Russia Says Airliner Was Forced to Land After Israelis Were Using It as a Shield in Syria Strikes (VIDEO)

An A320 with 172 passengers on board had to abort its descent to Damascus, flee, and land at a Russian military airbase

The Russian military says its modus operandi for the Israelis now to launch their attacks when civilian airliners will be over Damascus to restrict the response of the Syrian air defenses

The airliner with 172 passengers, approaching for landing, almost fell under the fire of the Syrian army when it repelled an Israeli attack near Damascus. As a result, the plane was taken to a Russian air base, said Igor Konashenkov , an official spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

According to the general, on Thursday after two in the morning four Israeli F-16 fighters without entering Syrian airspace launched a surprise attack with eight air-to-ground missiles in the suburbs of the capital of the Arab Republic. In response, Syrian government forces deployed anti-aircraft missile defense systems.

At this point, in the area of Damascus International Airport, the Airbus-320 passenger airliner was landing. As noted by Konashenkov, only thanks to the operational actions of the dispatchers of the capital’s airport and the efficient operation of the automated air traffic control system, it was possible to withdraw the airbus from the affected area and safely land it at the nearest alternate aerodrome – at the Khmeimim base .

The general emphasized that all over the world the movement of passenger flights is carried out in known high-altitude echelons, which Israel’s radar systems clearly see. He added that no less distinctly Israeli radars see the air situation in the area of Damascus airport.

“Thus, the Israeli General Staff’s conduct of military operations in the air using civilian aircraft with passengers to cover or block the response of the Syrian air defense forces is becoming a characteristic feature of the Israeli Air Force,” Konashenkov said. He regretted that “similar operations by Israeli strategists” “do not put the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians in anything.”

Source: RIA Novosti

An Airbus 320 that was attempting to land at Damascus Airport began lowering from 33,000 feet (about 10,000 meters) at 1:00 a.m. Wednesday through Thursday. About 13 minutes later, at only 2,000 meters in front of the Damascus landing track, an Israeli missile attack was launched, which caused it to exert a strong maneuver, increasing speed and returning to an altitude of about 8,200 meters. The maneuvering was circular until it finally ended northwest of Damascus at a runway near Latakia.

Source: Ynet

  1. Mary E says

    Aren’t the Russians getting fed up with Israeli air force using their civilian aircraft as
    shields? Get some intestinal fortitude and let Israel have it, Russia! – with both barrels!
    And I don’t mean wine barrels.

  2. Veritas says

    This post is dishonest. You say that Israel is using civilian aircraft as shields but provided no proof that this is intentional. There are thousands of flights in the air at any given time. Most are not in the same area but there are always something somewhere. The S-300 can track 24 objects simultaneously can guide 4 missiles to a target so it would easily be able to fire off SAMs without endangering the passenger planes. It’s not like there’s gonna be this magical break through the traffic but any competent nation is able to use enough common sense to keep civilians reasonably out of the way. You’re making it sound as if they are flying next to the plane. The only thing this shows is how biased and antisemitic this post is.

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      I’m not saying anything. I’m just reporting what the Russian military said. The Russian Ministry of Defense accusing Israel of something like this is news in itself.

      But whether it’s exploiting the presence of civilian planes or not why is Israel lobbing missiles into Syria in the first place? Syria isn’t even retaliating, much less starting anything of the kind of its own. And just about every other country in the world seems to manage to exist without casually lobbing missiles into its neighbor every two months.

      1. doyin says

        Another dishonesty. You are unaware of the preparation of Iran to annihilate Israel. So Israel should fold her arms and wait for Iran to be ready to start her wars first.

  3. Jozo Magoc says

    The true problem is the zionist agent in Kremlin,Rus.Putin…Russia deserves a true patriot,Russian-Varyag who will stand up to the zionist thugs and war crimminals, land thieves and parasites!!! Khazar Rus.Putin is apeasing the zionists,and thus,should be removed from Kremlin!!!

    1. Muhammad Abbass says

      that line is so daft it is hard not to suspect hasbara. It is one of their points you know? They try to sell him as one of theirs. They always do that too, even when they do not control the other side, they like you to think they do. Use your own logic and toss out whatever media is filling your head with such tosh. If Putin was theirs then what exactly has stopped them from doing to Syria and Iran what they were so handily doing without any pushback anywhere until the man came to power? Critical thinking is not optional if you want to survive in the world we are sailing into I suggest.

