Russia Posts Record Layoffs in 2021

Mind-virus leadership will do that

Editor’s note: There has only ever been a bigger jobs deficit in Q4 of 2015 due to oil price collapse and Obama’s financial warfare offensive, and in Q2 of 2020 also due to mind virus fanaticism.

Machine translated from Russian.

In the second quarter of 2021, 2.66 million people from medium and large companies resigned in Russia, which is a record figure for the last nine years. This is reported in the study of the audit and consulting company FinExpertiza

So, the Ivanovo region became the absolute leader with the most noticeable imbalance – there are 44.4% more layoffs than jobs. In second place was the Ulyanovsk region, where layoffs are 43.8% more than jobs. Chuvashia closes the top three with an indicator of 38.9%. At the same time, in two regions – Moscow and Chechnya, the rates of dismissal and hiring were equal, and in nine subjects, the number of people hired was higher.

However, the largest number of layoffs was last observed only in the third quarter of 2019 – then, for various reasons, more than 2.76 million Russians quit. [But then more people were hired.]

In the country as a whole, in the second quarter of 2021, there were 13.3% more employees of large and medium-sized enterprises who left their jobs than those who were hired.

The situation was worse only in the second quarter of 2020, and before that – in the fourth quarter of the crisis 2015.

A significant increase in layoffs occurred in industries affected by the [insane government response to the] pandemic, such as hospitality, public services, culture and entertainment, education, and textiles.

Source: Novosti

  1. Douglas Atkins says

    Note how Marko the West Slav’s Pseudo-“Anti-Empire” has now fully morphed into a typical Western anti-Russian site–cuz, you know, Russia is clearly the world’s dominant Empire, with all those bases and colonies. Most articles now criticize Russia on covid, as if they were leading the Pfizer-WEF. Just another CIA-shilling fraud site now.

    1. Field Empty says

      I’m a South Slav, I see you defended Kremlin’s lockdown before on the grounds that early on it couldn’t have possibly known how bad the pathogen was going to be, what defense do you have for it kneecapping Russia for NATO and apeing the West 18 months into it? We’re supposed to ignore Putin has less balls or leadership on this than an ex-beauty queen and a Florida neocon? If that’s the case then that’s a grave problem with him, not with this site. I’d love nothing more than to be able to praise him on this, sadly he hasn’t been worth it. Maybe you’ll enjoy RT and Saker’s Vineyard better where they are only too happy to cover up or excuse away this part of Putin’s record, personally I have higher standards for Russian leadership and less tolerance for anyone inflicting injustice, indignity or unfreedom on the Russian people than that.

      1. yuri says

        u r amerikan–govorit yerunda

        1. Jerry Hood says

          South Slav: Bosnian musulman..

      2. Jelly button says

        I think we would all love to give credit to Putin when it is due, because he gets such a bad rap in the press, but you are right, this is terrible. My own view is it is a franchise; As I preiously wrote

        Like the spread of the US neo-liberal Empire & US hegemony itself, the Covid operation is best characterized as a franchise, it is offered with many benefits for the budding tyrant & country’s elite, who buy into it, including total surveillance & obedience of their own population, in response to an expertly executed global narrative of fear.
        For most western countries the franchise fee is paid to the US directly, whose CIA/NSA direct the COVID operation, by surrendering their peoples privacy & data via the covid pass, by giving the CIA/NSA a seat at every business & government meeting during the fabricated crisis via Zoom, by surrendering their retail sectors to Amazon, & by allowing dollar rich US corporations buy up property, strategic industries and small businesses, during the massive fire-sale which is following on from the highly destructive, self inflicted, COVID measures.
        The Russians, the Chinese & the Iranians, as excluded states, get the Covid franchise for FREE. They get all the franchise marketing, branding, pseudo-science based fear mongering, and the tech tyranny template for nothing, without having to pay the crippling franchise fee to the USA and their agencies.
        For Russia & Iran it’s a win win. They even get to create their own fake vaccine, for the fake virus, with the west unable to challenge its effectiveness, knowing they risk exposing their own fraud if they do.

        1. Field Empty says

          Ha! That’s an extremely interesting way to put it.

          1. Jelly button says

            Yes I have worked on the idea for a while and it seems to fit too well. Work it up into an article if you like & credit, Maribel Tuff. I wrote the below as well.


