Russia Now Leads the World in Faucism

On Putin's watch

Russian government employees and service sector workers in the 20-million Moscow region now subject to compulsory injection with a substance they do not want to be injected with:

A decree on Wednesday listed a range of jobs – from hairdressers, retailers and taxi drivers to bank tellers, teachers and performers – for which vaccination will now be obligatory. Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova said the list covers more than 2 million workers in the Russian capital.
Companies were given a month to ensureat least 60% of staff had received first doses, or face fines or temporary closure.

Even the EU has seen nothing like this.

Putin yet again allowing others to lead, but clearly approving of their Mind Virus radicalism, or he would have squashed this, as he has both the personal power over the arse-licker Sobyanin, and the legal authority over regions and cities to do.

Instead, he sends his spokesman Peskov (another slimebag) to share his (Peskov’s) “personal opinion” that Sobyanin’s new bout of radical Faucism is “necessary and justified.”

Peskov is all of a sudden not speaking for the Kremlin but merely sharing his “personal opinion” as Putin wants to have his cake and eat it too, and back the extortion vaccination, yet still keep a little bit of distance from it, in case it blows back too badly.

As with the earliest 2020 lockdowns Putin is being particularly cowardly about it all, letting it happen on his watch but won’t even level with the people.

This also raises the danger that Moscow is once again a trial balloon, and that if coerced vaccinations pass here without too much difficulty they might then be expanded over the entire country as was eventually Moscow’s 2020 lockdown.

It is also a particularly cowardly policy in that rather than taking the people head-on it blackmails them through their employers. Rather than round up 1.2 million people for forceful vaccinations, which if violent would at least be honest, it extorts employees by holding the businesses they work for hostage and turning bosses against workers.

Worrying signs of Putin’s cowardice and lack of scruples were perhaps already evident three months ago when the magnificent Lavrov stated that compulsory vaccinations would be a rights violation, but Putin merely ruled them out on the account of being “counterproductive.”

Now it’s down to the Russian people to figure out how not to get injected with a substance they don’t want in their body, despite Putin unchaining his unhinged, mind-damaged Moscow dog against them.

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Putin is showing himself to be just another politician.
    Nations of the world need leaders not self serving snake oil salesman.

    1. yuri says

      rat racist needs more LSD

      1. Raptar Driver says


      2. Raptar Driver says

        Some people are just too stupid to survive.
        See you in the next life.
        Perhaps you will be a more competent being?
        Like a toad or a snail?

  2. XSFRGR says

    Sorry, Marko, but this is apples, and oranges. We have no idea what the U$ is vaccinating with or against. Is the U$ vaccinating against CV-19 or against some suspected war virus? Is the vaccine a precursor to another more deadly disease or protection against a future infection? Is Russia reacting against the possibility of an American war virus or is Russia immunizing the population against a Russian war virus? I’ll remind you of the U$ medical team that was, several years ago, caught harvesting both Russian, and Chinese DNA along Russia’s southern border. Marko, all of this is far more complex, and dangerous than your distaste for Putin.

    We are now at the most difficult of the 6 phases of infantry combat. Phase Four: Allow the situation to develop.

    1. Theo Phraste says

      You are right. I remember this story of the DNA of foreign OMG.

    2. Raptar Driver says

      You’re reading too much into it.
      It’s simple, what countries obeyed the lockdown orders?

    3. GMC says

      Russia has watched a dozen or more BioLabs spring up in Ukraine and Georgia, yet that doesn’t seem to be a red line with the Gov. It sure would be if I were the Prez. I agree with your reading, into a future – with a deadlier virus, but where are these things being spread from? Take your pick – Biolabs, Embassies, Tourists, NGOs, Atmosphere, – who knows !

  3. Abeonthehill says

    Healthy people under 60 should not take this covid vaccine as their natural immune system can deal with covid no problem……

    1. Theo Phraste says

      I passed Christmas in the Hospital. I prefer to take this injection to go back to the hospital. I cannot complain because they was really be good with me as foreigner in Moscow. Many doctors was speaking English with me.

  4. SteveK9 says

    Very sad. In every other way, Putin seemed head and shoulders above the ruling class in the West. The model to follow was/is Lukashenko.

    1. yuri says

      Belarus is also using Sputnik

      1. SteveK9 says

        Using or forcing?

  5. Alberto says

    Do not trust any man, only God. Putin was a comunist, don’t forget about that and may be the old masters are still with him and it is time to stop bluffing…

    1. Theo Phraste says

      Wish god? You are a joke really.