  4. tapatio says

    Why do people think that the Zionist disease uses canon-fodder from the US, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere to commit their crimes?

    Because their own ‘people’ are cowards who are taught, from infancy, that their lives are sooooo much more precious than those of humans. To a Jewish pilot, his own life is of far, far more value than the lives of a couple of hundred passengers on an airliner.

    1. doyin says

      The man in the picture can be any National. The Jews are perpetually at war with her Arab neighbors. They halt any invasive wars as soon as international community react. They give back land they have occupied for peace yet they are in perpetual war from those that seek their total annihilation. I am shocked that you can fall for these propagandists

  5. David Chu says

    Any bets that the Ukrainian airline shot down by the Iranians followed a similar path?

    1. XRGRSF says

      No bet, but it was really interesting that there were several people in position to video the attack on the Ukrainian airliner; sort of like they knew when, and where it was going to happen.

      1. tapatio says

        That’s because Mossad knew exactly what their sleeper(s) were doing and wanted to record their slaughter of Goyim as they did on 9/11.
        It’s also possible that the IFF on the Ukrainian airliner had been altered to identify it as something else.

        1. Muhammad Abbass says

          That was one thing I read early on from an Arab media source and suspect too. There was quite a few details including this I believe that the Iranian leadership had to juggle in those few days before they laid their cards on the table. I feel they have kept back some exculpatory evidence of such a nature and may use that as a behind the scenes bargaining chip. It would have little impact frankly if they said as much now and even if they had radar records or something to show it. Same as MH17 and the Russians, our crooks will just ignore it and the media will lick the Pentagon or Langley arses as usual and declare it is vanilla icecream and anything else is fake this is the pure stuff for sure. They could however extract some minor concession such as laying off a bit eventually on the accusations and law suits etc. Waiting to see I know the Canucks have put together a $Billon lawsuit the hypocritical wankers.

          1. tapatio says

            You’re probably correct about evidence. Hopefully, we will.know some day.
            Trudeau is nothing but a lite version of Harper – kissing Zionist feet and wagging his tail for a treat – possibly Ivanka as a toy. She certainly wants Justin.

      2. Micheal Bleys says

        Not all planes in the area should of been there that night .

      3. David Chu says

        Kind of like 9/11 and the JFK hit, no?

        1. tapatio says

          Bingo! Mossad does good work.

        2. doyin says

          This ridiculous, blame shifting, blackmailing and mischievous denials.Please stop confabulating to support your hidden agenda

  6. pinOKYO nOSE says

    “By way of deception thou shalt do war”

  7. temujin1970 says

    Chosenite scum

  8. Jozo Magoc says

    Mr.Igor Konashenkov, at the nearest opportunity,you should fire bullet into the zionist agent in Kremlin,Rus.Putin,and Russia may get finaly some true patriot,Russian Varyag into the Kremlin,who will resist the zionist terrorist thugs,even if risking WW3 ! Only this will stop these women and children murderers, otherwise,cowards!!!

    1. doyin says

      Yes like the 9/11, Boko Haram, ISIS, nightly bombing of Israel in their ancestral land stolen by Arabs, etc .

  9. Melville Pouwels says

    there are fewer thing’s on our embattled planet, lower than snake shit …
    but israel & her inhabitants, are one of them !

  10. Jesus says

    IAF is afraid of the S300 and other Syrian air defenses, hiding behind a civilian airliner.

    1. Muhammad Abbass says

      The cowardly curs simply have no regard for anybody else but themselves. A single hair on one of their precious heads is of more value than a whole planeload of Goyim. God would simply swat a plane full of worthless goyim cattle out of the sky before He would let a sinlge Jewish fingernail be cut too short and if it were He would gather it up and store it in a jar under His pillow forever after. This is how precious and beloved the Jews are to themselves. If you just think like them you realise how irrelelevant those people indeed the whole human race by contrast is to these special babies. They might come in all forms of political persuasion but in my time I have noticed a Jewish characteristic which is unique unto them in the sense it is universal. None of them would ever risk their own lives for anyone else. In every other people I have known random people who will risk themselves for a complete stranger. Not so among Jews. I cannot even think of any historical examples though there are plenty of people from other people who have taken supreme risks for them.
      This is how they expect things and only when one spells it out so precisely would one be even likely to notice enough to try and refute that. They would be unable to of course because Jews as a collective people are cowards and selfish supremacists.

