Russia Pulls Off Amazing 5D Multipolar Win!

Putin is addicted to fattening us up with sweet multipolar wins!

Russia has really outdone itself this time! NATO is on its knees, Washington is in panic, and Nancy Pelosi is already burning documents as the Multipolar World is about to be ushered in thanks to the latest and greatest Russian victory!

And what a victory this has been! The stuff of legends! A feat to make Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Suvorov and Georgiy Zhukov green with envy! A triumph of triumphs, a success to redefine success! An accomplishment of which songs will be sung for a thousand years and a million Russian newborns will be named after!

Here is what happened! National Socialists backed by the dastardy vampiric forces of transgender Unipolarism struck at the beautiful, precious Crimea bridge, sullying its holly concrete with 15 tons of exploding fertilizer and striking another blow for Kiev in the War of the BridgesThis came as a shock since the bridge was thought to be outside of Ukrainian missile range but the Ukrainian NSDAP found a way around that using its evil brainstorming powers to send out a kamikaze truck bomber. Thus ammonium nitrate expanded, a shock went through the air, and parts of the holy concrete blessed by holy Putin just four short years ago crumbled into the sea! Oh, the disaster! But then! But then!! But then the Russians…reopened the bridge really, really fast.

Whoah! Incredible!

The National Socialists might be good at shocking the De-Nazifiers in their complacent slumber, but at least the Russians are really good at reopening half-collapsed bridges! Who needs safety inspections or a second lane anyway, what are you a transgender?

Just another 5D triumph for the Multipolarista brigades already so spoiled by Putin’s victories to celebrate. And the finest of them so far!

In February the Multipolarista celebration was that with the Russians already in Kiev suburbs, the Ukrainians in the city center were already shooting at each other in panic! Their days were clearly numbered!

In April the triumph became even bigger when Kiev was proclaimed to have been just a prank, mate, and now the Ukrainians would be schooled in encirclement warfare on the plains beyond Kharkov and Donetsk.

In May and June, the triumph became even bigger, as the expected swift encirclements morphed into “Just kidding, swift encirclements are so 1940s. We’re just going to win by long, exhausting, fratricidal attrition. The judo way.”

Then in September as the Ukrainians broke the lines in Kharkov and the Russians fled to avoid one of these outdated swift encirclements the triumph became even bigger if that is even possible. “We’re just letting them win so they can build up some morale so we can defeat them more easily.”

And now for the triumph-of-all-triumphs: The Russians are really good at re-opening their semi-collapsed infrastructure without safety tests! Whoooaaah! Fantastic! Incredible!

The dastardly brainstorming Nazis can find ways to blindside the slumbering Anti-Transgender Forces. They can demonstrate the much higher level of ingenuity, fanaticism, and sheer balls that reside in Kiev, but when they do, Russian leadership stands ready to… reopen its smoldering bridges really, really quickly!

Now, you may think that going from crashing Kiev city limits with brigades of armor, to reopening collapsed bridges quickly, is going from greater triumphs to ever smaller ones, but do not believe your lying eyes! Whatever you do, do not believe your eyes! Multipolar victories have never been greater than with cars driving over one lane of the still charred Crimea bridge!

NATO is basically writing its surrender as we speak.


Clearly, the decision to re-open the bridge was a political one. Not a civil-engineering one. No civil engineer with legal culpability is going to declare a bridge that just had three sections slide into the sea in a bomb attack safe without weeks of calculations and inspections.

I don’t mind Russian officials opening the bridge quickly. I think that is a good thing. The more successful the Russian officials are in downplaying what happened, the fewer stupid things they will feel they need to do to restore face.

But what is reprehensible are the truckloads of internet chipmunks so willing to go with the transparent state kabuki. The local 5D Multipolarista so eager to proclaim that “the only” effect of the attack was to cut traffic for half a day.

Effects go far beyond that.

Even if it the attack had caused 0 physical damage it would still have a long-lasting effect. For starters, the Russians are now going to intensify vehicle inspections. These are going to prolong travel times, hassle truckers, and most of all, serve as a constant reminder of how unpredictable, determined and fanatical the Ukrainians are. — The Russians somehow expended 4000 cruise and ballistic missiles without dropping a single strategic Dnieper bridge. But the Ukrainians somehow find a way to wage a war on the bridges without even having the weapons for it! Just a truck, some RDX, and a one-way ticket to hell! The disparity in focus, direction, elan at leadership levels couldn’t be greater! Anybody who from now spends 45 minutes being searched to use the bridge will internalize that message on a very personal level.

