Russia Offering Massive Salary for 3-Month Stints in Ukraine

The self-imposed manpower crunch bites

Russia has trained serving conscripts but won’t use them in Ukraine. This produces a severe manpower shortage which it is trying to dampen with a host of desperate halfway measures. Rounding up Donbass teachers, using the Rosgvardia police troops, disproportionally relying on Chechens, inviting South Ossetians

One of the desperation measures is courting ex-servicemembers (ex-pros and ex-conscripts alike) to return to the military for stints as short as 3 months, and be paid a staggering 300 thousand rubles per month. At the prewar exchange level that would be 3750 US dollars and is massive money for the Russian province.

It is much higher than the normal salary of a contract soldier which is around $1000 (plus a combat bonus but I don’t know how large). Before Ukraine the shortest contract the Russian military would enter into was for 2 years of service.

Kommersant has the story:

The military commissariat of the Lysvensky urban district of the Perm Territory announced on social networks the recruitment of citizens to conclude short-term contracts for the positions of officers, sergeants and privates to participate in the military operation in Ukraine. Information about this today, May 23, in the morning was posted on the official page of the district administration on the VKontakte social network . It was reported that a contract can be concluded for a period of 3 to 12 months. The monthly monetary allowance of contractors will be from 300 thousand rubles.

After the publication of news about this in the media, the message was deleted. The Lysva military registration and enlistment office declined to comment.

The Business Class publication writes that similar messages appeared today, May 23, in the social networks of the administrations of the Ordinsky and Uinsky municipal districts of the Perm Territory, later they were also deleted.

In a related development, the Duma has raised the age limit for Russians seeking to become contract soldiers from 40 to 50 years.

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Ban me, but it’s fucking boring now.

    Your site used to be good analysis – now you call people you disagree with you c**ts, and charge head strong into your analysis.

    WHERE do you see Russia losing?

    I feel you are caught up in the fog of statistical white noise – sure, an old ship gets it, some retreats, blah blah, blah blah.

    But where is Russia losing? You sound like Hitler in 1944 (imo), full of belief, yet lacking in fact.

    Russia is winning – what part of not dropping your whole military into a battle do you not get?

    1. Oscar Peterson says

      This story doesn’t claim that Russia is losing, just that the manpower problem continues to be a factor and shouldn’t be lost sight of.

      The story right before it talks about high Ukrainian casualty levels.

      Russia appears to be having gradual tactical success in Donbass, and Zelensky is beginning to prepare Ukrainians for bad news from the East. One can also discern massive concern across the West (NYT, Kissinger, and others) about how the global economic ramifications of all this are playing out. So yeah, there is good news on the Russian side.

      But the sustainability of operations in light of manpower constraints–especially if Odessa and whatnot is still on the agenda or Kharkiv, or if there is to be some effort to close off the supply corridors at the Polish border–is still a critical topic.

    2. Tom Verso says

      I agree with you about this site.
      It seems that the editor scans news items that prove his negative ‘analysis’ of the Russian operation and then quotes them out of context. For example, the recruiting of 40-50 years olds was reported on another site but also the explanation that modern warfare involves many technical desk jobs (so to speak ). These middle age people are not going into combat.

      Moreover, the editors negative analysis fails to take into consideration that the primary role of Russian senior military men is to be prepared for a full blown war with NATO, which is becoming increasingly likely. The reported introduction of Polish ‘volunteers’ and Finland entry into NATO are not to be taken lightly.

      In short, sadly the editor has access to a great deal of information not available in MSM, but like MSM he selectively pick info that support his ideological presuppositions instead objective military analysis.
      The difference between this site’s ‘reporting’ and SouternFronts’ is stunning.

      1. Oscar Peterson says

        I agree that South Front is another good site from which to triangulate one’s overall picture of what is going on–especially their daily update maps. The Russian-language site Political Kaleidoscope, which I was only recently introduced to, seems quite good also, e.g.:

        “Tactics of “Small Cauldrons” Revealed: Why the Svetlodarsk Arc Fell”

        The issues that are focused on here are real ones–Russian military manpower and others. Yes, you perhaps find useful employment somewhere in support of the war for 40+ year veterans. But still, the need to resort to such an appeal does certainly indicate manpower issues.

        The problem comes in that many people demand a site that is tailored to their personal viewpoints. If they want that, they should set up their own website. Only then will the content be guaranteed to be consistently to their taste.