      1. doyin says

        Dear Abbass remember that they are your cousins. They are mirror of yourself. Their Fathers came from Iran/Iraq. Their Nation was born in Egypt. They formed the foundation of your religion, They married and lived with your descendants before they were dispersed by your hostility. They came back and your land became prosperous and respected yet you rejected them when their back is at a wall. They stood gallantly against your hostility not for pride but self determination and realization

        1. Muhammad Abbass says

          You need to get a grip seriously. You know next to nothing about me let alone who might be my cousins.

          I am Scottish and Irish blood Australian of many generations and I am most certainly not cousins with any Jews. Furthermore since I do realise the misapprehension under which you were labouring when you made that assertion but there is another one as well, which is that modern day Jews are not cousins of Arabs either. Jews are not a Semitic people and no amount of fraud and propaganda changes that. Adopting Hebrew characters for their Yiddish dialect fools nobody. Much of the world is now fully aware of their actual heritage and if they do not the internet is replete with easily accessible articles and books which make this clear. I recommend Shlomo Sand’s “Invention of the Jewish People” and Douglas Reed’s “The Problem With Zionism” as a good begginning. So you have made a few faulty assumptions and then you proceed to repeat the old hasbara…whilst trying to sound like any old uninvolved supporter. No Jews around here eh, just us honest humans who happened to be passing by. LOL The only supporters you freakish frauds have are the Xtian Zionists who are actually looking forward to their big day when you supposedly get fried for the most part. The menu of the big Christian Zionist has you for the main course something they’re polite enough not to talk about much but as a one time Priesthood holder in the most Zionist of them all, I assure you that is indeed the idea. You are their sacrifices. Serves you right for slipping that little bit of cannibalism into their rituals I’d say. Good luck with that.

          The Jews have not done anything except destroy the once propserous “breadbasket of the Middle East” as Palestine was known. I have friends both here and there whose families belong to that land and they have stories and pictures of a beautiful green and verdant place and some have the key to their original homes. You have not got a fraction of the humanity and will power and righteousness of those people. They are the original Hebrew blood such as it is and Khazars are just goat humping thieves and mercenaries from the caucaus. Those Jaffa oranges are like everything else the fake state sits on stolen. The destruction of ancient olive groves and orange orchards which were famous throughout the region thousands of years ago before, and after the brief occupation by a bunch of Hebrews led by some old freaks whom Jesus called Children of their father Satan. Those priests, the Pharisees to be exact were expelled by the Romans but as we know the Hebrews, no such thing as Jews then, remained and gradually assimilated into Chrstianity and later Islam although a small number remained more or less to the end. The end was when a bunch of Khazar converts from Eastern Europe whom had adopted the religion of the Pharisees when it was expedient used a twisted version of the ancient and defunct story to assert a claim upon the rich and valuable land of Palestine.

          They caused a world war and many tens of millons of deaths and untold suffering as one of the prerequisites to achieve this and they will never be allowed to keep what they have stolen and this is what is prophesied for them. They have built nothing that was not there already or could havebeen built by its true owners who despite the vicious fascist treatment they receive at the hands of a most cursed people show great talent and intelligence. They have many scholars and their diaspora is impressive in the way Jews pretend theirs is. They do not get the benefit of their tribe’s dominance of so many institutions they can cheat and lie their way to the prize most of the time. . Modern “Israel” is a terrorist entity and not a legitimate state. Despite all the pronouncments and claims it is nothing but an anomaly. An ongoing military adventure and it is so obvious as to be written on the wall that it does not have a viable future in its current form. Most “Israelis” have a second passport and they will use that at the first whiff of what we all know is coming for them. They have no courage at all which is the subject of this article and it is true as far as we have ever seen. Who could forget the crying sissies holding hands and walking dejectedly back home with their tails between their legs and their soiled diapers with 10% of their vaunted Merkava tanks in ruins after a mere few thousand of my brothers in Hezbollah, their second string troops even since their crack troops were always in reserve gave them a hiding the time they last tried to commit some of theri murder and mayhem in Lebanon. That was an incredible display of cowardice despite numbering more than 20 times the forces they were up against. They ran away as they always will when their chosen enemy can shoot back. Cowards of the worst kind. They use children as human shields. They use civilian airloiners as human shields and for what? To more safely commit gratuitious violence against other civilians as always on false pretenses. The only real terrorist in the Middle East is this nasty little mistake of a state. All the rest is born from them and controlled by them one way or another. Everything else is legitimate resistance to their predations. You have no secrets anymore. We know all your filthy history.