      3. Douglas Atkins says

        The key phrase in your response was ” this part”: of course we ( you, me, Riley and many others, such as Shukshina and Demiurge and Sorok on Telegram and many readers here) are disappointed and even appalled that Vlad’s admin have gone all in on “Moses” Guntzberg’s Gamaleya
        vaccine scam. Trying to be world leaders in new tech, with “vaccine diplomacy” they bought in to Sputnik and now they can’t back out and they’re trapped, and we all hate that. BUT, they are still the Arktos–the last hope to bring down the real Empire of Evil, and the only alternative to it. China, Belarus, the Balkans aren’t going to do it. I still maintain, in spite of this Vax atrocity by Vlad, my original thesis above–and we can’t lose sight of that. I’m just warning that in your understandable anger with ” this part”, your site appears to be doing that.

    2. ken says

      This site has been publishing articles from all over the planet. If you wanted to guess which nation garnered the most posts I’d say it was England, Europe, Australia and Canada. There wasn’t much happening in Russia during the first year of this insanity.

      In fact Russia seemed the only sane country in the world until Putin met with Biden. Right at that moment the mayor of Moscow started the vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. Up until that time Putin declared there would be no mandatory vaccine mandates under his watch. I have the video where he stated that.

      All of a sudden we have police in Russia dragging folks off of buses beating some of them Australian style. This is verified by videos and local Russian media.

      They’re locking down the elderly saying how vulnerable they are while its now surfacing that in the West they actually murdered the elderly to jack up the covid numbers. First they pump in remdesivir which causes renal failure and the lungs to fill up,,, then the ventilator blows out the lungs as the air has nowhere to go. Some (the UK) have used sedatives to kill them off.

      Another method is more insidious. They lock them down, treat them like lepers and they die off heart broken, suicide, starvation or whatever. The sad thing? They have many in society rooting this on over an alleged disease the numbers prove its no worse than the flu.

      It doesn’t matter the political ideology, 99% of the nations are on the same page when it comes to this covid BS. I believe Marko has been extremely reasonable and he has the only site that I know of that does not censure.

      This covid psyop is out to depopulate and they don’t care your political preference, your nationality or your color. They simply want you dead whether you are American, Canadian, Australian, British, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, etc, etc, etc.

      People need to come together for once as this covid nonsense involves everyone. Stop bickering with each other,,, this is how they win. They are 100% united while we still bicker about crap that really doesn’t matter.

      Get out of that cold war mentality they want. As a wise man has said,,, first they destroy your economy, then they take you to war. Don’t fall for their BS this time.

      For our children, our mothers and fathers, regardless the nationality or color, we better join forces and kick some ass or their won’t be a future.

      I know,,, I’m talking to the wind,,, but ya gotta try!

    3. yuri says

      perhaps Soros funded? So far no deaths, allergic reactions associated w sputnik. many nations now ban moderna, Pfizer, j&j vaccines

  2. guest says


    Is it true that there will be non-working days in Moscow ? Is it true that people older than 60 years are confined to their apartments ? &c, etc

    However anti-Russian anyone on this forum might be, all of them put together couldn’t do anything to Russia. Vladimir, on the other hand, can do much.

    1. yuri says

      u hillbillies believe all fake news

  3. yuri says

    more fake news from pro-empire—Russian economy fully received from Covid, unlike western economies expected to grow3-4% 2021….unemployment in Moscow 1.5%, in Russia estimated 6%…unlike puritanical amerikans that live to work, Russians work only enough to live—the status anxious puritanical amerikans accept any incompetence—a nation of accountants and waitresses

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Yuri, these Western goyim do know NO-THING about Russia and her people! These fat,obese soulless zombies don’t even know that they are degenerated bastards!

  4. Marcus says

    The chaos and division US/UK societies is of their own making from the corruption of the political and economic system. Trying to resurrect a Cold War with Russia is a futile attempt to postpone a reckoning over inherent problems.

  5. yuri says

    disappointed—only 2 downvotes from the Vermont puritans…Thomas de Zengodita wrote in his recent book ‘Mediated’
    “busy busy numb–amerikans cannot feel themselves alive unless they feel themselves busy. amerika is a vast goo of meaningless stimulation”. now amerikans apparently copulating w mobile phones
    previously it was a misdemeanor to be idle in New England…when the puritans wrote “idleness is the devil’s handmaiden”
    as Zygmust Bauman Giddens, Giroux all write: “speed obliterates the capacity to think”

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Stop complaining and grow a pair!
      Your feelings get hurt, you’re very sensitive, you must be a woman.

  6. Hoyeru says

    Havent visited in several months, and i see i was right, this has turned into another CIA run op posting stupid anti Russian articles and using ridicilous “EDward slav” writer” who is himself using the non existent gopniks graphics. How obvious can you get????
    . Man I was 100% right to stay away. See ya never, waste of electrons.

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