more rational approach is to allow USA to over extend itself w military spending and investment in their 17 intelligence agencies—t

  6. cechas vodobenikov says

    more evidence the internally rotting empire cannot influence

  7. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Iran might not have had to link its power grid to Russia’s if the US hadn’t destroyed its uranium enrichment plant with the Stuxnet worm and let it build the nuclear power plants it wanted.

    1. richard kingston says

      Time passes and things do change the US and its masters in Israel get the evil Saudi- swines to join them, and other A-Rab rats. soon the has-been, rotting from the inside out. US will get another snake-head leader…. Senile, crooked, creepy Biden… 50 years cheating, lying, conning is great experience for becoming US president eh.

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