        1. Abraham Lincoln says

          No it use to be a good site now it has com eout as a pro empire mouth piece.

          If you want a good site with maps go to

          You will need to use google translate.

        2. Abraham Lincoln says

          Hello Pro Empire.

          Poland has sent 2 battalions to Ukraine to fight Russia and is now sending its pilots to fly Ukrainian jets against Russia. Russia is going to declare war against Ukraine and Poland and mobilize its entire military.

          Poland and the parts of Ukraine not already under Russian control are going to be totally destroyed. All Russian exports to the USSA of strategic metals uranium, gas, oil etc. to Europe will be cut off. Production of computer chips will stop except for pro-Russian counties.

          Unemployment in Europe will go to 90% plus there will be famine and massive deaths before battle even starts. The USSA economy will be crippled and the USSA has already abandoned Europe with its sanctions against Europe so the USSA will not follow article 5 of NATO as it will mean the total annihilation of the USSA and its slave master and capital Israel.

      2. Abraham Lincoln says

        This site is pro empire now.

    3. Abraham Lincoln says

      Yes you are sight this site iis pro empire and they ban and censor just like the empire.

      Oh pro empire spouting empire propaganda you are wong as usual.

      Ruble sets new record against dollar and euro
      The currency has grown stronger despite loosened capital controls.

      The Russian ruble set another multi-year high against both the US dollar and euro on Wednesday, even as the central bank loosens capital controls.

      The ruble was trading below 58 to the euro, its strongest level since May 2015, and below 56 against the dollar, its strongest since February 2018. The quotes are according to Moscow Exchange data as of 07:15 GMT. The Russian currency gave up some of the gains later in the session.

      The ruble continued to strengthen on Wednesday even as the central bank loosens the capital controls initiated in March to protect it from Western sanctions.

    4. Abraham Lincoln says

      This site is pro empire. Pro Empire does not want to admit Russia does not want to kill ethnic Russians in the East and South of Ukraine and Russia does not want to destroy the infrastructure in Ukraine. Russia is willing to go slow and lose more soldiers to save the lives on hundreds of thousands of ethnic Russians.

      Also as the Zio government of Ukraine does not allow its Goyim soldiers to retreat as it prefers non Jews to die it makes Russian advances take longer. Stalingrad was not captured in a day when the Russians had millions of soldiers.

      Even so Russia is destroying the best of the Ukrainian Army and weapons. Once the mostly Russian areas are liberated the East and South of Ukraine advances will be much quicker and Russia will take the gloves off completely off in Western Judeo Nazi Ukraine as well as for NATO if necessary.

  2. AL says

    Putin is a neoliberal and this is neoliberal style war. Cheap, low effort, low quality, uninspiring etc.

    1. Oscar Peterson says

      If it succeeds it will be inspiring regardless of its “quality.” If it fails, it will be demoralizing regardless of how much effort was put in.

  3. Drapetomaniac says

    Yup, Russia should adopt the US military’s technique: bomb civilians.

    One low yield nuke on Kiev in honor of Hiroshima should do it.

  4. Geraldo says

    but there ARE plenty of VOLUNTEERS. Plenty, not something you’re coming acroos with the Ukies. 6000 mercenaries fighting for the Elensky Junta. Russia will do what it needs to do and why not pay extra, use Wagner or volunteers until you have to. Don’t forget RF is keeping its powder dry for the NATO nitwits willing to die for the US dumb dumbs.

  5. SteveK9 says

    There is no problem paying them a lot of money. Who cares? Sounds nice that soldiers are actually getting something substantial for putting their lives at risk. News flash … Russia gets rubles by pressing a button on a computer.

  6. Cappac says

    Sad! Another Ukronazi good. Russia, bad. This site has changed not to the best…

    1. Nom de Plume says

      Where’s the sharp n witty counterblasts which used to accompany your team’s responses?

      After all, with “winnin” on all sides BIG Z machine… who wouldn’t be light n cheery at this point in the production?

  7. Lanka says just stupid moronic if all true and Russia will get it…

  8. GMC says

    Ya well, my first paycheck in 69 was 99 bucks and my best pay in Nam was 300 for a month so – these guys are getting a good deal, since most of them will come back alive. And there ain’t no hot jungle . Where do I sign up ?

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