Next, cargo road traffic is not allowed, and the number of passenger cars has been capped. And ferry service has been restarted for those not brave enough for the bridge and has already transported 760 cars and 4300 people. The road section doesn’t matter, though.

What matters, physically speaking, is the railway. The Russians made a big show of running a train over the bridge in under 24 hours after the attack. But what they were less eager to advertise is that the railway over the bridge is two-track and they used the track that wasn’t affected by the attack.

The other track spent 12 hours having a fuel train burn on top of it. That track isn’t returning to use very soon. And that my friends is a very big deal.

A train can’t just wait by the side of a track while another one passes. Doesn’t work like that. Ergo a single-track railway has far less throughput than a two-track. A friend who works for a railway says when you go from two-track to single-track this is what happens:

“75% reduction in capacity at least, and not just the line itself, but it’s feeder lines too. Any delay by one train is added on to all trains in both directions. It isn’t just 50% less tracks, operationally it is crippling.”

The Russians have another rail line for the south running from Donbass to Melitopol, but that one only goes to Nova Kakhovka (not Kherson) and is also a single-track (I’m told).

The saving grace for the Russians is that the number of troops involved in this conflict is a magnitude lower than in WW2 so probably they’ll manage anyway.

That said, for the cost of what was expended this was a very effective attack. Some TNT and truck to convert a two-track into a single-track. Not bad. Not bad at all. The Russians have done less with much more.

And please no crying about this being any sort of a “terrorist” attack. It’s a land war and Russian and Ukrainian ground armies both run on railways. The Ukrainians could have detonated a truck bomb in a crowded markeplace and that would have been terrorism. Instead, they detonated it in a way to set a fuel train on fire and damage a strategic railway.

In fact, it is the Russian side which started the war on railways and bridges in April, which is also perfectly legitimate. You can read about it HERE.

Now, that the Russians did it fitfully, while the Ukrainians are actually showing focus and zeal is another matter. But don’t get mad at the Little Russians just because they’re better at it.


  1. Oscar Peterson says

    OK, so I skipped over the first part. I’m familiar enough with the irony/sarcasm shtick not to need more of it.

    Good points about the damage and impact. Not a “terror” incident, I agree.

    But what about going forward?

    Are the strikes on Ukraine just another one-time event to show Putin is doing “something”?

    Is there likely to be sustained infrastructure targeting in the future?

    In all the mockery of Putin (and, as always, the inordinate focus on what other internet scribblers are saying) I never get a real sense of what is going on in the Kremlin. What is the course of action going forward?

    I’m listening to a series of books on the Eastern Front in WW I, and it’s interesting how many of the pathologies (I guess that’s not too strong a word) the Russian Army of the time shares with its contemporary counterpart.

    Interestingly, the four book cycle: 1914, 1915, 1916-17, 1917-21 is by a Brit GP of Indian origin, Prit Buttar. Very detailed on the tactical developments. The fiasco of the 1915 German attack on the Russian defenses around Kovno (Kaunas) seems plucked from the present day.

    1. Agarwal says

      The Ukrainians tricked a civilian truck driver into becoming a suicide bomber, and created frickin commemorative stamps of the suicide bombing within hours of it happening.

      Fast forward 48 hours and the same Ukrainians are crying about Russian genocide when the inevitable response came.

      “Haha we blew up your bridge, what are you going to do about it you stupid Orcs! You have no missiles left anyway Hahahahaha!”

      “How dare you attack us! Russia terrorist state! Please please please nato give us more weapons! We are innocent victims of unprovoked subhuman attacks!”

      Whatever else you say about the Ukrainian government & media, it has galaxy level chutzpah, and I for one just can’t handle it on a personal level. What the hell is wrong with those people? Defending themselves from genocide? You mean being forced not to put portraits of Bandera in city halls and to not abuse local Russian-speakers is genocide?

      1. SteveK9 says

        Chutzpah comes with the territory when you are run by Jews, and that includes America by the way.

        1. Oscar Peterson says

          Yes, it’s interesting to see how Jewy American and Ukrainian behavior truly is. Behind the doddering Biden, the cabinet of the current US administration is a veritable minyan.

