Russia Publishes a List of Unfriendly Countries

And there are only two…

The Czech Republic and the United States. For several weeks, Russian authorities have toyed with the idea of compiling a list of countries that engage in unfriendly activities. These countries will have limits on how many Russian citizens they can employ at their diplomatic missions.

The List

…of foreign countries that commit unfriendly acts towards the Russian Federation, Russian citizens, and Russian legal entities, against whom, measures and countermeasures are being adopted in accordance with the Order of the President of thee Russian Federation from 23 April 2021 #243. “

Followed by the list of unfriendly countries, with the number of Russian citizens they can employ at their missions indicated to the right. The Americans are allowed 0 Russian employees, the Czechs only 19.

It would be good to give an account of unfriendly actions the Czechs have committed against Russia in recent years…

  1. Russia sanctions in the wake of the MH17 disaster. The Czechs shot themselves in the foot in order to support Ukraine but here they went along with the EU but external control doesn’t excuse them.
  2. The Czech, government-funded NGO, Člověk v tísni was caught coaching CIS activists on how to behave at demonstrations at a seminar in Yerevan, Armenia. After that it was declared undesirable on the territory of Russia.
  3. The removal of the statue of the Soviet general, Ivan Konev, the true liberator of Prague, and the simultaneous erection of a disgusting monument to Vlasovites of Bunyachenko.
  4. Fake hysteria about a Russian spy/diplomat who has come to the Czech Republic to assassinate Prague’s mayors. It turned out to be a hoax…
  5. A rumour has been circulated for several years, claiming that the Russian embassy in Prague is being used as a central for GRU. Nobody was ever caught, and it was likely another of anti-Russian hoaxes.
  6. Vrbětice explosions BS. Unfortunately, the Vrbětice hoax led to attacks on Russian business, including Rosatom and Sputnik V.

Russia needs to react to such provocations in an effective way.

Source: Insomniac Resurrected

  1. yuri says

    the desperate neurotic empire crumbling into bad burgers and marijuana

  2. Hoyru says

    The Russians appear to be really lame. That’s it? They should have also included UK, Poland, all the Baltic countries, Bulgaria, and a few others. Then close down all their embassies and kick all them out. the EU and USA are laughing at this.

    1. Steve Kastl says

      Russia tries not to burn bridges behind it. They hope sanity will return to the West and peaceful trade can occur. The problem is that the West is run by criminals, sociopaths, and opportunists who don’t care about their countries, just how much money can they steal while in power. This includes my country, the USA.

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Sanity ?? Return to the West ?? Do you think that they work on a vaccine to restore sanity to the goyim ??

    2. John Rourke says

      Definitely the UK should be on the List.

      1. Jerry Hood says

        United Koks is included with satanic,zionist USrael! So is Snake land of Canaan= Canada(Can= Snake in semitic= snake languages), Australia and Jew Zealand…All heavily Judaised Anglo-Shashos!!!

    3. Leos Tomicek says

      Not included in the article is the fact that the list can be updated. Russia in this case reacted to a string of unfriendly actions by the Czech Republic, and demonstrated what will happen to countries that engage in similar behaviour. And they also listed the inspirer of Czech Russophobic hysteria.

  3. Dale F says

    You can eat an elephant in one bite. This is a good start!

  4. GOCAD says

    Hmmm not a single mention of us calling him Hitler and a Nazi or that he has bear-like nipples. Life is weird. Why can’t everyone just get along and laugh instead of killing each other over pety crap that doesn’t matter when you are dead. People are people regardless of the upbringing or the religion or the greed they have. We are pretty much the same bodies we are just brainwashed by our environment and it is not the right environment we should be protecting (nature). When you die you don’t go into your wallet or a priests or politicians pocket, you go into the earth and air. And what makes no sense is those pockets are actually cleaner than nature because we are crap tenants.

  5. Mark says

    Nice job, Leos. I completely agree nations of the EU as well as Canada and Australia belong on the list for their gutless cheerleading of American provocations, and in our own case the Deputy Prime Minister is an ethnic western-Ukrainian descendant of Nazi collaborators who loses no opportunity to portray Russia in the nastiest light, and to openly and publicly presume its guilt in anything it is accused of having done.

    Nonetheless, Russia is wise to do it this way, and is subtly serving notice that it understands the difference between committed ideology and economic sycophancy. In the case of the USA, Russia is its ideological enemy because it is perhaps the only nation in the world (excepting China, now) that it cannot break by any customary mechanism – military conquest, economic warfare or propaganda-inspired isolation. It does not have the means to attack it militarily without paying a price it could not absorb, it has tried without success to ruin it through economic sanctions, and its clumsy criminal frame-ups are becoming too incredible even for its allies. Yet it must keep trying, because its own economy is more insupportable by the day and conquest offers the best hope of its market oligarchy stumbling along for another decade or two.

    America’s European allies go along with it for economic reasons – they have extensive investments in America, and their trade ties are a serious vulnerability. European leaders are American ideologues, but it is not too tough to sell anti-Russian policies to the public, either, for economic reasons. Europe cannot visualize itself in an economic partnership with Russia INSTEAD of America; it would dearly love to have both, but if it must have only one, it will throw Russia under the bus.

    But it does not have to be that way always, and Russia is a long-game planner and thinker. Once it would have been unthinkable that the United States could collapse through its own excess and degradation and profligacy, but now it is not only quite thinkable, it does not even seem very far away. Following the collapse of the Once Leader of the Free World, new alliances will form, and it is to that eventuality that Russia forms policy.

    I think the Czech Republic just had the misfortune to shoot off its mouth at the moment Russia decided to abandon its old laissez-faire approach, and take a harder diplomatic line. It serves as an example that if you want to run your mouth, be prepared to accept costs. It is otherwise more or less economically and strategically insignificant from Russia’s viewpoint. A change of government in Czechia would put things back on the rails, whereas no change in government will modify America’s attitude. It had a go at pretending to be sort of friendly while it tried to regime-change Russia into a compatible model, and it didn’t work, so now they will be enemies for life.

  6. Jerry Hood says

    The nukes will tell us more, who are the Russian real enemies! And I am glad that the jew run ” Czechia”= Bohemia is very 2nd after the satanic,zionist USrael!!

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