1. Oscar Peterson says

    Southfront has a story about potential Polish intervention in Transnistria.

    1. steve kastl says

      Russia had no choice but to do what it is doing. Ukraine is a failed state with insane leaders on Russias border. Russia needs to wrap this up ASAP because my evil government wants to drag this out indefinitely. If Russia shoots down our supply planes, well, we were warned. No one can blame Russia for wanting to be sovereign and not dance to USA music like the EU whore governments do.

  2. ken says

    Many cannot get it through their heads that Putin does not want to kill every Ukrainian. Many think wars should be like most Western wars, complete destruction of everything,,, everyone killed, scorched/salted earth.
    Putin is reserving his power in case the West decides foolishly to attack. Right now he is bleeding the West allowing the war equipment into Ukraine then blowing it up. The gaggle of women and trannies in the West have no clue.

    Putin does not want to murder every Ukie….. only the nazis and the Ukies stupid enough to fight for the Ukrainian regime. Putin has nothing against the Ukrainians,,, it was the UFSA (United Fascist states of America) that overthrew their government. It was the UFSA that presided over and funded and armed the nazis. It was the UFSA government that was actually killing the Russians in the Donbass by the mere fact that they provided the means and the way.

    Always make an enemy think you are weak. Sun Tsu.

    Russia is negotiating with the UFSA,,, not Zelenski. Zelenski is a useless turd and has no idea of what he is doing other than following orders. He doesn’t even rate being called a nazi. He is a LGBT retard that is causing the death of many Ukrainians.

  3. SteveK9 says

    Here is a way to fight, separate from using more troops with conscription. Cut off all gas and oil to Europe and throw Europe into chaos. Why are the Russians letting their enemies just toodle along, like nothing is happening? Who cares about getting some more euros (they are not getting rubles)? If your existence is at stake a nice pile of useless paper is not going to help.

  4. guest says

    Whatever is true about Zelensky and the government in Ukraine, it doesn’t make V.V. Putin a good guy, or his war against the people of Ukraine a just one.
    Whatever is true about NATO, it doesn’t make V.V. Putin an opponent of NWO, or a saviour from NWO

    Not long ago we were told that western Europe and the U.S. is NOT the whole world. Asia, South-America, Africa, (two-thirds of the population) are not interested —they are neutral if not on the side of Russia. [get your story straight]

    You use a picture above from a footage that showed that it was NOT Ukrainian defenders who defeated the Army Group that ventured towards Kiev, but the colonels of that Army Group. The column in the footage was incompetently commanded, but Ukrainian defenders were even worse. Throughout your articles you are not willing to bring yourselves to face the possibility that we are seeing the extent and ability of the Army of Russia. [In WW2, not until 1943 was there a competent Russian army]

    Isn’t there a medical term for it when someone claims “everyone is against me” “everyone is wrong, I alone am right” ?

    Evoking the Great War to save the Soviet Union (what a winning that was for the residents of Empire Russia !):
    “Apparently, we are now at war with the whole world, as it was in the Great Patriotic War, all of Europe, the whole world was against us.”
    He is either in full-time lying mode or delusion took over his mind. Why does he lie and say that the “whole world was against us” in WW2 ? He knows it, and everyone knows it, that without the support of U.S., the Soviet Union would have folded in 1942, and the Leningrad-Stalingrad line would have been established.

    // By the way, what did we learn from WW2 ? A war that was started because of Stalin’s ambition to become respected part of the NWO. The Army of Russia won the battle, got a spectacular Victory Parade, but Stalin lost the war (and he knew it).
    // Another BTW, is Luka the subhuman Shenko and this general guy trying to cause trouble for Putin by making stupid remarks about plans to march all the way to Bessarabia, then beyond ?

    b) V.V. Putin and his Chechen friends had a chance to avoid this on February 23; they had a chance to back down on March 5. Now they have no other way but to win or go down in flames.
    As usual in the history of Russia, the people of Empire Muscovy have to suffer the consequences of the megalomania and stupidity of the ruling class.

    c) By this time everyone (except Alex Jones listeners) recognizes that it was NATO that caused (goaded, lured, enticed, &c) V.V. Putin and the Cheka into attacking the people of Ukraine.
    So, what were the aims, goals of the NATO planners when they organized this long con ? (regime-change in Moskva ? dismemberment of Empire Russia ? invigorating NATO ? destruction of Ukraine Poland Hungary Rumania Baltic States ? establishing, after 25 years, a standing Army of EU ?)

    As NATO made their plans, have they made allowances for a several year long battle-field war with the Army of Russia ? Have they made allowances for cutting Europe off Russian supplies ?
    We know that for a fraction of the cost of the war against Iraq, the U.S. can bankroll Ukraine for several years (military equipment & welfare cheque for every manwomanchild). —Every time a Ukrainian soldier dies, 1-2-3 new recruits are created. Every time a Russian conscript is killed 2-3-4 new opponents of this special operation are created.

    Will NATO give up on their plan ? Will NATO acknowledge V.V. Putin’s greatness and reward his aggression with a third of Ukraine ? Will the people who brought us two world wars in one century suddenly turn from their wicked ways ?

    >>>> “Putin is acting like a man who started a war and is now embarrassed to fight it.”
    V.V. is acting like a man who realized on February 29 that he was suckered into a death-trap; a man who realized that he is not a 5D chess-player; a man who realized that his friends are his mortal enemies; a man who is not able/willing to acknowledge what he just learned about himself, and he is certainly not willing to act upon it.

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