    2. Mary E says

      Cowards! That has been their reputation for decades.. Love to dish it out but whine ‘anti semitism’ if another country retaliates!

  11. Brion Adair says

    Why am I not surprised? They did the same thing last Xmas flying near a commercial airline while attacking. Only proves what unethical scum they really are and that Iran has a higher regard for human life than the fake terrorist carpet bagging state of Israel that was stolen from the Palestinians.

    1. doyin says

      All Arabs know that Jerusalem is the ancestral home of the Jews. They are not Muslims, so they deserve a chip of the Middle East. The Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and Britons were there and they left. The Arabs conquered and want to remain at all cost to continue to humiliate the Jews. Last Christmas, there was no missile from Israel before the Iranians who are blood hungry shot the plane

      1. Brion Adair says

        You’re full of shit.

  12. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Israel is an amoral, extremely evil, satanic nightmare. They have never operated within the bounds or laws of a civilised society and wrongly believe that their worship and connections to Ba’al, Satan or whatever you call pure evil will keep them eternally safe. Within a few years the whole system backing Israel will be gone, America is bankrupt and on the precipice of civil war, Saudi will be unable to conceal its diminished oil reserves for much longer and is also on the verge of collapse, the UK is already fecked….and without this genocidal triumvirate, Israel will not last a month !

    1. tapatio says

      What does it matter – the belief system of this cult? 3000+ years of evil is more than enough.

      1. doyin says

        The evil in men: Romans destroy Israel,Christians punished the Jews for calling Jesus names, Arab took over their Prophets, religion and Holy lands, Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews and the Ayatollahs are planning to annihilate the Jews to fulfill the the command of their Holy book handed over to them be the Arabs who are competing with them to subjugate the world. So much of Evil in mankind

  13. RedBaron9495 says

    The Israeli Jews are real slimeballs……with criminal mentality.

    1. XRGRSF says

      Yes, but if it wasn’t for the unconditional support of the American Jew the Israeli Jew would starve; they are all part of the same organism.

      1. tapatio says

        True, but, as Thomas Jefferson pointed out, there are no “American Jews” or “Russian Jews”. There are Jews – who happen to have been born in host nations.

    2. Mary E says

      Just like their twin, the US>

  14. thomas malthaus says
    1. tapatio says

      No “seems” about it. I have in-laws there and have visited a few times. They are even more isolated and clueless than Americans.

      1. Muhammad Abbass says

        No that is not even possible. Americans are by definition clueless and proudly so. For fux sake man they still use imperial measures! Just think before you say such a preposterous thing. Plenty of Aussies are clueless sure but having a narrow minded and insular outlook is an essential part of the American image. Donald Trump is the perfect mascot for the nation and for all his money and travel that man is about as cosmopolitan and worldly as a kentia palm.
        We actually have planes and ships and these days many of us travel and work abroad not to mention we are a nation of immigrants also and we do not have major racial segregation with only a few examples within a few suburbs at most in some of the caoital cities and that is just a tendency of the first generation or two of each successive wave of immigrants before each new group finds its feet and becomes part of the relatively tolerant Aussie society. The fact we do have much less racial tensions than the USA despite being no less subject to similar waves of refugees and migration is in itself an indication of the more open minded and at least slightly better informed mindset than our distant cousins in the Northern Hemisphere. Neither of our people are great internatinal travellers compared to Finns or Danes but Aussies do travel internationally at twice the rate of Americans and for us that always means “foreign” travel as we’re an island in Asia with only the Kiwis as similar culturally to ourselves and there’s hardly enough of them to fill a football stadium. This international travel is the cure for cluelessness or insularity. It would be preposterous to suggest a people who travel twice as much could be more clueless than the former. It is after all parrochialism which is the problem. International travel is the best thing to round out character and open one’s mind to the world outside a narrow world view.