          And Zelensky seems consciously to model his behavior on Israel’s “We’ll-do-what-we-want-and-we’ll-get-away-with-it” behavior.

          It makes one envy China–a country with no disloyal self-serving ethnic 5th columns subverting its culture and its policies.

          1. Agarwal says

            There is definitely a conscious modeling after Israel on Zelensky’s part (and I think good for him, what other small disliked country is more successful than Israel?). But the main cultural imprint I see in Ukraine is from W Ukraine. An innocent “I can haz Russia be destroyed?” puppy eyed look that reminds me of the Baltics, a peripheral or “hillbilly” European attitude of “who cares about those poor dark people countries supporting Russia, we are a part of the global master race Europeans, the only group that matters”, overt and cheesy racism with Orcs, etc

            1. Oscar Peterson says

              Well, that’s the Galicians.

              And their attitude goes way back before the present-day European periphery that you are describing.

              I’ve never quite understood why the Galicians are the “ultra-Ukrainians” but the phenomenon seems to be a common one in the Slavic world.

              The Russians have seen themselves as the vanguard of the Slavs–or at least the East Slavs.

              The Serbs have seen themselves as the vanguard of the South Slavs.

              The Poles see themselves as the vanguard of a coalition of Slavic and non-Slavic countries lying between Germany and Russia whose grand task is to thwart both these “evil” countries (and of course re-assert the historical greatness of Poland.)

              The Galicians within what is now called Ukraine have a similar mentality.

              They came out very early against Polish subjection of western Ukraine, and fought a brief losing war with the new and aggressive Polish Republic in 1918-19. And then they were able to expand their national consciousness under Austrian rule. And they were the core of support for Bandera and the core of what you are calling “Western Ukraine.” But I’m still not sure what lies at the essence of Galician-ness.

      2. Oscar Peterson says

        The western media reaction to the casualties of the trucking bombing–especially the driver–is characteristic.

        They simply refuse to acknowledge that people were killed.

        If it were Russia that sent a truck driver to his death in such a macabre way, the New York Times and all the others would have been vociferous in their horrified reaction–sort of like the death of Khashoggi.

        But, going forward, the real question is whether this marks the start of a sustained escalation in the form of targeting power and comms infrastructure.

        Putin has evidently never wanted to do that, but it seems he has to do it in conjunction with the deployment of the mobilized units of the Russian Army if he is going to have something that can be called a victory with an end to the fighting.

    2. peterinanz says

      “But what about going forward?”
      “People of Russia losing.”
      “Are the strikes on Ukraine just another one-time event to show Putin is doing “something”?”
      “Is there likely to be sustained infrastructure targeting in the future?”
      “I never get a real sense of what is going on in the Kremlin. ”
      Most pro-Russian people have the same issue. Comes from wrong premises.
      “What is the course of action going forward?”
      Preserving Putin’s clique own power and wealth at all cost incurred on somebody else. Russian general population in particular.

      1. Oscar Peterson says

        You’re not convincing me.

        If that’s all Putin wanted, he could simply have avoided an invasion completely, which was clearly a risky endeavor.

        What wrong premises are you referring to ?

  2. RegretLeft says

    I’d almost say a “very entertaining” read if things weren’t so god-awful!

    Mr Slavsquat might have concluded with a musical interlude – perhaps Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky.

    Here it is:

    “The Battle on the Ice” even! A reminder that the war’s first full winter is fast approaching. More “regrouping” or will things press ahead?

  3. Panos says

    OK,lets relax down a little.Even Strelkov’s posts appear calm after the mobilisation decree after all.

    Russia’s economy has not collapsed.
    Russia is not isolated politically/diplomatically.Even the saudis refused senile joe’s appeals.
    The army is mobilising,there is a second wave coming.There is no rush to just send meat to the front also.
    Some(not all)army’s problems are rectified,for example lack of drones.
    Russia’s massive attacks yesterday and today prove that its military industry is working OK.
    The show in ukraine now has a commander devoted to the task,with his staff etc.

    Oh,and btw the bridge thing doesn’t seem to affect the army logistics,there is a land corridor after all.It is obvious that the (hopefully former)”dear partners”want to provoke a rushed move,for their own reasons.

    So there you are.Things move to the proper direction.

  4. Jonathan says

    Markos is committed to being right. There is no turning back for him. So regardless of what Russia does from here on out, it will be interpreted as a loss, or at least a false victory.