  6. Jerry Hood says

    911 was the First judeomasonic horse of Apocalypse.Many were killed and Human Rights started to be destroyed. The zionazi jews done it for their Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033! Now the zionazi jews came with Covid= 2nd horse, USAtan blames on China- USrael another Tonkin Bay deception, or WMD in Irak…Satan= USAtan, as always,supreme liar! More goyim were killed by this 2nd horse, more Human Rights and Freedoms gone! Now,the zionazi jews are preparing their 3rd horseman, STARVATION! Blamed on bad economy during PLAN-DEMIA, bad weather and bad harvests.. Millions will starve to death, and all Rights and Freedoms shall be gone! Before their 4th horseman arrives, it will be very easy to manipulate the angry and starving goyim to the DEPOPULATION WAR, Armageddon= WW3….Christian Russia is designed by the global lodges to be St.George- the Dragon= USAtan Slayer, see him on the Russian great seal, in the middle of thrir 2 headed eagle, as male and female Creator in One, in our Dual and bipolar world! Around 2028, there should be ” idesl” 500 million survivors, as the Skull&Bones apocalyptic monument , Georgia Guidestones navigate all satanic= masonic lodges! It is not(!) Rosicrucian monument,as the jew Wikipedias lies! Here is Skull& Bones signature on it: opened to public on March 22, 1980. March 22= 322 number of Vernal Equinox in the Westetn hemisphere, and signature number of the murderous Bonesmen! Look at their Skull& Bones great seal: Beside the Vernal Equinox number 322 below the Skull with upper jaw, one can count 11 teeth, and on the crossbones, one can see carvings like ” fingers” = 4+5, as 9, the Ennead, of 4 horsemen of Apocalypse by Fire, and the Flood apocalypse in 5 books of Moses= Pentateuch= Ennrad of Nine, used in 911 attacks and WTC reconstruction,TWICE! Here we go,the zionazi Bonesmen symbol has in it ” hidden” 9/ 11, just like on the USrael flag, 9 rows of stars+11 columns of stars, and 6+7 stripes, a number pattern used by the zionazi Bonesmen during 911 attacks in the ” hijacked 4 planes”(?) CREW MEMBERS! Both planes? heading for the Twin Towers,AA11+UA 175, had 9+11 CREW MEMBERS, and last two,AA77+UA93, had 6+7 CREW MEMBERS!!!
    Still suprised that 911 is an emergency number in the zionazi USrael????

    1. Theo Phraste says

      Really look for a job, you will make a better action for people and your family.

  7. speciem libertatis says

    Funny how the world in the 21st century simply ignores the immune system

  8. yuri says

    unlike western vaccines sputnik 94% effective and not one allergic reaction or associated death recorded
    the blind anti-vaxxers truly are idiots

    1. Voz 0db says

      “94% effective”… effective for what?

      1. Theo Phraste says

        effective to produce anticorps! My wife and I get sick of covid 6 months ago. The anticorps of my wife was 23 I don’t know the scale of your country but here with 20 you get anticorps. 6 months after she get only 5 now. For this next monday she will get an injection of Sputnik. For my part I got 197. But I been in hospital with pneumonia. In september I will get to vaccin. but for your information my college and her daughter of 20 years get their 2 dosis. The mother get 350 and her daughter 1700. One details she told me her daughter has been really bad after the injection but now she really protect.

    2. SteveK9 says

      Do you know how that 94% is calculated? Take a close look and you will be less impressed. And, the fact that there are no animal or long-term studies for a totally new technology, is enough to give some people pause. Being concerned about THESE vaccines does not make you an ‘anti-vaxxer’. Every rule in the book about developing safe and effective medical treatments has been tossed in the garbage with these ‘vaccines’. I know, because I spent a part of my career heavily involved with a number of clinical trials / regulatory approvals.

    3. Raptar Driver says

      Effective on what?
      The primitive minds Who believe even traditional vaccines do anything other than make profits for the medical industrial complex?

  9. goyim 1 says

    Putin is showing himself to be a fool. This is how the Zio empire will. remove him

  10. fresnoman4man says

    Excellent critique of a policy that makes no sense. There is no discussion of the contents of this mysterious injection. Is it some variation on the plethora of mRNA death injections being proliferated in the west? Is it being promoted on the same basis that it can prevent a virus that is a myth concocted to create obedience to a new authoritarianism templated by the precedence of the CCP?
    The WEF and its conspicuously concentrated wealth and power have been planning for this catastrophic Globalization for ages under the tutelage of Gates, Schwab, et al. Sorry that Putin is not more of a positive visionary for the people of Russia. He should be like Governor DeSantis of Florida who was recently lauded by 20,000 Attendees at a country music festival for choosing freedom over Faucism.

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