        1. tapatio says

          Your media is entirely NWO owned and so, apparently, is your PM. When I first visited and traveled quite a bit, Australia seemed very open and informed. In 2019, the story was very different – mention politics and the doors to peoples’ faces slammed shut.
          You guys kicked Rupert Murdoch out 50 years ago and have recently let his cousins take over the country.

    2. Mary E says


  15. Mary E says

    It is past time to take the Israeli military out!
    It has been a cowardly and evil little menace to Syria..and should be neutralized by a bigger power than the Us and Israel combined! Russia could take care of them and so could Iran.. join together for a winning team!!

    1. tapatio says

      It is past time to eliminate Israel. However, that will require the cooperation of Russia, China, the US and others to destroy their nuclear arsenal without allowing its use for their doomsday “Samson Option”.

      1. Muhammad Abbass says

        Their subs can be tracked and they have not got that many. That is where their “Samson Option” lives.
        besides what do you think would happen to the rest of their considerable diaspora the day after they did such a thing? There would not be a Jew in the world who was safe from that day on. Everyone would know who did it that day. There is no way anyone is going to keep their secrets then and you bet they will be hunted down and as the scriptures say they will not be able to find a tree that will shelter them or a rock to hide under. Even the rocks will cry out, “Here, over here s a Jew hiding beneath me come and drag him out to be slain for his wickedness” and they will be strung up by the neck if they are not flayed alive by the crowds of humanity who will become aware finally of just who these people are and were. You can be sure there will be well informed people like myself to ensure that understanding comes. They will know we will make sure of it. Millions of us. It would be interesting that is for sure. Nuclear weapons are not quite as devastating as popular imagination has it. They have been used in a number of modern battlefields including Iraq, Gaza and Somalia. Yes Gaza. The Zionist scum have used battlefield scale nuclear weapons in Gaza and modern nukes are very efficient, they do not leave significant levels of radioactivity for very long afterwards because the reactions are so efficient they convert to the tertiary decay products in the initial chain reaction. They have become many times more dangerous since they have become many times more efficient. Their use is no longer a big deal in some minds and command centers. This also means there will be a lot more of us left in the end to hang the tormentors of the human race by their necks every last one of them and be rid of them so that will be their Samson option.

        Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t harm a hair on one of their precious heads or risk tearing out a single finger nail. I’m a firm believer in the adage that too many cooks spoil the broth. Why would I want to ruin good chicken soup? I bet plenty of keen new cooks will be wanting to show what they’ve got now they realise the main ingredient is a good fat kosher chicken.

        1. tapatio says

          The problem isn’t taking out Israel’s nukes – it’s dealing with the Jewish owned regime in Washington afterward. I have watched Putin speeches stating that he WILL NOT be the initiator of WW III – he means it.

          I would certainly hope that, if the Jews ever used their nukes, even without the Samson Option, it would be the start of a surgical procedure/pogrom that would cure that 3000+ year old cancer completely. Obviously, if they used their doomsday plan, no trace of Judaism would remain on Earth.

          I have never seen any evidence of Jewish use of nuclear weapons except, possibly, once in Yemen. Nobody honest has been able to get close enough to the site to check for radiation.

          Russia is in the process of deploying hyper-sonic weapons that can take out Israel’s WMDs before any Jewish response can happen. However, that is still dependent on the US backing off from its absolute subservience to the Jews.

          BTW, please use paragraphs. They make comments so much easier to read. Thanks.

          1. doyin says

            What do you have against the Jews? They have not forcefully convert people to Judaism, they are only seeking to live in peace in their ancestral and holy land that was grabbed by World powers at different times. They have not invaded any other land except in self defense or retaliation.
            I wonder at your doomsday scenario. What will happen when all Jews are eliminated? You will go after the Christians, then the atheists, then the Buddhists, What will hold your blood thirst.

    2. Nick Rhynes says

      Iran v. israel? It would not go as you think, lol.

      1. tapatio says

        Unless Israel used nuclear weapons, Israel would be eradicated.

  16. David Chu says

    Let’s not forget that Russian military transport plane that was accidentally shot down by the Syrians as the Israelis used it to do the same shit as they tried here. The Jews don’t vary their playbook much, no?

  17. Andra Salzberg says

    More slimy moves from the Israeli cesspool.

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