    1. Kevin Barsi says

      He’s a real piece work ol’ Marko. also how do we know Marko is not infact Sarah Ashton Cirillo in drag?? this article feels like a parody of Marko did he write this article 3 days ago and then back into his dark sad doomer hole. I can’t deny this site is my guilty pleasure

  5. YakovKedmi says

    Very good sarcasm —but not even close. If what you are thinking is true, V.V. is not a victim of the Brezinsky-Obama crew —not someone who was fooled and played like a fiddle (as the Tsars were), but a willing tag-team partner in this cluster attack on humanity (english and scottish are not humans, they are lynch-mob and predators, very likely part of the 13 tribe gene-pool).

    Soviet specialists put together impressive enough fireworks for the day after V.V.’s 70th or 72nd hatching day. a) hopefully to generate some enthusiasm for war among the residents of Mother Russia; b) to provide an excuse for some activity. As Rifleman Flintlock said a few days ago, if you kick them in the ass hard enough, the Russian high-command is willing to come alive and be active for a while.

    The picture above shows—
    a train was parked right place right time
    six tankers managed to ignite (how and what ignited them ?)
    lubricants, grease, diesel oil don’t explode, but in the presence of heat they expand and blow gasket
    the other tanker cars were likely empty, not sealed, pressure didn’t build up
    the fireball on the video, allegedly from the 18-wheeler, didn’t cause the collapse of the road; those segments caved some time after, due to some other cause
    plenty of supplies can be transported on the track and on the pavement for 100,000 soldiers
    (it is NOT the lack of roads and railways that is holding up the progress of the Expeditionary Force at Siversk, Harkov (when they were anywhere near it), Bahmut, Pisky, Marinka)

    HIMARSs have hit the Kakovka Bridge how many times ? all they did was making a few manholes in the pavement. But at Kerch one fireball dislodged the road 200 yards away, and five minutes later !!!? —The Ministry of Pravda Truth Investigation tells me this, it must be gospel from the cyril Cheka high-priest himself

    For the first time, on October 10, General Strelkov Ivanovich was positive on the prospects of this war:

    А сейчас враг, наоборот, будет вынужден, наоборот, торопиться с наступательными операциями – пока его тыловая инфраструктура остается дееспособной. Продолжаю прогнозировать попытки врага провести до конца октября 1-2-х крупномасштабных наступательных операций.

    Сейчас каждый день без наступления врага — “работает на нас”, поскольку с каждым днем нарастает поток мобилизованных, прибывающих на фронт и сокращается время, оставшееся до подготовки и ввода в бой срочно формируемых резервов. Командование ВСУ всё это тоже прекрасно понимает.

  6. SteveK9 says

    If Russia continues attacks on the electrical grid, Ukraine is finished. Millions will be fleeing to the West to avoid freezing to death. Poland and Germany will be near collapse themselves.

  7. Traveller says

    More hysterics on Pro-empire. Obviously, things are going very, very bad for ukro-scum.
    Realistically, the fact that Russians are using hundreds of missiles to only partially disrupt ukrostan energy system, shows clearly one thing: they have shitloads of missiles standing by, and are ready to completely demolish ukrostan infrastructure if needs be. And, they for sure keep in reserve even bigger stockpiles, in case Nato lapdogs and Usa decide to get suicidal and engage openly with Russia.

    As for the Crimean bridge, it is now purely civilian infrastructure; Crimea is connected with the rest of Russia via land corridor. Even when they were building it, I thought it is far easier for Russians to annex Azov area, as it has been done now. Russians must have known back than in 2015 they will eventually capture whole Azov sea and the Kherson area. I can only assume they went for the bridge building to somehow deceive Usa to believe they will not ever invade.

  8. james1 says

    I’m Australian & a friend of Russia & China & anyone who is against the uSA war mongers. I did NOT like this article — stupid to make light of what have been very difficult decisions by Russia. Putin is the best leader on the Planet & he has done everything so far by the book. That will stop now & the real might of Russia will go on to defeat NATO & the UK + uSA if it interferes.
    So Please no more aticle poking $hit at Russia – get on SIDE !

  9. Jim says

    “The saving grace for the Russians is that the number of troops involved in this conflict is a magnitude lower than in WW2 ” You probably meant to say “order of magnitude”.

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