Russia Offers Support for Turkish TF-X Lightweight Stealth Fighter Program

Engines? Electronics? Whatever Turkey needs to forget about F-35, Russia has it

The head of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, has said Russia is ready to discuss partnership opportunities for the development of Turkey’s first national combat aircraft, Yeni Şafak reported on Wednesday.

The mockup of the TF-X National Combat Aircraft was introduced at the Paris Air Show in June. Turkey’s Kale Group and Rolls Royce had agreed to jointly develop engines for the TF-X with a $133 million deal signed in 2017, but the British engine maker announced in March that it had scaled back the project.

“We can provide Turkey with aircraft engines and electronic combat equipment,” Yeni Şafak quoted Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation head Dmitry Shugayev as saying to reporters.

The comments came shortly after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit on Tuesday to Moscow, where he examined Russia’s Su-35 and Su-57 warplanes at the MAKS 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon.

“We are ready to discuss this issue as a part of our cooperation in the defence industry,” the Russian official said in relation to TF-X, a fifth generation fighter.

Turkey has been mulling over alternatives to the F-35 jets after the United States halted the delivery of the U.S.-built stealth fighters to Turkey.

Washington expelled Turkey from the F-35 programme after Russia started the delivery of S-400 missile defence systems to Turkey. Ankara’s NATO allies fear the presence of the Russian-built systems could allow Moscow to access sensitive information on F-35s through subterfuge.

Speeding up efforts to develop the TF-X and replace Turkey’s F-16 jets has become more important after the removal from the F-35 programme, experts told pro-government Daily Sabah last month.

Source: Ahval

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  3. George X says

    Thats as far as turkey will get with jets. Just the shell

  4. Ali Erikenoglu says

    The Turkish aeronautics industry is developing jet engines as of this writ. Like any technology, it takes several years to come to fruition. The genius here is that Turkey is partnering with international industry leaders to further its own research. The only loser here?… is the US.

    1. BillA says

      you underestimate the difficulty of manufacturing jet engines; the Chinese have invested far more than Turkey ever could, over many years now, and I believe that they are nowhere near certifying one for commercial service
      and look at the US trying to block the sale of an Ukrainian jet mfgr to China <- I believe it has taken the Russians - with vast experience - 7 years to get their new engine certified. good luck (suggest buying engines at least from the Russians)

  5. George Silversurfer says

    F35 program is like franchise… The franchisee pays to support the program, take most risks and has no leverage or sovereignty at all… But who needs sovereignty if one were born in captivity.

  6. skinnerreturns says

    The second largest military force of NATO, after the US. They have spent trillions of dollars on USWestern military equipment.
    Now they will buy with RublesYuan or barter for non Western gear.

    No wonder the West is going broke ffs. lol

  7. John C Carleton says

    “Engines? Electronics? Whatever Turkey Needs to forget about F-35”

    Want Russian Girls?
    Russian Vodka?
    A summer vacation villa in Siberia?
    Buy Russia parts and war toys!

    1. Paul Robert Stalf says

      .i would
      Like meet a Russian young lady to be a possibility of marriage. I ride mymotor cycle all winter long and need some one on th^ bike.
      I’m in pretty good shape. (being) 60 years old buy she would have to see sexy and pretty.. And if she needs citizenship I would more than happy to help her get threw it
      So, I could help you. And teach you thennb trades or get you into a desk job. Call or email me I won’t answer my phone. If. I. Don’t know the number. A txt ahead of time wouwork ourng so good night n have a great day tommor and I. Will be looking forward to hearnfr

    2. Ali Erikenoglu says


  8. JustPassingThrough says

    the art of the deal 🙂

  9. BillA says

    would seem like a good fit, better than buying Su-57s for sure

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Why would you say that?

      The Su-57 appears to be an extremely capable airplane.

      The Turkish project is just that, a project.

      1. BillA says

        a learning experience, the turks/present Sultan seem to act like fatheads that have infinite technological capability; look at the Chinese efforts to produce jet engines.
        even with the learning curve the TF-X should be far cheaper
        and other than the Israelis, against whom would the Su-57 be pitted?
        – missiles would be used on Israel I presume
        and then the Su-35 should be considered

        1. Ali Erikenoglu says

          Billyboy…consider the fact that the Sultan has one of the most advanced drone programs on the planet, and several other military projects that are a quantum leap ahead (too many to enumerate here) just in the past 15 years…and even a person of your intellectual caliber will see that the Turks are spending their money quite wisely.

          1. George X says

            Best you spend the money on education and aconomy rather than wasting money on stupid military programs. Erdogan surely knows jow to divert attention from the real issues facing Turkey

          2. BillA says

            my remarks were not based on an assessment of specific technical capabilities, rather on the vast number of technologies needed to design, test, and produce the TF-X, a Turkish F-35. I do not believe the Turks have the human or economic resources to be able to complete such. just my opinion eh

            1. Ferit Tüzer says

              As a turk, I agree with you. Though I wish for this project to be successful, we’re nowhere near it in technology, and I feel that hurdles will be too great to overcome and it will be cancelled. Perhaps at the next economic crisis and change of government. Just look at how difficult it was to develop the f-35.

            2. BillA says

              but remember, the F-35 is a horse designed designed by a committee, i.e. a camel

  10. Vish says

    Don’t worry.

    America can offer Turkey some Boeing 737 MAX airplanes as an enticement–for free.

    Hell, the USA can even pay Turkey to take some 737 MAX planes off their hands, as it is having a hard time even giving them away.


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